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Ligação em Português Europeu (PTe) ou contendo entradas em Português Europeu.
Link in European Portuguese (PTe) or containing entries in European Portuguese.
Ligação em Português Brasileiro (PTb) ou contendo entradas em Português Brasileiro.
Link in Brazilian Portuguese (PTb) or containing entries in Brazilian Portuguese.

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Tecnologia e Assuntos Especializados • Technical and Specialty Subjects

EURODICAUTOM (Terminology Data Bank of the Translation Service of the European Commission).
In mid 1999, there were more than 5,5 million entries on file (and about 375 000 entries in Portuguese).
The Portuguese terminology included is European. There is also an interface in Portuguese.
Dictionary of Science and Technology (Academic Press)
Jensen's Technology Glossary
UK Vocabulary Standards
TECH Encyclopedia
Le Traducteur Technique
Technical Writing (An On-line Textbook)
A Glossary of Engineering Disciplines (NSPE)

Ciências Básicas • Basic Sciences

Matemática e Geometria • Mathematics and Geometry

Bilingual Dictionary of Mathematics (EN-ES)
Bilingual Dictionary of Mathematics (2) (EN-ES)
Math Dictionary (EN-ES)
Diccionario de matemáticas (ES)
Glossary of Mathematics (
Mathematisches Wörterbuch
Large Number (MathWorld)
Terminology (MathWorld)
PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia
Everyday Mathematics© Glossary
MOL Math Glossary
Glossary of Mathematical Terms
Glossary for Math Standards
Historical Dictionary of Mathematical Terms
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Glossary of computer floating-point arithmetic terms
Mathematical Mistakes Glossary
Basic Terms in Geometry
Glossario de Trigonometria (IT)
Famous Curves Index
Angles and Angle Terms
Glossary of Linear Algebra Terms
Linear Algebra Glossary
Linear Algebra Glossary (PDF)
Topology Glossary
Interactive Real Analysis Glossary
Glossary of Analysis Terminology
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
Number Theory Glossary
On-line Dictionary of Combinatorics
The Prime Numbers Glossary
Glossary of First-Order Logic
Technical Notation
Graph Theory Glossary
Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática
Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática
Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional
Société Mathématique de France
Real Sociedad Matemática Española
The International Mathematical Union (IMU)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
European Mathematical Society (EMS)
American Mathematical Society

Estatística • Statistics

Statistics Glossary (the big one...)
Electronic Statistics Textbook
SurfStat Glossary
A Glossary of Statistics
Statistics Glossary (2)
Statistics Glossary (3)
Glossary of Statistical Terms
SticiGui Glossary of Terms
HyperStat Online (excellent...)
Glossary of Probability and Statistics Terms
Glossary (STATLETS statistical package)
Selecting Statistics Glossary
The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms
ISI - International Statistical Institute
ISI Multilingual Glossary of Statistical Terms
The Data Analysis BriefBook
Prophet StatGuide: Glossary
A Lexicon and Concordance of Terms Used in Statistics and Empirical Research in Education
Glossary of Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Glossary - Real Gross Domestic Product and Purchasing Power
Glossary - UNSD - System of national accounts 1993 (updated)
UNSD - Glossary of Environment Statistics
Canadian Industry Statistics - Glossary of Terms
Lexique anglais-français d'écologie numérique et de statistique
Instituto Nacional de Estatística (Portugal)
Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística
Mini-Dicionário de Estatística
Glossário de Estatística (ALEA - Instituto Nacional de Estatística)
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística
Glosario Terminológico Estadístico (ES)
Eurostat - Statistical Office of the European Commission
The Royal Statistical Society
SFdS: Société Française de Statistique
United Nations Statistics Division
Directory of Official Statistical Agencies & Societies

