TRANSLATION LINKS for Translators, Interpreters and Restless Minds

LIGAÇÕES DE TRADUÇÃO para Tradutores, Intérpretes e Mentes Curiosas

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Ligação em Português Europeu (PTe) ou contendo entradas em Português Europeu.
Link in European Portuguese (PTe) or containing entries in European Portuguese.
Ligação em Português Brasileiro (PTb) ou contendo entradas em Português Brasileiro.
Link in Brazilian Portuguese (PTb) or containing entries in Brazilian Portuguese.

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Recomendação da UNESCO – A Nossa Carta de Direitos
UNESCO's Recommendation – Our Bill of Rights

UNESCO - Recommendation on the legal protection of translators and translations and the practical means to improve the status of translators
UNESCO - La Recommandation sur la protection juridique des traducteurs et des traductions et sur les moyens pratiques d’améliorer la condition des traducteurs
UNESCO - Recomendación sobre la protección jurídica de los traductores y de las traducciones y sobre los medios prácticos de mejorar la situación de los traductores

Ligações interessantes para Tradutores, Intérpretes e Mentes Curiosas
Interesting Links for Translators, Interpreters and Restless Minds

Motores de Busca (Gerais) • Search Engines (General)

Google (My favorite search engine. 96% of the visitors to my website come from Google...)
Altavista (Once, a good search engine...)
World Search Engines (a colossus of information in your computer...) - The Mother of All Search Engines...
Northern Light - A great search machine!
Globito (They claim to be the most accurate metasearch engine in the World...)
Buscadores del Mundo
Máquinas de Busca Mundiais (em Português Brasileiro)

Consulta Geral • General Reference

ATeLP – Associação de Tradução em Língua Portuguesa (de que sou sócio fundador...)
Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights
The trans-k Glossary of Translation and Interpreting Terminology (EN-DE) Outstanding
Lexikon der Linguistik unter Berücksichtigung der Nachbardisziplinen
Translator and Interpreter Glossary
Translation As a Profession, by Prof. Roger Chriss (just read it...)
Translation & Languages, by Christian Erwig-Straughan (all you need to know about translation services and languages)
On Negotiations (in the translation world)
Helping Translators Do Better Business
Your client wants to pay you INV/4M. And, what if he/she wants to pay HABIT Would you accept?
Quotations About Translation
Language International - The magazine for language professionals
Translation Bureau (Canadian Government)
The Translator's Home Companion (don't be home without it!)
FIT - Fédération internationale des traducteurs
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (full text)
Recursos de Terminologia (cortesia da AET - Associação Europeia de Terminologia)
INFOTERM - Bibliographic and Terminology Databases
The Student's Bookshelf
Online Library of Literature (Read. Learn. Think.)
World Language Resources (they claim to have 954 languages and products for 728 languages) (the name says it all; free translation tools, language courses, maps etc.)
The Internet Public Library
1000 Worldwide Newspapers and Publications On-Line
Thousands of newspapers on the Net
Biographical Dictionary (28,000 people on file...)
Rulers (i.e., heads of state and heads of government, including those illegal...)
Gateway to over 6,589 Associations (the American Society of Association Executives)
Nobel Prize Archive
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Language Guesser (what *&§# language is this?)
Numberator (Translate numbers and currency into text)
Exchange Rate Converter (because we can get paid in many currencies...)
OANDA Currency Converter
Historical Currency Rates (just pick up the currencies and the period wanted)
The International Chamber of Commerce is the organization responsible for the definition of the INCOTERMS 2000. In each country, the ICC National Committee publishes the official version in that country's respective language.
Abbreviations INCOTERMS 2000 (EN-FR-RU)
Find a Chamber of Commerce (worldwide)
Permanent Missions to the United Nations (New York): Address and phone information. Email information.
Permanent Mission of Portugal to the UN
Country Library
Countries Names (English) and Codes (ISO)
Country Commercial Guides (from the US State Department)
Is your client on a cruise? You can always reach him/her via INMARSAT.
National Holidays (Worldwide)
Legal Holidays in Portugal
What day is today, after all?
Perpetual Calendar
Abbreviations of the Names of the Months
What time is it all over the world?
Daylight Saving Time (in the US, when do they change their clocks?)
World Phone Directories
Where do you want/need to go today? Check flights availability here! Powered by Amadeus.
And, do you know the airport where you're going to? Find it here!
Can you check all your free email accounts from one spot? Now, you can!
Useless Knowledge (and yet again, maybe not...)

Livrarias On-Line • On-Line Bookstores

The Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Linguistic Services, by A. M. Sall (purchase information)
Amazon (USA) - The Big One!
Amazon (UK)
American Technical Publishers (UK)
ATP - Aircraft Technical Publishers
Automotive Bookstore
Barnes & Noble
Blackwell's (UK)
BookWeb (the American Booksellers Association)
Engineering Bookstore
Engineer's Bookstore
Gorilla (Italy)
Grant & Cutler (UK). Great source for general and specialty dictionaries.
Industrial Press
International Book Distributors
Luso-Brazilian Books
ISA Bookstore
John Wiley & Sons
Jones and Bartlett Publishers
McGraw-Hill Bookstore
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Multilingual Books
NeoBooks - Books about translation
NYU Book Center
Opamp Technical Books
Peter Collin Publishing
Reiter's Scientific & Professional Books
SAE Bookstore
San Diego Technical Books
SciTech Books
Schoenhof's Foreign Books
Specialty Technical Publishers
Springer-Verlag Berlin
Springer-Verlag New York
Stacey's Bookstore (in San Francisco)
Technical Standards Services Ltd (UK) - Power, Oil and Engineering Books
The Internet Bookshop (UK)
The MIT Press Bookstore
The Technology Source
University of Chicago Bookstore
US Government On-Line Bookstore
Washington University Medical Bookstore
Woodhead Publishing (UK)
WorldMedic Bookstore

Livrarias On-Line Portuguesas • Portuguese On-line Bookstores

Livraria Bertrand Desde 1723. Founded 1723.
Livraria Buchholz
Livraria Almedina (specializes in law books)
Livraria Arco-Íris
Livraria Apolo 70
Livraria Principia
PortugaLivroS (serviço de pesquisa e venda de livros)
Livraria Bisturi (Livros Médicos)
Livraria Júlio Logrado de Figueredo
fnac (livros)
MediaBooks (a livraria on-line da Texto Editora)
Webboom (a livraria on-line da Porto Editora)
Livraria 115
Priberam Informática (dicionários e corrector ortográfico FLIP)
Texto Editora (Dicionário e Enciclopédia Universal)
Livraria Escolar Editora
Porto Editora
Editorial Verbo
Lidel - Edições Técnicas
Livrarias em Lisboa (endereços e telefones)
Alfarrabistas em Lisboa (endereços e telefones)
Alfarrabistas e Livreiros Antiquários em Portugal

Formação para Tradutores (Portugal) • Continuing Education for Translators (Portugal)

Tradulínguas Workshops de Formação para Tradutores
Aulas individuais de Trados por Susana Valdez
ISLA Formação em Trados
HCR - Informática e Traduções Formação em Trados
Centro Multimédia de Línguas (ISCAP)
Sintagma / Solegendas Formação em tradução de audiovisuais
British Council Formação em tradução e legendagem
Universidade Aberta

