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On Monday, January 24, 2006, my website welcomed its 100,000 visitor
As far as I can tell, it is someone from Cocoa, Florida, USA (right in front of Cape Canaveral), who visited my site at 2:57:36 pm, local time (UTC, WET).
Who is my 100,000th visitor?

Host name6532253hfc152.tampabay.res.rr.com
IP address65.32.253.152
ISPRoad Runner
BrowserMSIE 6.0
Operating systemWindows XP
Screen resolution1024 x 768
Came fromGoogle
Was looking for"cheminots" translation
Landed on this page of my websitehttp://www.jrdias.com/jrd-links-3.html

If you are this person (and can reasonably prove that you are), let me know.
I will publish your name here. And your picture can even replace my bottle of champagne!




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