Física e Química • Physics and Chemistry

The Physics Encyclopedia
Glossary of Frequently Misused or Misunderstood Physics Terms and Concepts (excellent)
Physics Glossary (Laws)
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics (excellent)
Physical Quantities, Units and Universal Constants
The Constants and Equations Pages
Magnetic Domains Glossary (EN-IT)
Magnetic Terminology
Chemical Engineering Dictionary
General Chemistry Glossary
Chemical Molecule Glossary
Glossary of Computational Chemistry
Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Beilstein Dictionary of Organic Chemistry (EN-DE-EN) Excellent
Glossary of Organic Chemistry
IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology (the Gold Book)
Glossary of Terms Used in Theoretical Organic Chemistry (IUPAC)
Chemistry, Bioinorganic
Chemistry, Medicinal
Glossary of Terms Used in Physical Organic Chemistry
Dicionário Interativo de Química
Glossário de Física e de Química
Multilingual Glossary of Chemical Elements (EN, Serbian, Croatian and HU)
Classical Papers from the History of Chemistry
Chlorine Glossary
Glossaire et abréviations du Chlore
UNEP STOC: Glossary
Glossary of Chemical Terms
Chemicals Glossary (Shell Chemicals)
Chemicals Glossary (Solvay)
Glossary of Chemical Terms
Glossary of Key Wax Terms
Chemical Acronyms and Definitions
ChemFinder Glossary
Croatian-English Chemistry Dictionary & Glossary (Kemijski rijec(nik & glosar)
Adsorbants Glossary
Encyclopedia of Thermodynamics
Glossary of Chemical and Environmental Terminology
A+ Materials Science and Engineering: Glossary of Terms
Illustrated Dictionary of General Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Laboratory Terms
Dictionary of Crystallography (Core CIF Dictionary)
Macromolecular CIF Dictionary
Powder CIF Dictionary
Symmetry CIF Dictionary
Sociedade Portuguesa de Física
Sociedade Brasileira de Física - (SBF)
Real Sociedad Española de Física
European Physical Society (EPS)
IUCr - International Union of Crystallography
American Physical Society
American Chemical Society
The Society of Rheology

Ciências Nucleares e Física de Partículas • Nuclear Sciences and Particle Physics

The Language of the Nucleus (The world's largest nuclear glossary. By Scientific Digital Visions, Inc.)
Glossary of Nuclear Terms
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms (Berkeley Labs)
Glossary of Conventional Nuclear Fusion
Glossary of Fusion Terms
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms (Radioactive Decay)
Elementary Particle Physics Glossary
Raios Cósmicos - Breve dicionário
Hands-On-Physics Advanced Mechanics Concepts: Glossary
Glossary of High-Energy Physics Terms
Accelerator Glossary of Terms
Particle Accelerator Glossary
Particle Physics Glossary
Glossary of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy
Photonics Dictionary
Photonics Glossary
Glossary of Photonics Terms
Infrared Glossary
Infrared Glossary 2
Infrared Terminology
Infrared Filters Glossary
Glossary of Chromatographic Terms
Chromatography Glossary
RF and Microwave Glossary
RF and EMF Terminology
Spread Spectrum Online Glossary

Ciências da Terra • Earth Sciences

Astronomy • Astronomy

Astro Lastardanguage (A mini dictionary of 300 astronomical words in different European languages)
Glossário de Astronomia
Glossário de Astronomia (2)
The Astronomy Thesaurus
IERS (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service) Glossary
IERS Acronyms
Glossary of Astrophysics Terms
Astronomical Glossary
Astronomical Glossary (2)
Astronomy Glossary (California Space Institute)
Astronomy Terms and Definitions
AstroGlossary (StarDate Online)
Astronomical Terms in the Western Mediterranean c1300
The Nine Planets Glossary
Astronomy and Physics Glossary
Glossary of Space Science Terms (Space Science Institute)
Glossary of (Comet and) Astronomical Terms
Deep Sky Glossary
Glossary on Meteor Astronomy
Meteorite Glossary of Terms
Astronomy Acronyms
Glossário do Sistema Solar
Extended Glossary of Solar Terrestrial Terms
Solar Physics Glossary
Glossary of Eclipse Terminology
Glossary of Eclipse Terms
Glossaire des éphémérides astronomiques
Diccionario de terminología astronómica (ES)
Diccionario de Astronomía (ES)
Glosario de Astrofísica-Cosmología

Geografia • Geography

Roman Geography Glossary
GEOPOR - Ciências da Terra na Internet (fundamental...)
Dictionnaire de géographie
Glossary of Physical Geography
Online Glossary of Terms for Fundamentals of Physical Geography
Earth Sciences Dictionary (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT)
GeoResources - Geography website
Geography Glossary (
An Outline of American Geography - Glossary
The Internet Geographer - Web Directory of Resources
Geography Glossary (National Statistics, UK)
Census Geography - Illustrated Glossary (Canada)
Diccionario Geográfico Universal de la Academia Mexicana de la Lengua (ES)
Diccionario de Terminología Geográfica
Political Geography on the Internet
Glossary / Dictionary: Economic & Business Geography
70 South (Antarctic News, Antarctic Information, Interactive and Updated Daily...)
Orbis Latinus (Latin Placenames)
Liste des noms des pays du monde (FR-EN-ES)