Revistas de Tradução On-Line • On-Line Translation Magazines

Confluências (Scientific and Technical E-Journal)
A Folha (Boletim da Língua Portuguesa nas Instituições Europeias)
O Língua
Translation Journal (Journal for translators, by translators, about translators and translation...)
Hermeneus - Revista de Traducción e Interpretación
Translating Today Magazine (subscription information)
Revista Tradumàtica
Panace@ (Medicine and Translation)
Lingua X
The Translation Review (University of Texas at Dallas)
Machine Translation Review
Multilingual Computing & Technology
Verba Volant
Érudit • TTR : traduction, terminologie, rédaction

Dicionários and Glossários - Gerais • Dictionaries and Glossaries - General

Português • Portuguese

Portal da Língua Portuguesa
Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa Contemporânea (Academia das Ciências de Lisboa) - Informação para compra
Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa On-line
Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa da Porto Editora
Dicionário Michaelis
Enciclopédias em Português
Enciclopédia Verbo
Dicionário Português-Inglês-Português
Dicionário Francês-Português
Dicionário Castelhano-Português
Dicionário Alemão-Português
Dicionário Italiano-Português
Dicionário Neerlandês-Português
Dicionário Sueco-Português
Dicionários Norueguês<>Português - Informação para compra
Dicionário de Anglicismos na Língua Portuguesa (Instituto Superior Politécnico de Viseu)
Língua Mirandesa
Dicionário de Mirandês-Português
Guia de Recursos para o Tradutor (Serviço de Tradução da Comissão Europeia)
COMPARA (corpus de tradução EN-PTe)
MorDebe - Base de Dados Morfológica de Português
Exhaustive survey of available terminological resources (including PTe)
E-Dicionário de Termos Literários
Dicionário Porrinha (O Português a brincar...)
Dicionário Alentejano - expressões populares alentejanas
Obsecado [SIC]: O autor colecciona erros de português: erros ortográficos, ignorâncias, infelicidades, gralhas graves, dislexias, estrangeirices e um ou outro cromo fora de colecção só para desenjoar. Consulta absolutamente obrigatória...
História da Língua Portuguesa
Glossário de Gramática do português e Lingüística
Thesaurus da Língua Portuguesa do Brasil (última actualização em 23OUT2003. Então?)
Tradução de Palavrões (PTb-EN)
Falsos Cognatos (Inglês - Português, Brasil)
Dicionário inFormal: O Dicionário onde o português é definido por você!
Portuguese Lexical Ambiguity - Palavras de Múltiplo Significado em Português
Coletânea de Provérbios e Outras Expressões Populares Brasileiras
Brazilian Portuguese Language
Dicionário de Baianês
Dicionário de tradutores literários no Brasil

Francês • French

Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, neuvième édition
Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, huitième édition
Lexique de l'ancien français
Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique (FR-EN)
Dictionnaire Universel Francophone En Ligne
Banque de Données Terminologique du Service de la Langue Française
Glossaire des principaux termes orthographiques, grammaticaux et lexicaux
Le Dicomoche (Le dictionnaire des mots moches)
The Canadian Encyclopedia On-Line (EN- FR)
Encyclopédie & l'Atlas Hachette
Encyclopédie de L'Agora (FR Canadian)
Dictionnaire des sciences
Le Jargon Français (Le premier site gratuit entièrement dédié aux traducteurs francophones belges)
Le vrai BRUSSELER : le parler franc de Bruxelles
Les Excentricités du Langage

Espanhol (Castelhano, Galego, Catalão, etc.) • Spanish (Castillian, Gallician, Catalan, etc.)

La Página del Idioma Español
Real Academia Española
BELCA: La página de la lengua castellana - Ortografía y gramática del español
La Enciclopedia
Diccionario Castellano
Diccionario Etimológico (Chile)
Activa - Diccionario inglés<>español técnico y empresarial
Diccionarios bilingües y monolingües de Anaya
Diccionarios de
Spanish Verb Conjugator
Diccionario de burradas®
Página de ortografía española
Enciclopèdia Catalana
O Galego
Pequeno vocabulario galego-inglés-castelán
Dicionario CLUVI inglés-galego
Gran Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana
Diccionari Català Eixample
The Alternative Catalan Dictionary
Diccionario Aragonés-Castellano
EUSKALTERM Banco Terminológico Público Vasco
Vocabulario (Caló (Gitano)- Español)
Dicionariu de llingua asturiana
Diccionario Latinoamericano
Diccionario Argentino-Español
Diccionarios de variantes del español
Diccionario de Spanglish
Jergas de habla hispana
The Alternative Spanish Dictionary
English<>Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain)

Italiano • Italian

Dizionario d'Italiano - Garzanti Linguistica
De Mauro il dizionario della lingua italiana PARAVIA - Dizionari (several languages, including PTe)
IntraText Digital Library - The missing link between text and hypertext
Dizionari Simone Online
È - Ingegneria della lingua italiana
Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca
Dizionario della lingua Italiana dei Segni
Vocabolario dei termini milanesi meno simili all'italiano
Vocabolario Italiano-Genovese
Hazon Garzanti - Dizionario bilingue inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese
Online English to Italian to English Dictionary
Dizionario italiano-giapponese
Dizionario Italiano<>Bulgaro
Italian - Ukrainian Dictionary Online (Il primo e unico dizionario italiano-ucraino online!)

Inglês • English

Encyclopædia Britannica
Online English Dictionary from
Merriam-Webster On-Line Dictionary
Webster's Dictionary (1913 Edition)
MSN Encarta Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionaries On-Line
The American British - British American Dictionary
Online Etymology Dictionary
Glossary of Grammatical Terms
1000 images on the tip of my tongue (EN-FR-ES)
The Diagram (Delightful Information)
An Elementary English Grammar Book (English Institute)
Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK
Foclóir Eolaíochta (English>Irish Technical Glossary)
American-to-British Dictionary
The American's guide to speaking British
Selected Vocabulary Differences Between British and American English
A British slang dictionary: All-Word Glossary
A dictionary of slang and linguistic news items (EN Br.)
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang (EN US)
Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)
Plain Language: Improving Communications from the Federal Government to the Public (Excellent)
Dictionary of Antarctic Slang (English, as She is Spoke at McMurdo and Pole)
English as She is Spoke (Mr. Pedro Carolino, 1883)
English Vocabulary Explained (Better English)
Australian English Glossary from A to Z
Macquarie Dictionary (The Official Australian English Dictionary)
Australian Slang Dictionary
Glossary of ESL-Related Abbreviations

Latim • Latin

Nova Vulgata (The Latin Bible)
FORCELLINI - Latin to Italian Vocabulary - Totius LATINITATIS Lexicon
Latin <-> English Dictionary
Latin-English Dictionary Program - WORDS
Dicionário Jurídico de Latim
Dictionnaire latin-français (plus de 32 000 entrées)
Le dictionnaire latin-français d'Estienne
Legal latin expressions (with English translations)
Lexicon Russico-Latinum
Glossarium Gallico-Latinum
Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions
Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
Sententiae Latinae - Latin Maxims
The Roman Art of Counting
Römisches Glossar (DE)
The Weather Report in Latin...
RES NOVAE (Who says that Latin is not suitable to the modern world?)