Geodesia, Cartografia e Topografia • Geodesy, Cartography and Surveying

Dicionário de Ciências Cartográficas (Português)
Dictionary of Cartographic Sciences (Portuguese-English)
Dictionary of Cartographic Sciences (EN-Portuguese)
Glossário de Termos Cartográficos
Glossário de Termos de Orientação
Instituto Geográfico Português
Glossário de Geoprocessamento e Cartografia
Glossário de Cartografia e Geoprocessamento (ESTEIO)
Glossário de Cartografia e Geografia (Mundo GEO)
Glossário de Cartografia e SIG
Enciclopédia Geodésica
The Mapping of the Earth
Map Projections Poster (USGS)
Glossary of terms used in Roman land surveying
Glossary for The Geographer's Craft
Geodetic Glossary
Glossary of Cartographic Terms (University of Texas)
Glossary of Mapping Terms
Glossary of Map-Related Terms (USA)
Glossary of Cartographic Terms (Canada)
Mapping Terminology and Acronyms (Ordnance Survey, UK)
GI-Wörterbuch (Geoinformatik Service) (DE-EN)
GI-LEXIKON (Geoinformatik Service) (DE)
Mapping Glossary (Australia)
Glossario di Cartografia (IT)
Glossario Multilingue per la Catalogazione dei Materiali Cartografici (IT-FR-DE-EN-ES)
Glossario di Termini Urbanistici e Cartografici
Diccionario de Terminología Cartográfica (ES)
Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms
Glossary of Cartographic/Map Terms
ADCi Cartographic Terms
Lexique cartographique (Canada)
Glossaire de cartographie
USGS Glossary (USA)
USIGS Glossary (USA)
Notes on GPS, Geodetic Datums, and Grid/Lat&Long Conversions
GPS Glossary (Nikon)
Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Geographic Information Systems, Cartography and Remote Sensing
Glossário de Sensoriamento Remoto
Glossário Resumido de Termos Técnicos de Geoprocessamento
Glossário dos SIG
GIS Dictionary
GIS Glossary
GIS Glossary (Open GIS Consortium)
GIS Glossary (Leica Geosystems)
Norm's GIS Glossary
Begriffsdefinitionen im GIS-Umfeld
Glossaire de le récepteur GPS
Surveying Units and Terms
Plane Surveying Glossary
Surveying Glossary (
Surveying Units and Terms
Surveying Terminology
Surveying Terms
Surveying Glossary
Glossary of Surveying Terms (Kansas Society of Land Surveyors)
Glossary of Surveying and Mapping Terms (Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors)
Survey Terminology (North Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors)
IACS - Surveyor's Glossary (PDF)
Glossario Topografia (IT)
Glossario Topografico (IT)
Surveying Equipment Database

Geologia • Geology

Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms
Geology Dictionary (
Alphabetic Geological Glossary (Amateur Geologist)
Structured Geological Glossary (Amateur Geologist)
Dictionary of Geologic Terms
Lexique de Géologie
Liste alphabétique de termes géologiques
Cave and Karst Terminology
Glossary of Landforms and Geologic Terms
Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms
Glossary of Biospeleology
Gravity/Magnetic Glossary
Léxico de Termos Sedimentológicos (Instituto Geológico e Mineiro, Portugal)
Dicionário de Termos Geológicos (Geotrack)
Glossário de Geotecnologia
Glossário de Rochas
Glossário de Termos Geológicos (Minerais do Paraná SA)
Caraterização tecnológica de agregados (Minerais do Paraná SA)
Glossário Geológico Ilustrado
Glossário de Rochas Granulíticas
Geologia Planetária
Glossary of Selected Glacier and Related Terminology
Glossary of Volcano and Related Terminology
USGS Photo Glossary of Volcanic Terms
Glossary of Volcanic Hazards, Features and Terminology
Volcanic and Geologic Terms
Volcanological Terms (EN)
Termini Vulcanologici (IT)
Vulkanologische Fachausdrücke (DE)
Earthquake Hazards Glossary
Glossary of Earthquake and Related Terminology
Glossary of Earthquakes
Glossary of Some Common Terms in Seismology
Glossaire Sismologique
Glossary of Desert Terms
Diccionario de Términos de las Zonas Áridas (ES)

Hidrologia • Hydrology

Glossário da Água (Serviços Municipalizados de Almada)
Glossário de Água Subterrânea
Aqua-Lingua (in 15 languages)
EUGRIS Glossary (European Groundwater and Contaminated Land Information System)
Flooding Glossary
Drought Terminology
Hydraulics and Hydrology Vocabulary
Glossary of Hydrologic Terms
International Glossary of Hydrology
Encyclopedia of Water Terms
Glossary of Water Technology (US Bureau of Reclamation)
Glossary of Water Environment Terms (mainly wastewater terms, by the Water Environment Federation)
Glossary of Wastewater Terminology
Master Glossary of Water and Wastewater Terms
Wastewater Terminology
Glossary of Water Terms (LCRA)
Water Words Dictionary (PDF)
Glossary of water-use terminology
Glossary of Water-Related Terms
Glossary of Water Resource Terms
Glossary of Stream/Water Related Terms
Glossary of Watersheds
Watersheds Glossary
Glossary of Hydrologic Related Terms
Fresh Water Glossary
Glossary of Water Treatment Terminology
Glossary of Water Treatment Terms
Drinking Water Glossary
Dictionary of Technical and Legal Terms Related to Drinking Water
CEM Glossary of Coastal Engineering Terms
Glossary of Coastal Terminology
Glossary of Beach and Coastal Terms
Glossary of Estuary Terms
Ocean Surface Currents Glossary
OceanLink On-Line Glossary
Sea Ice Glossary
Terminologie des glaces
Breve Glossario di Termini Glaciologici
Tide & Current Dictionary

Atmosfera • Atmosphere

Atmospheric Chemistry Air Quality Glossary
Glossário de Ventos
Glossário de Termos Técnicos de Radiação Atmosférica
Dicionário de Poluição do Ar
Cloud Atlas
ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement) Glossary
ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement) Acronyms and Abbreviations
Glossary of Solar Radiation Resource Terms
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center Glossary
Glossary of Ozone Related Terms
Ozone Depletion Glossary
Glossary of Fluorocarbons (CFCs)
Atmospheric Optics Glossary

Ambiente, Resíduos e Controlo de Poluição • Environment, Waste and Pollution Control

Terms of the Environment (EPA)
  EEA Multilingual Environmental Glossary
Environmental Glossary
Environmental Glossary of Terms
Environmental Engineering Glossary (F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Glossario Ambientale (IT)
Glossario Ambientale (Corpo forestale dello Stato) (IT)
Compendium of Environmental Acronyms (Association of Engineering Geologists)
Glossário Ambiental
Dicionário On-line "Ambiente e Tecnologia"
Glossário de Termos Ambientais (Instituto de Promoção Ambiental)
Dicionário Chinês-Português de Ciência e Política Ambiental
Environmental Glossary (EN-FI)
Wild World Glossary (National Geographic Society)
Glossary of Recycling Terms
Shredder Guide - Glossary of Terms
Baler Guide - Glossary of Baling Terms
Magnetic Equipment Guide - Glossary of Terms
Scrap Handler Supplement - Glossary of Terms
Recycling Symbols & Logos
Glossary of Landfill Terms
Regulamento de Resíduos Sólidos - Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Glosario de Residuos Peligrosos (ES)
Glossário de Resíduos Sólidos
Glossário de Compostagem
Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia (PDF documents)
Asbestos Glossary (EPA)
Bioremediation and Phytoremediation Glossary
NABIR Bioremediation Glossary
Glossary of the terms that are used whenever pollutants are discussed
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency - Glossary
ACAT Glossary (Toxic Waste)
Glossary of Incineration and Treatment of Special Waste
HazMat Glossary of Terms
Mixed Waste Glossary
Glossaire des déchets (Ville de Genève)

População • Population

Glossary of Population Terms
Population Glossary
Population Glossary (2)
Glossary for Biogeography
On-line Dictionary of Social Sciences