Outras Línguas e Linguagens • Other Languages

YoFast Word Translator (Words, terms and phrases translatable from one language to another)
Dicionário de Língua Gestual (em Português, pois claro...)
Laixicon (DE-EN) English-German Translation Service (Dictionary)
Translatum - The Greek Translation Vortal (excellent site to visit, even if Greek is not your working language)
LEXICON: Greek-English-Greek Dictionary
Svenska Akademiens ordbok - SAOB (SE)
The Icelandic Word Bank (Icelandic <-> many other languages)
Universal-Fach-Wörterbuch (Deutsch-Englisch)
Portugiesisch Wörterbuch Portugiesisch Deutsch Wörterbuch
Berlinisch Lexikon
Textlinguistik - Glossar (DE)
BEOLINGUS: Dictionary / Wörterbuch (TU Chemnitz) (DE-EN-PTe)
English-Russian Dictionary
Latin to Cyrillic alphabet online text converter
English-Turkish Technical Dictionary • Ingilizce-Turkce Teknik Sozluk
English-Estonian Dictionary
Dialectological dictionary of Estonian
Dictionary of Basic Words (Latvian <-> EN)
English-Romanian and Romanian-English Dictionary
Svenska Akademiens ordbok - SAOB
The Alternative Norwegian Dictionary
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary (Lawrence Lo's ever-growing masterpiece. Simply outstanding...)
Glossary of Lingua Franca
KAiSEL Alam Bina (EN-Malay-EN)
The Official Bushese Glossary (so that you understand George W. Bush...)

Acrónimos e Abreviaturas • Acronyms and Abbreviations

The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
Acronym Finder: Look up 220,000+ acronyms/abbreviations & their definitions
Opaui: Acronyms, Abbreviations, Initialisms on the WWW
Acronym Finder - Technical Terms Dictionary
The Ultimate Acronym Tool (UK)
Acronym Finder
Acronym & Abbreviation Meanings -- Business & Technical
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Acronym Finder (US Military)
Abbreviations and Acronyms of the U.S. Government
Canadian Government Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms
List of Bloody Acronyms (ROFL...)

Livros de Estilo • Style Guides

Livro de Estilo do "Público" (fundamental...)
Livro de Estilo da "SIC"
Código de Redacção Interinstitucional (Serviço das Publicações da União Europeia)
Manual de Estilo de Elaboração de Monografia
Manual de Identidade Gráfica (Portugal Telecom)
Manual de Redação do Estadão
TV Senado - Manual de Redação
A Estação da Propaganda - Manual de Redação
Folha Online - Novo Manual da Redação
Vitória On Line - Manual de Redação
O Correo Gallego - Manual de Estilo
The Elements of Style, William Strunk, Jr. (the one and only...)
The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ
MLA Style Guide (PDF, Concordia University Libraries)
AIP Style Manual (American Institute of Physics)
The Public Radio Ethics and Style Guide (NPR, USA)
Citing Government Information Sources
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (LII 2002-2003 ed.)
Writer's Handbook (The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center)
English Style Guide (European Commission - Translation Service)
SAJA Stylebook (South Asian Journalists Association)
School of Journalism and Communication Stylebook (The University of Queensland, Australia)
Agricultural Stylebook and Guide for Journalists (Washington State University)
ACU Communication Guide and Stylebook  (Abilene Christian University)
Parliamentary Stylebook • Guide de rédaction parlementaire (Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada) (PDF)
NLGJA Stylebook Supplement on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Terminology
Economist Style Guide
Guardian Style Guide
Deutsche Rechtschreibung: Regeln und Wörterverzeichnis
Vademécum de Español Urgente (EFE, Spanish)
Apple Publications Style Guide (PDF)
APA Style
W3C Style (from the creators of the World Wide Web)
Guide to Web Style (Sun Microsystems)
Web Style Guide (Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media)
ISO 690-2 - Bibliographic references to electronic documents
Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information

Livros e Bibliotecas • Books and Libraries

UNESCO Libraries Portal
UNESCO Thesaurus
Glossary of Library Terms
ABC de bibliophilie
Dictionnaire du livre e de la reliure
Book and Binding Dictionary
A Short Course in Book Anatomy
Le petit glossaire du monde du livre
Glossaire de l'édition d'un livre
Glossaire du livre
Vocabulaire du livre
Glossaire de l'imprimerie
Glossaire de l'édition (Canada)
Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books - A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology
Library Preservation Glossary
Glossário de Bibliotecas
Glossaire du bibliothécaire
Glossaire et abréviations de bibliophilie
Archival Terminology
Glossary of Book Collecting Terms
Glossary of Common Latin Terms Found in Imprints of Early Printed Books

Educação • Education

Terminologia da Educação (PTeN-FR)
Terminologia da Prática Educativa
Tabelas de Equivalência de Classificações Escolares (PDF)
Glossaire du système éducatif français
Égide - The French higher education system: Glossary (FR-EN)
Glossaire des Sigles de l'Éducation
Glossar zu Hochschulbegriffen (Deutsch-Spanisch/Español-Alemán)
Translation of Swedish University Titles and Degrees

Belas-Artes e Artes Decorativas • Fine and Decorative Arts

Art & Architecture Thesaurus (Research at the Getty)
Glossary of Fine Art Terms
Words of Art
Glossario d'arte (IT)
Glossary of museum materials: Terminology for condition assessment
Glossary of Antique Terms
Glossary of Terms Used in the Antiques Trade
Auction's Glossary (Christie's)
Auction's Glossary (Nickleby's International Auctions)
Glossary of Antiques Terminology
Painting Styles Glossary
Glossary of Faux Finishing Terms and Techniques
Glossary of Antique Chinese Porcelain
Glossary of Porcelain Painting
Multilingual Glossary for Art Librarians
Art Related Glossary of Terms
Tate Glossary
Print - Making Techniques -  An abbreviated and simplified guide
Glossary of Printmedia Terms
Etching Glossary
Heráldica Portuguesa

Diversos • Miscellaneous

Abbreviated Glossary of Terminology (ISO 1087, ISO 5127)
Specialty Dictionaries (85 subjects waiting for you...)
A Glossary of European Noble, Princely, Royal, and Imperial Titles
Online dictionaries and encyclopedias (courtesy of the British Council) (do I need to say more?)
GlossPost - Mailing list of glossaries URLs
Dicionário Temático-Anedótico (para quando não houver muito trabalho...)
On-line Dictionaries – all languages!
Bi-Lingual Web Dictionaries
Multilingual Dictionaries (some include PT, mainly European)
Babylon Dictionaries
All American: Glossary of Literary Terms
Glossary of Literary Terms
Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
Terms for analysis of verse
Glossary of Poetic Terms

Filosofia, Sociologia, Religião e Crenças • Philosophy, Sociology, Religion and Beliefs

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
Glossary of World Civilizations (outstanding...)
Glossary of Egyptian Mythology
Egyptian Glossary
Glossary of ancient Egyptian terms and names
Dictionary of Mythology
Godling's Glossary
Consciousness Dictionary
Phenomenology Online: Glossary
Dicionário de Termos Maçônicos
Dicionário do Cético
Glossário comentado de conceitos religiosos
Concise Dictionary of Religion
Glossary of Churches and Cathedrals
Religious Movements Glossary of Terms
Glossary of religious terms
Glossary of spiritual and religious terms
Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary
Theological Dictionary -- Dictionary of Theology
Theological Dictionary
Dictionary of Theology
Theological Terminology Dictionary
DataRat Theological Glossary (extensive theological dictionary from a Reformation perspective.)
Christian Theological Dictionary
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Easton's Bible Dictionary
A Glossary of Churchly Terms (The Church of the Advent)
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Glossary of Ecclesiastical Terms
Ecclesiastical Abbreviations
Glossary of Technical Words Used in Christianity
A Glossary of Christian terms
Diccionario Católico
Worrship Glossary - Worship, Prayer, and Liturgy
Diccionario de ángeles, santos, papas y personas ejemplares
Dead Sea Scrolls - Glossary of Terms
The Bible Gateway (the Bible in several languages...)
The Bible Glossary
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
Jack Van Impe's Dictionary of Prophecy Terms
King James Bible Dictionary
Glossary: Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon
The New Testament Greek Lexicon
Glossário Bíblico
The Vatican - The Holy See (também em português)
The Society of Jesus (i.e., the Jesuits...)
Jesuit Resources on the World Wide Web
Portal dos Jesuítas Portugueses
Jesuítas - Província do Brasil Meridional
Le glossaire du catharisme
Episcopal/Anglican Terms Glossary
Dictionary of Orthodox Terminology
Glossary of Judaism Terms
The Torah Glossary
Jewish Glossary
Jewish Word Glossary
Passover Glossary
Glossary of the Holocaust (the Simon Wiesenthal Center)
Lexicon of Confucianism
Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts
Comparative Index to Islam
Islamic Dictionary
Islamic Dictionary (IslamCan)
Islamic Dictionary (The Islamic Association of Australia)
Islamic Dictionary (English Translation of Arabic words)
The "Dictionary of Islam" by Thomas Patrick Hughes
Glosario de términos islámicos
The Holy Qurán
El Sagrado Corán
Der Heilige Koran
De Heilige Koran
Holy Quran with its meanings in English, French and Spanish
The Official Scientology and Dianetics Glossary
A Reference from the Church of Scientology
Das Scientology-Lexikon (DE)
Buddhism Glossary
Glossary of Buddhist Terms
Glossary of Buddhism
Glossary for Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Glossary of Horary Astrology
Glossário de Astrologia Horária
A glossary of witchery terminology

Ciências Cognitivas e Inteligência Artificial • Cognitive Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Science - Glossary
Cognitive Science Glossary (Paul Thagard)
Glossary of Cognitive Sciences
University of Alberta Dictionary of Cognitive Science
Artificial Intelligence Glossary (Stottler Henke)
AI Glossary of Terms (PC AI Online)
BioInformatics Glossary

Medicina • Medical

The information provided on this section is for education purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
A informação contida nesta secção tem apenas carácter formativo e educativo e não deve substituir as opiniões, conselhos e recomendações de qualquer profissional da saúde. As decisões relativas à saúde do doente devem ser tomadas exclusivamente por um profissional de saúde, tendo em conta as características únicas do indivíduo.

Geral • General

Taber's Medical Encyclopedia
MEDLINEplus: Medical Encyclopedia
A.D.A.M. Health Illustrated Encyclopedia
MPIP Medical Dictionary
The Merck Manual (the one and only...)
Stedman's Medical Dictionaries
MediLexicon (formerly Pharma-Lexicon) (70,000+ medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms and abbreviations).
Medical Dictionary of Medical Terminology Online (excellent)
Alphabet Soup of American Medicalese: Acronyms, Names and Terms in Common Health Care Use
MeSH Thesaurus (UK; German Translation in "Other languages" below)
Alphabetical List of Specific Diseases/Disorders
Clinical Terminology Service (UK)
Medical Glossary (courtesy of the American Medical Association)
Glossary of Medical Terms (Sonoran Spine Center)
Glossary of Healthcare Terminology (Department of Defense, USA)
ATSDR Glossary (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)
The On-line Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary (King Edward Medical College)
MedTerms Medical Dictionary (MedicineNet, UK)
MyMedAdvice - Medical Glossary Glossary
eMedicine (a huge medical portal)
MedBioWorld: 25 000 links to Journals, Associations and Databases
MedBioWorld: Online scientific and medical dictionaries
Medical Dictionary Search Engines
Online Medical & Science Dictionaries
Medical references (MT Desk)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Glossary
D.R. Belair - Medical Acronyms Glossary
Medical Abbreviations (with links)
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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®) 
Glossary of Managed Health Care Terms
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Long Term Care Insurance, Disability, and Aging Glossary
Glossary of Medical, Statistical, and Clinical Research Terminology
Evidence-Based Medicine Glossary
Archaic Medical Terms (A resource for genealogists and historians)
Glossary of Health & Social Services Acronyms

Geral - Outras línguas • General - Other languages

Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages
Dicionário Médico (Saúde Global)
Glossário Médico (Clínica Viva)
Cidade Médica Virtual
Canal Saúde:
Hot Links de Saúde (excelentes, cortesia da Roche Brasil)
IndexBrasil Saúde
ABC da Saúde (excelente fonte de informação médica)
Glossário Médico (Golden Cross)
Glossário de Engenharia Clínica
Pequeníssimo Dicionário de Medicina das Agressões à Língua Portuguesa
CISMeF : Catalogue et Index des Sites Médicaux Francophones
Terminologie CISMeF
Dictionnaire Médical
Vulgaris-Médical - Encyclopédie médecine et santé - Vulgarisation medicale
Petit lexique de termes médicaux
Le Lexique Médical Courant
Lexique d'économie de la santé
Glossaire dictionnaire médical (
Multilingual lemmas - Dizionario medico multilingue (DK-DU-EN-FR-DE-IT-PTe-ES)
Medical Dictionaries (DK-DU-FR-DEPTe)
Medical Dictionaries: PTe-EN-ES-FR (total: 19 languages)
Glossaries of Medical Terms (DK-DU-FR-DE-IT-PTe)
English Medical Terms List (
Spanish Health Care Vocabulary
A Collocational Russian-English Dictionary of the Human Body's Medical Glossary (FI)
Diccionario Ilustrado de Términos Médicos
Medische termen (DU)
Medicine-Worldwide: Enzyklopädie (DE)
Roche Lexikon Medizin (4. Aufl.)
Lexikon der Krankheiten (DE)
DIMDI - Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information (DE). In EN.
Islamic Medical Manuscripts: Glossary of Terms

Publicações Médicas • Medical Publications

The Association of Medical Publications (AMP)
Guide to Health and Medical Publications on the Internet
Publications for Downloading - Doctors' Reference Site
U.S. National Library of Medicine
The New England Journal of Medicine
New England Journal of Homeopathy
The Lancet
Harvard Medical Publications
Oxford Medical Publications
Cambridge Medical Publications
The Free Medical Journals Site
The Free Medical Journals Site (Portuguese Section)
Rochenet - Links de Interesse
Publicações Médicas

Organizações Médicas e de Tutela • Medical and Government Health Organizations

World Health Organization - Health Topics A-Z
World Health Organization - Terminology
Ministério da Saúde - Portugal
Ministério da Saúde - Direcção-Geral da Saúde
Ministério da Saúde - Brasil
Ordem dos Médicos (Portugal)
Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas (Portugal)
Ordem dos Enfermeiros (Portugal)