Mineralogia e Minas • Mineralogy and Mining

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
Dictionary of Mining Terms
Mining Engineering Dictionary
Anatomy of a Mine
Glossary of Terms of the Mining and Minerals Processing Industry
Glossary of Minerals and Mining Terminology (EN-DE-ES)
Mining Glossary
Mining Glossary (2)
Glossary of Pit Terms
The Principal Metals Searchable Glossary
Glossary of Coal Mining Terms
Glossary of Minerals and Metals
Minerals by Name
Minerals by Class
Glossary of Carbonate/Limestone Terms
Glossary of Clay Terms
Glossary of Ceramic Production Terms
Lime Production Glossary
Minerals and Petroleum Glossary
Alphabetical Mineral Reference
Minerals List
Minerals Glossary
Rock, Mineral and Gemstone Terms
Rocks and Minerals
Glossary of Gems and Precious Stones
Pierres Precieuses et Pierres Fines - Glossaire
The Shape or Cut of Gemstones
A Glossary to help you understand the Terminology used with Gems and Mining
Where to Get More Information on Gemology and Gemcutting
De Beers Diamond Glossary
The Cartier Glossary
The Cartier Glossary (IT)
Diamond Glossary
Diamond Glossary (Blanka Diamonds)
The 4Cs of Diamonds
Glossário Gemológico (por Rui Galopim de Carvalho)
IBGM - Instituto Brasileiro de Gemas e Metais Preciosos
Tudo sobre Diamantes
Tudo sobre Jóias
Tudo sobre Gemas
Glossário de Peças de Ouriversaria (H. Stern, Brasil)
Onyx Terminology
Navajo and Pueblo Jewelry Glossary
Jewelry Glossary of Terms at Diamonds International
A Brief Glossary of Jewelry Related Terms
Jewelry and Gemstone Glossary
Glossary of Jewelry Terms
Glossary of Jewelry Related Terms
Illustrated Glossary of Jewelry
Glossary of Fine Jewelry Terms (Danforth Diamond)
dvb ny Jewelry Glossary
Anglo - American Dictionary Jewelry or Coin Related Terms
Precious & Collectible Jewelry Glossary
Glossary of Prospector's Terms
Gold Hunter Glossary
Gold Glossary (The Gold Institute)
Glossary of Gold Terms
Glossary of Gold Terms (2)
Glossary of Gold Terms (3)
Gold and Silver Terms
Gold Mining, Trading and Technology A-Z
Glossary of Silver Terms
Silver Industry Terminology
Silver Terms

Meteorologia • Meteorology
Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.

Weather Glossary (
Glossary of Weather Terms (US National Weather Service)
National Weather Service Acronyms
Weather Key Terms and Symbols
Wind Chill (US National Weather Service)
General Weather Terms
A Primer: Glossary of Meteorological Terms
TELEMET Weather Glossary
Meteorological Glossary and Acronyms (JCOMMOPS)
Glossary of Meterology Terms (Bureau Of Meteorology, Australia)
Beaufort Wind Scale
Meteorological Calculators (useful...)
Meteorological Service of Canada - Glossary
Meteorological Terminology
Comprendre la météorologie...
Glossaire du Climat
Glossaire de météorologie
Glossaire des termes de météorologie (Meteorological Service of Canada)
Glossário Meteorológico (
Glossário de Termos de Meteorologia Marinha (Marinha do Brasil)
Diccionario de terminología meteorológica (ES)
Weather Glossary for Storm Spotters
Radar Meteorology Glossary
Mountain Meteorology Glossary
Snow Glossary
Snow and Avalanche Glossary
Glossary Of Snow Plowing Terms
Storm Encyclopedia
Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Glossary
Lightning Glossary
Lightning Terminology

Zoologia • Zoology

Biology Glossary (University of Amsterdam)
Glossário de Flora e Fauna (Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês)
Dicionário Virtual de Ornitologia
Nomes de Aves (PTe-EN-Latin)
Bird Names (A Translation Index)
Multilingual Birdsearch Engine (Birdnames in 18 languages)
Multilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms (MAGUS) - in 53 languages of Europe
Animal Nomenclature and Terminology (EN-Slovenian)
EDDA - European Dictionary of Domestic and Utilised Animals
El Zoológico Electrónico (ES) Excellent information
Glossary of Insect Terminology
Glossário Entomológico Brasileiro
Diccionario Etnoentomológico
Glossary of Marine Biology
Glossary of Coral Marine Life Terms
Glossaire Pêche
Glossario dei Termine di Pesca (IT)
Glossário de Equipamento de Pesca
FishBase (26,585 Species, 74,365 Synonyms, 121,345 Common names, 31,470 Pictures, 25,365 References) Enough?
FINS - The Fish Information Service Absolutely excellent
  Fish Names in the European Community
Diccionário de Espécies (Fishing)
Glossary of Fish Related Terms
Fish Glossary
Fish Species Index
Glossary of Salmon Fishing
Salmon Glossary
Aquaculture Dictionary
Glossary of Fly Fishing
Glossary of Fish and Aquatic Habitat Management
Cetacean Terminology
Whales Multilingual Glossary (Orðabók Gunnars Jónssonar)
Shark Database
Crustacea Glossary
Anatomical Dictionary (for dinossaurs...)
Dicionário Cinófilo de Portugal (about dogs...)
Dog Breeds (Illustrated)
BSE Glossary
Cattle Terms
Cowboy Gear
Saddles & Tack Glossary
Dictionary of Farrier Terms