Biologia, Genética e Química Médica • Biology, Genetics and Medical Chemistry

Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms
Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology
Glossaire de Biologie Cellulaire
Glossary of Space Biology
Genetics Glossary
Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Glossary of molecular biology terms and abbreviations (EN-RU-IT)
Glossário de Biologia Celular e Molecular
Glossary of Biotechnology
BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
A Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms
Genome Glossary
Genomics Glossaries & Taxonomies
Glossary of Medicinal Chemistry
Stereochemical Terminology
Glossary of Physical Organic Chemistry
Nomenclature of Steroids
Carbohydrate Nomenclature
Lipid Nomenclature
Enzyme Nomenclature
Glosario Laboratorio Genética Hospital General Universitario "Gregorio Marañón" (ES)
IFCC - Diccionario Inglés-Español de Ciencias de Laboratorio Clínico

Anatomia e Patologia • Anatomy and Pathology

Anatomy of the Human Body - Henry Gray (1918)
Atlas der Anatomie (DE)
Arnold's Glossary of Anatomy
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation
Anatomy Browser's Glossary of Anatomical Terms
The Human Anatomy at (Clickable/Searchable by Body System)
Glossary of Skeletal Anatomy
Definition of Scoliosis Terms
Anatomy on the Internet
Histology Glossary
Glossary of Histological and Micro-Anatomical Terms
Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy
Pathology Glossary
Glossaire de l'anatomie humaine
Glossaire d'Anatomie Pathologique
Anatomía topográfica (ES)

Neurologia e Psiquiatria • Neurology and Psychiatry

Internet Handbook of Neurology
Brain Glossary
Brain Glossary of Terms
NeuroPedia Glossary
General Spinal Anatomy Glossary
Glossary of Spinal Deformity Biomechanical Terms
Glossary of Neuroanatomical and Neurological Terms
Glossary of Neurosurgical Terms
Neurosurgery Glossary
Commonly Used Terms in Neuroscience
Brain Injury Glossary
Brain Injury Glossary of Terms
TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Glossary
ABTA Dictionary for Brain Tumor Patients
Neurology Glossary
Alzheimer’s Disease Glossary
Prozac Glossary
Migrane Glossary
Glossary - The Language of Central Pain 
Dictionnaire des termes associés aux lombalgies
Diagnostic et évaluation de l'autisme
Glossary of Psychiatry and Neurology
Dicionário de Psiquiatria
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Psychotherapy Glossary of Terms
Sleep Apnoea Glossary
Sleep Glossary A to Z
Sleep Glossary
PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Glossary

Farmácia • Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Glossary (Pharmaceutical & Drug Manufacturers, UK) - The Internet Drug List
Drug3k - Online Drug Encyclopedia by the European Organisation of Family Health Research (EOFHR)
European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines Pharmacopoeia
United States Pharmacopoeia (all about the legal drugs in the US)
Glossary of Drugs with National Nomenclatures
HTH Demo - Drug Translation Guide
Glossary of Pharmacy (School of Pharmacy - University of California, San Francisco)
Pharmacy Glossary
Medications A-Z List on MedicineNet
Home Pharmacy Glossary of Terms with Medical Definitions
Glossary of Pharmacy-Related Terms (HRSA, USA)
Drug Glossary (Canada)
INFARMED - Instituto Nacional de Farmácia e do Medicamento
Simposium Terapêutico (the Portuguese Drugs Reference)
Dicionário da Indústria Farmacêutica Portuguesa
A Minha Farmácia (Glossário)
Guia de Preparação e Administração de Medicamentos por Via Parentérica (simplesmente excelente...)
Glossário de Injectáveis
Plantas e Ervas Medicinais
Pharmaceutical Medicine Lexicon
Glossary of Terms and Symbols Used in Pharmacology
Rx Riddles Solved!
Making It Easier to Read Prescriptions
Lexique Toxicologique
Lexique Français<>Latin des remèdes homéopathiques
Glossaire PHARMA
Medicamentos de la 'A' a la 'Z' (ES)
Glossary of Medical Packaging Terms

Epidemiologia e Imunologia • Epidemiology and Imunology

Glossaire des Vaccins (French - EN) (Aventis Pasteur)
A Dictionary of (Ecological) Epidemiology
Allergy Glossary
Lexique Allergologique
Glossary of Immunology
Glossary: Immune and Nervous Systems
Virology Glossary
AIDS Medical Glossary
Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
HIV/AIDS Glossary
Diccionario comentado del VIH/SIDA (ES)
SIDA, un glossaire
Glossário de Infecciologia
Glossário de Imunologia (Aventis Behring, Brasil)
Glossário Imunológico
Lupus Glossary
Glossary for Lupus
Glossário de Lupus
Glossário de Termos Médicos Usados no Lúpus

Sexualidade e Reprodução • Sexuality and Reproduction

Obstetrics and Gynecology (
Glossario di Ginecologia (IT)
Glossario su Pap-test e Colposcopia (IT)
Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment Glossary
Fertilitext Glossary
Infertility Glossary
Infertility Glossary: Definitions on Infertility, Multiple Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss
Glossary of Pregnancy-Related Terms
Pregnancy & Childbirth Glossary
High Risk Obstetrics Glossary
Glossario di Diagnosi Prenatale ed Ecografia (IT)
Mother & Child Glossary
If you were to have sex today, would you get pregnant? Find out here. But, if you do, don't blaim me...

Cardiologia • Cardiology

Anatomy of the Heart
Glossary of Cardiovascular Terms
André's Glossary of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Terms
Heart and Stroke Foundation Glossary
Cardiology Glossary
Cardiology Terminology Glossary
Contrast Cardiology Glossary
Fédération Française de Cardiologie - Le glossaire
Glossary of Multiple Sclerosis Terms (National MS Society)
Multiple Sclerosis Glossary
Scleroderma Glossary of Terms
Blood Term Definitions
Dicionário de Cardiologia
Dicionário de Termos de Hemodinâmica

Oftalmologia • Ophtalmology

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Human Eye: Glossary of Terms
Glossary Of Retinal Anatomy and Macular Pathology Terms
Eye Anatomy
Glossary of Eye and Vision Terms
Eye Dictionary
LASIK Eye Anatomy Glossary
Glossary of Terms for Eye Care
Cataract and Refractive Eye Care Glossary
Dictionary of Terminology of Vision Research
Laser Eye Surgery
Laser Refractive Surgery Glossary
Eye Cancer Dictionary
Glossário da Visão (SOLA)
L'oeil et la vision : L'optique de A à Z
Lexique de l'optique
Glossaire de la vision
Diccionario Terminológico de Oftalmología (ES)
Ophtalmology Publications and Links

Ortopedia • Orthopedics

Dictionary of Orthopedics
Orthopedics Glossary
Orthopedics Glossary (2)
Orthopaedic Acronym Finder
Orthopaedic Surgery Glossary

Medicina de Urgência • Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine (huge list of terms)
Emergency Medicine - Standard Terminology
Disaster Victim Identification - Guide (Interpol)
Glossary A – Z on Burns
Glossário de Termos utilizados em UTI
Telemedicine Glossary
Glossary of Trauma Terms
Paramedic Glossary
Military Health Care Glossary of Terms
Civil War and 19th Century Medical Terminology