Botânica e Agricultura • Botany and Agriculture

Botânica • Botany

Glossary of Botanical Terms
Glossary of Botanical Names (2)
Botany Encyclopedia of Plants and Botanical Dictionary
GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms
Glossary definitions of garden history and garden design terms
Botany and Paleobotany Dictionary
Botanisch Glossarium (DU, University of Amsterdam)
Plant Name Database
Dictionary of Common Plant Names
Plant Dictionary (search by latin and common names)
Illustrated Glossary of Plant Terminology
Fruit Terminology (Excellent)
Rare Plant Guide Codes and Definitions
Spanish-English-Latin Plant Dictionary
Orchid Species Glossary
Flora-Index (DE-FR-IT-Latin)
Dicionário Botânico (PTe-EN and Scientific Names)
Fungos - Glossário de Termos Técnicos
Glossário de Palinologia
Glossário de Termos Botânicos (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro)
Herbal Terminology (American Botanical Council)
Herbal Encyclopedia
Herbal-Medical Glossary
Herbal Medical Terms
Herbal Glossary
Índice de Plantas Medicinales (in 12 languages)
Dictionary of Carnivorous Plant Names
Glossary of Plant Pathology
Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Glossary
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology
Rose Glossary

Floresta e Silvicultura • Forest and Silviculture

World Dictionary of Trees
Woods of the World (i.e., the planet's only affordably-priced multimedia database for woodworkers, wood reseachers, and woodusers)
Database of Woods (
Glossary of Wood Terms (Gilmer Wood Company)
What Wood Is That? Wood Identification Database (Excellent)
Wood Characteristics (for woodturners)
Glossario e Dizionario Forestale (IFN, Switzerland) (DE-FR-IT)
The ULTIMATE tree-ring pages
Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering
Glossary of Forest Related Terms
Glossary of Forest Terms
Forest Glossary
GFA Glossary of Forestry Terms
Glossary of Ordination-Related Terms
The Farm Forest Glossary
Forest Fire Glossary
Glossary for agroforestry
Woodlands Glossary
Foresty Index (a portal for all things forest)
Multilingual Forest Dictionary
Tree Name Translator (EN-FR-DE-NL-Latin)
L'Europe et la Forêt - Lexique Français (Parlement Européen)
Rainforest Glossary
Temperate Forest Glossary
Wood Glossary
Wood Glossary (The Wood Exchange)
Wood Glossary (Gilmer Wood Company)
Wood Glossary (New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association)
Woods of the World Glossary
Descriptions Of Major Wood Groups, Genera, Generic Groups & Species
Definitions of Special Forest Terms for Identification
The American Woods: exhibited by actual specimens and with copious explanatory
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms of the Everglades
Silvics of North America
Glossary of Terms of California Redwood Lumber
Tropical Hardwoods
Hardwood Handbook
Names of Trees (DE-EN-FR)
Tree Dictionary (EN-DE-CZ-Latin)
Glossary of Logging Terms (OSHA)
Glossary of Trees and Timbers (Latin-EN-FR-DE-DU)
Timber Glossary
Glossary of Lumber Terms
Dicionário de Silvicultura e Exploração Florestal (PTe)
Termos equivalentes em silvicultura e conservação Inglês-Português (PDF, 2,1 MB)
Glossário Florestal (Inventário Florestal Nacional)
Glossário de Madeiras
Glossário de Anatomia da Madeira
Glossário de Árvores Brasileiras
Glossário de Desenvolvimento Florestal
Glossário de Exploração Florestal
Sägeindustrie Sprachlexikon (EN-DE-FR)

Agricultura e Pecuária • Agriculture and Pecuary

Agriculture English-Portuguese Glossary
Dicionário de Agropecuária
AGRIPEDIA - Encyclopedia of Agriculture
WorldAG (The Internet portal to the agricultural world)
Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Glossary
Agronomy Dictionary
Agriculture Dictionary
Glossary of Terms for Agriculture, Agricultural Economics and Precision Farming (DE-EN)
Glossary of Precision Farming - Agriculture - GPS and GIS Terms (EN-DE)
Mediterranean agriculture - Multilingual Glossary
Multilingual Cereals Glossary
A Glossary of Agricultural Terms, Programs and Laws (the US House Committee on Agriculture)
Glossary of biotechnology and genetic engineering (FAO)
Agroecology Glossary
Horticulture Glossary
Soils Glossary
Glossary of Soil Science Terms
Glossary of Crop Science Terms
Glossary of Rice Terminology
Acronyms and abbreviations related to rice
Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics
Oilseed Glossary (also, a multilingual version, including PTe)
Compost Glossary
FDA Glossary of Pesticide Chemicals
Agricultural Plant Core - Glossary
Glossary of Beekeeping Terms
Vocabolario degli apicoltori  (IT-EN)

Alimentação e Bebidas • Food and Beverages

Geral • General

Comezainas - The Portuguese Language in the kitchen... And, what about some  Portuguese Recipes (also recipes from the    Azores)? Another excellent site about Portuguese Gastronomy (com um excelente Glossário).
Glossário de Termos Culinários (PTe)
Glossário Gastronómico (Associação dos Cozinheiros e Pasteleiros de Portugal)
Glossário de Restauração (Restaunet)
Léxico da Conservação de Alimentos (PTe)
Glossário da Castanha • Chestnut Glossary (PTe)
Glossário de Culinária, Alimentação e Restauração (excelente)
Glossário de Cozinha
Acordo Horto Gráfico Entre Brasil e Portugal (excelente e divertido)
French Cuisine & Food Dictionaries
Glossary of Food Terms (Oregon State University) (outstanding)
Food Technology Dictionary
Food Dictionary (The Culinary Café)
Food Dictionary (Oregon State University)
Food Glossary (
Food Glossary (BBC)
Food Glossary (EN-FR) Available in DOC and PDF formats
Food Lexicon (EN-DE-FR-DK-ES-DU)
A Fuego Lento - Glosario de Cocina (ES)
Traducciones Gastronómicas para Restaurantes (site in Spanish and English but with lots of multilingual information)
The Cook's Illustrated Dictionary (EN-FR-DE-ES)
Andre's glossary of Food/Cuisine/Herbs/Comidas (by a fellow translator)
Food Glossary (Swedish, apparently, with some funny typos...)
Kellogg´s Glossary
Science of Foods Glossary
Cours de Génie Alimentaire
Food and Beverage Glossary (beautifully illustrated...)
Cooking Glossary (
Cooking Glossary (International Gourmet)
Glossary of Terms for Pressure Cooking (Kuhn Rikon)
Food RESOURCES (Monumental...)
Cooking Encyclopedia
Epicurious Food Dictionary
An A-Z Dictionary of Culinary Terms
Soup • Stew Glossary
Dessert Glossary
The Vegetarian Culinary Dictionary
Glossary of Food Irradiation Terms
Glossary of Food Safety Terms
Oils and Fats Glossary
Catering Service Glossary

Sabores e Aromas do Mundo • World Tastes and Flavors

Acordo Horto Gráfico Entre Brasil e Portugal (ou, como os Brasileiros e os Portugueses não se entendem à mesa...)
Glossaire des spécialités gastronomiques françaises
Glossaire des spécialités européennes par pays
Italian Food Glossary
Pasta Terminology (Professional Pasta)
Anglo-Spanish Food Glossary
Glossary of Cooking Terms (EN-IT-EN)
Comida en 7 idiomas
Spanish Food Dictionary
Spanish Wine & Food Glossary
Bilingual English-ES Food Glossary for Translators and Gourmets
Gastronomy Glossary English> Spanish
Oktoberfest Dictionary (DE / SE)
Glossary of Scottish Food
Finnish-English Food Glossary
Glossary of UK Food and Cooking Terms
Scottish Food and Drink
Glossary of Australian Food Terms
Mexican Food Glossary
Gastronomia Chinesa
Asian Food Glossary
Japanese Food Glossary
Japanese Food Glossary (2)
Glossary of tools and words of Japanese cooking
The Vocabulary of Indian Food
Glossary of Indian Cuisine
Glossary of Ingredients used in Indian Cooking (multilingual)
Glossary of Indian Restaurant Curries
Bawarchi: Glossary of English to Hindi Terms
Encyclopedia of Russian Dishes
Glossary of Mexican Cuisine
Hawaiian Ethnic Food Glossary
Filipino Food/Culinary Glossary
Glossary of culinary terms from all over the world
International Food Resources
Gastronomic Glossary (EN-FR-SE)
Armenian Cooking - Abbreviations and Glossary

Legumes, Frutas, Ervas Aromáticas e Especiarias • Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs and Spices

Tipos de Fruta (i.e., fruit in PTe)
Verduras en 7 idiomas
Frutas en 7 idiomas
Glossário de Produtos Orgânicos
Citrus Guide
Christina's Vegetables Glossary
Thai Asian Vegetables Glossary
Indian Vegetables Glossary
Glossary of Spicy Ingredients
Encyclopedia of Spices
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
Spices Glossary
Glossary of Herbs and Aromas
ASTA's "Spice Definitions and Glossary"
The Scoville Scale (Pepper Pungency Level)