Enfermagem • Nursing

Nursing Informatics Lexico (7 Languages)
Nursing Informatics Lexico (Portuguese Version)
Nursing Informatics Lexico (French Version)
Nursing Glossary
Nursing Glossary (2)
Nursing Glossary (3)
Maternal-Child Nursing Glossary
Nursing Glossary
Nursing Facility Glossary
Health Care Staff Glossary
Glossary of Eldercare Terms
Glossary of Nursing Home Abuse Injury And Neglect Terminology
Glossary of Terms Used in Nursing Home Reports
Termos Técnicos de Enfermagem
Glossário - Escala de Coma de Glasgow
Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem

Otorrinolaringologia • Otorhinolaryngology

Multilingual glossary of anatomy of the speech and hearing mechanism (Latin-FI-EN-SE-DE)
Glossary of Voice Terms (
Glossary of Hearing Aids Terms (Siemens)
A Reader's Glossary of Common Terms Related to Laryngology and the Voice
Glossary of Terms Related to Laryngology and the Voice
Acoustic Disorders Glossary
Glossaire de la surdité
Lexique des termes utilisés en surdité

Radiologia, Imagiologia e Exames Clínicos • Radiology, Imagiology and Medical Tests

CHORUS - Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
Radiology Info: Glossary of Terms
Radiology Glossary of Terms
Medical Imaging Glossary (PDF)
Medical Tests
Lab Tests Online
Lab Tests Glossary
Blood Tests Glossary
Glossary of Complete Blood Count Tests (CBC)
Glossary of Urine Tests
Glossary of Terms Used in Colposcopy
L'échographie - Index alphabétique
MRI Glossary
Nuclear Medicine Terms
Glossary of radiation and proton therapy terms
Glossário de Imaginologia

Estomatologia • Dental Medicine

A Dictionary of Dental Terms (tm)
Glossary of Commonly-Used Terms in Orthodontics
Dental Terminology
Dental Terminology (2)
Dental Implant Glossary
Dental Amalgam Glossary of Terms
Cosmetic Dentistry Glossary of Terms
Oral Radiology Glossary
Odontologia (PTb-ES-EN)
Glossário de Odontologia Estética
Dentaria (Português Europeu)

Cirurgia • Surgery

Surgical Technology Web
Medical & Surgical Glossary - Dictionary
Surgery Glossary of Terms
Ambulatory Surgery Glossary
Minimally Invasive Surgery Glossary
Glossary of Perfusion Technology, Open Heart Surgery and Cardiology
Heart Surgery and Lung Surgery Glossary
Thoracic Surgery Glossary
Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Glossary
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Glossary
Plastic Surgery Glossary
Breast Augmentation Glossary
Rhinoplasty Glossary
Organ Donor Glossary
Glossary of Surgical Weight Loss Terms

Oncologia • Oncology

Cancro da Mama - Terminologia
Dicionário de Senologia (Doenças da Mama)
Glossário de Termos Médicos - Hospital do Câncer AC Camargo
Glossary of Oncology Terms
Testicular Cancer Glossary
Breast Cancer Dictionary
Breast Cancer Wordlist
Cancer Glossary
Cancer Glossary (2)
CancerNet Dictionary of Cancer Terms
Glossary of Cancer Terms
MT Desk Oncology Terms
NIH Comprehensive Glossary of Cancer-Related Terms
Types of Cancer (Oncolink, University of Pennsylvania)
Bone Marrow Treatment Glossary
Glossary of Lymphoma Terms

Nutrição e Exercício Físico • Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition Glossary
Glossary of Nutritional Terms
Standard terminology for dietary supplements
Eating Disorders Glossary
Troubles du comportement alimentaire - Index alphabétique
Glossaire Diabète
The Diabetes Dictionary
Diabetes Dictionary (a collection of links to diabetes related glossaries and other sources)
Diabetes Dictionary (2)
Diabetes Dictionary (3)
Glossary of Diabetic Terms
Insuline Terms
Glossary of Yoga Terms
Bodybuilding & Fitness Exercises and Meanings
Bodybuilding & Fitness Terms, Abbreviations and Meanings
Bodybuilding Jargon
Glossary of Bodywork Modalities
Bodywork Glossary

Diversos • Miscellaneous

Dermatology Online Atlas - DermIS
Glossary of Common Skin Diseases and Therapies
Glossary of commonly used terms associated with pemphigus and pemphigoid
Dermatologic Terminology
Lexique dermatologique
Lexique dermatologique (2)
Lexique dermo-cosmétologique
Lexique Cosmétologique
Lexique de sclérodermie
Glossary of The Foot (yes, the foot...)
Mycology & Dermatophyte Glossary
Lexique Urologie
Glossary of the Foreskin and Circumcision
Rheuma-Lexikon (DE)
Asthma Glossary
Asthma Medical Glossary
Vocabolario della Pneumologia (IT-EN)
International standard terminology on acupuncture for basic training (WHO, in preparation)
Glossário de Termos utilizados em Terapia Intensiva
Medical Calculators
Glossary of Lay Terms for Use in Preparing Consent Forms
Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words (the illegal ones...)
The Traffic In Narcotics - Glossary
Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Thesaurus
Glossary of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Liver Disease - Medical Glossary
Parasitologie: Un Glossaire
Fungal Glossary
Glossary of of herbal terms & ingredients
Body Piercing Glossary

Morte e Indústria Lutuosa • Death and Funerary Industry

Suicide, Grief and Ethics Glossary
Death and Funeral Glossary (just in case everything else above fails...)
Funeral Industry Glossary of Terms
Funeral Arrangements Glossary
Catholic Burial Glossary
The Limited Encyclopedia of Grave Terminology
Cemetery Glossary
Final Planning Glossary
La terminologie du contrat d'arrangements funéraires

Medicina Veterinária • Veterinary Medicine

Syllabus of Veterinary Technology Anatomy Course
Pathology Descriptive Terminology and Glossary
Animal Anatomy
Bird Anatomy Glossary
Invertebrate Anatomy©
Dictionnaire de bactériologie vétérinaire
Definitions and Abbreviations of Veterinary Terms (the College of Veterinary Medicine)
Glossary of Veterinary Terms
Glossary of Veterinary Acronyms
Glossary of Veterinary Clinical Abbreviations and Acronyms
D.R. Belair - Veterinary Medicine Acronyms Glossary
Glossary of Veterinary Entomology
The Horse Health Glossary
Equine Multilingual Dictionary (EN-FR-ES-DE)
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Lexique des termes vétérinaires (FAO)
Glossaire des termes relatifs au sanglier
Vet-Br@sil - Site de Referência para Medicina Veterinária

Sexo • Sex

Sex Glossary (because, even you don't know everything...)
Sex Dictionary: Sexual Terms and Their Definitions (Body Vibes)
El Diccionario del Beso (excellent look) (ES)
Sessualità - Glossario (IT)
ABC...Sesso, il glossario del sesso (IT)
Lexikon der Sexualität (DE)
Lexique des termes sexologiques
Dictionary of Sexual Terms and Expressions (The Language of Love, Lust and Sex)
Rebecca's Dictionary of Queer Slang and Culture
Glossary of Sex Jargon
Sexual Slang (very f*** nice)
Sexual Terms and Slang
Unusual Sex Terms
Sexchange Glossary
Sexchange Glossar (DE)
Alternative Sexuality Glossary
Glossário de Swingers
Sexual Deviants' Dictionary Transgender Glossary
Glossary for Lesbian Worlds
Petit glossaire de la prostitution

Direito e Política • Legal and Politics

Jurisprudência • Jurisprudence

A Dictionary of Law (1893): A Dictionary and Compendium of American and English Jurisprudence
Duhaime's Law Dictionary
Bouvier Law Dictionary
The 'Lectric Law Library's Legal Lexicon (The 'Lectric Law Library)
FindLaw Legal Dictionary
Legal Definitions
Glossary of Conflict of Laws
Everybody's Legal Dictionary
Legal Dictionary - Glossary of Law Phrases
Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations (UK)
Legal Abbreviations Online
Legal Abbreviations (USA)
Glossary of Justice and Home Affairs (by the European Commission)
HMCS Glossary (Legal Language) (UK)
Clickdocs Legal Glossary (UK)
Glossario di termini e concetti utilizzati in Diritto (IT)
Bernstein's Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terminology
Legal Sites on the WWW
Justia :: Law & Legal Information for Lawyers, Students, Business and the Public (Excellent)
Glossary of Legal Terminology - Civil Law
Property Legal Glossary
Criminal Justice Glossary
Criminal Law Glossary
Glossary of Criminal Justice Terminology
Glossary of Criminal Defense and Criminal Defense Terms
Diccionario Interactivo de Derecho Penitenciario (ES)
Glossario Giuridico ed Economico (IT)
Diccionario juridico, economico, financiero de Legal Info-Panama (ES)
Forensic Glossary
Diccionario Interactivo de Derecho Penitenciario (ES)
Dicionário de Direito Criminal e Penal
Jurist Portugal (A Rede dos Professores de Direito)
Glossário Jurídico (Supremo Tribunal Federal)
Direito e Justiça Informática (excelente site sobre Direito no Brasil)
DireitoNet - Dicionário de Latim Forense
DireitoNet - Dicionário Jurídico
Expressões jurídicas em latim, francês, inglês, italiano e espanhol
Vocabulario Jurídico Latino (ES)
Legal Latin terms (Wikipedia)
Latin legal phrases (Wikipedia)
Glossary of Legal Latin Terminology
Terminologia jurídica i administrativa (Catalán)
Proxy Voting Glossary
Info about European Law
UK Legal Resources
Belgian Law
Dutch Law
Swiss Law Dictionary (DE)
Le Droit Français
Le glossaire juridique (Ministère de la Justice, France)
Ces mots et expressions qui font la loi...
Dictionnaire du droit privé français (by Serge Braude)
Dizionario di diritto privato francese (IT)
Glossaire des abreviations usuelles dans les sources d'information juridiques
Les mots du droit
Lexique juridique
Dictionnaire des citations sur le droit
Mini dictionnaire du Rédacteur juridique (Canada)
Dictionnaire du Droit privé
Glossaire de droit successoral (BMO Banque Privée Harris)
Le vocabulaire de l'arbitrage
Dictionnaire juridique et contractuel des affaires et projets
Dictionnaire contractuel d'ingénierie pétrolière, chimique et gazière
Droit Médical - Glossaire
Dictionnaire Juridique et contractuel pour les Particuliers
Abécédaire de la propriété industrielle
Le lexique de la copropriété - définition des termes techniques
United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Glossary
Copyright, Trademark, Patent Glossary
Code of Hammurabi
Contemporary Legal Rulings in Shi'i Law
Code of Canon Law (The Laws of the Roman Catholic Church)
Código de Direito Canónico
Direito Canônico
Canon Law of the Episcopal Church
Dictionary of Adoption Terms
Kinship Glossary - Symbols, Terms, and Concepts
The Nature of Kinship: Glossary of Terms
Annotated Divorce Law Dictionary
Glossary of Words Frequently Used by Divorce Lawyers and Courts
The ABC's Of Immigration - Immigration Terminology, Part I
Glossary and Acronyms - Immigration and Naturalization Services (USA)
Immigration Legal Terms Dictionary Online
Immigration Court Terminology (EN-ES)
lexexakt - Online-Resource for german legal terms (DE)
Rechtslexikon für Laien und Rechtsanwälte (DE)
Trademark Law Glossary
Trademark Glossary
Glossary of Fraud Schemes and Terms
Dictionary of Financial Scam Terms©
Canadian Insolvency Dictionary (Sands & Associates)
Glossaire de Organisation mondiale du commerce
International Organizations and Institutions
Foreign and International Law and Organizations
Glossary of Human Rights Terms
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (in all languages)
Glossary of UN Peacekeeping Terms
USAID Acronyms & Abbreviations
French-Russian Glossary of UNESCO Terminology
Glossary of Management Values and Ethics
Glosario de Hipotecas (ES)
Company "Extensions" (n.v., SA, Inc., GmbH, Ltd, and the like...)
Latin Legal Terminology
Locutions & Citations
Weird Laws (e.g., in Florida "when having sex, only the missionary position is legal"...)
Dumb Laws

Ciências Políticas • Political Science

Encyclopedia of the Nations
Encyclopedia of Marxism - Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Diplomatic Terms
Diplomatic Expressions Glossary
Napoleonica, archives et documents napoléoniens
French Revolution Glossary
Political Dictionary
ITP Nelson Political Science Glossary
U.S. Political Glossary
American Government & Politics Glossary
APIC Political Americana Glossary
A Glossary of Political Economy Terms (Dr. Paul M. Johnson)
CSST, glossaire de la politique scientifique (Switzerland)

Administração Pública • Public Administration

Glossary for Public Service Interpreters (EN-European Portuguese) (info for purchase)
Glossário de Fundos Comunitários (Direcção-Geral do Desenvolvimento Regional, Portugal)
Glossário de Conceitos Usuais da Administração Pública
Glossário de Prestação de Serviços (Governo do Estado de Minas Gerais)
Glossário de Termos Técnicos Usados na Administração Pública
Glossary of Public Administration Terms (EN-FR-DE)
Glossaire de la régulation des services publics
Glossaire des odonymes français et dialectaux
Research Administration Glossary (USA)
Glossary of Political Science and Public Administration
NSCB Glossary of Terms - Public Finance and Administration
Glossary - Public Administration Theory Network (PAT-Net)
Glossary of Antidumping Terms for Market and Non-Market Economy Cases
Public Sector Glossary (The Guardian, UK)
Civil Service Pensions Glossary (UK)
Federal Employees Health Benefits Glossary (USA)
Labor-Management Relations Glossary (Office of Personnel Management, USA)
Senior Executive Service: Glossary (USA)
Glossaire: de A à Z sur la gestion associative

Terminologia Parlamentar • Parliamentary Terminology

Dicionário de Legislação Eleitoral (Portugal)
Base de Dados Terminológica e Textual da Assembleia da República [BDTT-AR] (Portugal) (PT-FR-EN)
Glossário Parlamentar (Assembleia da República, Portugal)
Glossário de Siglas Partidárias (com logótipos) (Assembleia da República, Portugal)
Glossaire Parlementaire (Assembleia da República, Portugal) - French
Parliamentary Glossary (Assembleia da República, Portugal) - English
Glossário de Termos Parlamentares (PTb-EN) (Assembléia Legislativa de Minas Gerais, Brasil)
Glossário de Termos Parlamentares (PTb-ES)
Glossário de Termos Parlamentares (PTb-ES)
Glossário de Noções Eleitorais e de Pesquisa
Glossário Eleitoral (BBC Brasil)
Vocabulaire de procédure parlementaire (EN and FR Canada)
Lexique de la Chambre des Représentants (Belgium)
Diccionario Universal de Términos Parlamentarios (Mexico)
Glossary • House of Parliament (UK) Are your MPs and Peers working for you in the UK's Parliament? (excellent information)
Legislative Glossary (USA)
How a Bill Becomes Law (USA)
Glossary of the U.S. Senate
A Short Glossary of Congressional Terms
Congressional Glossary
Abbreviations and Acronyms of the U.S. Government
The Glossary of Soviet Terms and Abbreviations
Glossary of Parliamentary Terms (Canadian House of Commons)
Glossary of Parliamentary Terms (EN-FR) (Canadian House of Commons)
Glossary of Legislative Terms (Canadian Government)
Glossary of Political Economy Terms

Direito do Trabalho, Relações Laborais, Sindicatos • Labor Law, Industrial Relations, Trade Unions

ILOTERM (International Labour Organization)
EMIRE - European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries
Glossário de Justiça do Trabalho
Glossário Jurídico-Sindical (SIMEC)
Human Resources English-Portuguese Glossary
Labor Glossary (U.S. Department of Labor)
Labor Law Glossary (Justia, USA)
Labor-Management Relations Glossary (OPM, USA)
Glossary of Terms - Labor-Management Relations (VA, USA)
Workers' Compensation Glossary
Working Glossary of Terms
Labour Relations Glossary (DOCEP, Australia)
American Rights at Work: Glossary
Glossary of Labor Relations Terms
Glossary of Labor Terms (ALSC)
Glossary of Labor & Legal Terminology (University of Hawai)
Glossary of Terms: Labor and Employment (NSCB, Philippines)
Labor Union Glossary
Glossary of Union Terms (Teamsters, USA)
Union Terminology (Teamsters Local 14, USA)
Glossary of Union Terms (Teamsters Local 995, USA)
Union Terminology (Teaching Assistant's Association, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Union Glossary of Terms (NYSUT, USA)
Collective Bargaining Glossary
Glossary of Common Industrial Relations Terms (Queensland, Australia)
Mini dictionary of union language (CUPE, Canada)
Glossary of Industrial Relations Terms (Canada)
Union Steward’s Dictionary (PSAC, Canada)
Glossary of union structure terms
Glossary of Union Terms (E-Council)
Glossary of Union Terms (IWW)
Glossary of Union Terms (Labornet)
Union Glossary (UPSEU)
Union Glossary - Jargon and Acronyms (LWAC)
Glossaire de la régulation des relations de travail (1950-2006)
Glossaire — Fédération F3C CFDT
Glossaire terminologique syndical (IAMAW - AIMTA, Canada)
Glossary of Labour Terms (IAMAW - AIMTA, Canada)
Glossario del Lavoro (IT)
Il Glossario del Lavoro (IT)

Direito Internacional e Tratados • International Law and Treaties

International Law Dictionary & Directory
United Nations Treaty Collection/Collection des traités des Nations Unies
The Avalon Project (Yale Law School): American Diplomacy - 1778 to the Present
The Avalon Project (Yale Law School: European Diplomacy - 870 to the Present
The Avalon Project (Yale Law School): The Laws of War
The Avalon Project (Yale Law School): United Nations Documents (Chronological)
Treaties and International Law
International Treaties (Lexadin)
Treaties Resources
Deakin Law School - Treaties, Conventions etc.
Glossary of Maritime Law Terms, 2nd Ed., 2004
Glossary of International Conventions and National Laws on Maritime Law
Admiralty Law Glossary
Glossario di Diritto del Mare (Marina Militare)
Lex Mercatoria (an (international • transnational) commercial law & e-commerce infrastructure monitor)
Trade Agreements
The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1947) (as amended through 1966)
NAFTA - The North American Free Trade Agreement
Air and Aviation Private International Law (Institute of Air & Space Law)
Air and Aviation Public International Law (Institute of Air & Space Law)
Intelectual Property - Treaties and Contracting Parties

Legislação Portuguesa • Portuguese Legislation

Constituição da República Portuguesa - Current Version, 3rd Revision, 1997 (also in EN, FR and Spanish)
Legislação Constitucional e Parlamentar Portuguesa
Portuguese Constitution (1976) (EN)
Gabinete de Documentação e Direito Comparado
Portuguese Legislation in English
Legislation Portugaise en Français
Verbo Jurídico
Legislação Portuguesa (sítios diversos)
Legislação Portuguesa (textos integrais de diversos diplomas)
Código Civil Português
Código Processo Civil
Código Penal
Código de Processo Penal
Código da Estrada (além do mais, uma excelente fonte de terminologia)
Código de Procedimento Administrativo
Código Cooperativo
Código da Publicidade
Regime do Arrendamento Urbano
Legislação Marítima (um excelente sítio de António Manuel Brancal da Mota Ribeiro)
Códigos e Legislação Fiscais
Gabinete do Direito de Autor (legislação portuguesa sobre copyright)
The Portuguese Tax System
Tribunal da Relação de Évora (um site notável, tudo feito por um juiz deste Tribunal...)

Polícia e Segurança Pública • Police and Law Enforcement

Polícia Judiciária (Portugal)
Polícia de Segurança Pública (Portugal)
Categorias do Pessoal da PSP (Portugal)
Guarda Nacional Republicana (Portugal)
Polícia Militar do Distrito Federal (Brazil)
Polícia Civil do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire (France)
Glossaire de la Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire (France)
Glossaire des sigles relatifs à la police
Regularly used abbreviations with regard to the French Police
Carabinieri (Italy)
Dirección General de la Policía (Spain)
Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (Spain)
Bundeskriminalamt (Polícia Federal Criminal Alemã)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
The Police Services of The UK
British Transport Police
Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption
Glossary of Police Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terminology (Chicago Police Department)
Police Glossary (Chicago Police - Marine Unit, USA)
Glossary of Police Terms (Cambridge, MA, USA)
MI State Police - Uniform Crime Report - Glossary (USA)
Police in America - Glossary
Police Glossary (Jersey, UK)
Police Dictionary (Police Business, USA)
Police Jargon Glossary (USA)
Police Terminology (Canada)
Vancouver Police Mounted Squad Horse Glossary (Canada)
Glossary of Police Slang (EN Au.)
Police Acronyms Glossary (EN-FR)
Criminology Glossary (USA)
A Prisoner's Dictionary (the most stuff you can learn without doing time...)
Glossaire des prisons (
Law Enforcement Glossary
Glossary of Law Enforcement Terms (EN-CZ)
Understanding the US Federal Courts: Glossary of Terms
Glossário Policial (Gírias e termos usados por criminosos)
Gang Slang
The Low-Life's Glossary
Glossary of Transnational Organized Crime (EN-FR-RU)
Organized Crime Glossary
Mobspeak Glossary (terminologia nostra...)
Mob Glossary
Mob Terms
Mafia Codes
Santino’s Murder Glossary
Intel(ligence) Glossary
Glossary of Spy Terms




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