Carne, Aves e Peixe • Meat, Poultry and Fish

Cattle Production/Management Glossary (
Cattle Glossary
Goats Glossary
Sheep Glossary
Swine Glossary
Other Breed Species Glossary
Beef Glossary (5 languages: FR-DE-EN-ES (Argentine)-IT)
Veal Glossary (5 languages: FR-DE-EN-ES (Argentine)-IT)
Lamb Glossary (5 languages: FR-DE-EN-ES (Argentine)-IT)
Pork Glossary (5 languages: FR-DE-EN-ES (Argentine)-IT)
Glossary of Pork Terms
Poultry Glossary (4 languages: FR-DE-EN-IT)
Meat Cuts Manual (Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry and Veal) by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Meat Identification Page: Beff Pork and Lamb (University of Nebraska)
Meat Identification: Beef, Pork and Lamb (UK)
Glossary of Basic Cuts of Steak
Meat Cuts and Grading
Capretto (Goat) Cuts
Comparación de cortes de carne: Argentina vs. USA
Tipos de Cortes de Carne de Res (ES)
Tipos de Cortes de Carne de Cerdo (ES)
Cortes de Carne de Boi
Cortes de carne (descrições)
Meat cuts and joints
Rotulagem da Carne de Bovino (meat labeling requirements in Portugal)
Pescado, mariscos y carnes en 7 idiomas
Glossary of Commonly Used Meat and Poultry Additives and Terms
Poultry Glossary (USDA)
Glossary of Sausages and Prepared Meats
Enchidos e Salsicharia de Portugal (sausages in PTe)
FDA Seafood List
Sushi-related Terms
Multilingual Fish Dictionary
Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia

Queijo, Padaria e Pastelaria • Cheese, Bakery and Pastries

Cellulose, corn, starches and related terms
A Glossary of Common Baking Terms
Sourdough Glossary
Sugar Industry Terminology
Sugar Glossary
Glossary of Maple Sugaring Terms
Starch & Sweetener Dictionary
Confectioner's Glossary
Candy Glossary
Glossary of Cake Decorating Terms
Glossary for Cake Decorating and Candy Making
Cake Glossary
Glossário de Tipos de Pão Portugueses (bread in PTe)
Glossary of Dairy Terms
Dairy Term Translator (EN-FR-ES)
Cheese Glossary
Tipos de Queijos (cheese in PTe)
Glossário de Tipos de Queijos Portugueses (Portuguese cheeses in PTe)

Vinhos, Cerveja e Outras Bebidas • Wine, Beer and Other Beverages

Bottled Water Definition of Terms
Classification of Aromas
Beverage Terminology
Glossary of Wine-Tasting Terminology
Glossary of Wine Terms (Wine Spectator)
The Wine Glossary
Wine Taster's Glossary
Winegrape Glossary (Gigantic)
Winegrape Glossary
Champagne Glossary
Sparkling Wine Glossary
Dicionário do Vinho (PTe)
Glossário do Vinho Verde (PTe)
Dicionário do Vinho (International Portuguese Wine Portal)
Dicionário da Vinha e do Vinho da Madeira
Mapa dos Vinhos Portugueses
Portuguese Chastes
Wine: A Report From PORTUGAL
Encyclopedie Gastronomique - Glossaire des vins
Diccionario del Vino Español
Glossary - The Wines of Italy
Glossario Enologico (IT-FR-EN-ES-DE-RU)
Lexique des appellations vinicoles italiennes (Saveurs du Monde) FR<>IT
Castello Banfi - Glossary of Winemaking Terms
Beer Glossary (Samuel Adams)
Glossary of beer-related terms (UK)
Beer Glossary (Beer Masters)
Beer Style Guide (Beer Masters)
Glossary of Beer Terms
Beer Lexicon: Terms to Impress your Friends
Glossary of Austrian Beer
Glossary of Popular Beer Terms
Brewers glossary (Badger Brewery)
Lee's Brewery Glossary
Home Brewing Glossary
Il dizionario del mondo birraio (IT)
Glossario Birra (IT)
The Alcohol Glossary
Specifications and Standards for the Composition of Industrial, Beverage and Fuel Alcohol Products in Various Countries
Distillery Vocabulary • Vocabulario de la Destilería (EN-ES)
Vocabulario de la Destilería • Distillery Vocabulary (ES-EN)
Scotch Whisky Association Definitions
Scotch Whisky (all about the stuff, in English)
Scotch Whisky (all about the stuff, in French)
Scotch Whisky Glossary (The Macallan ®)
Glossary of Whisky and Distillation (The Celtic Whisky Compagnie)
Whisky Words & Glossary
Whisky Glossary
Glossary of Whisky Terms
Glossary of Whisky Terms (Colorado Distilling Company)
Glossary of Whisky Terms (Bruichladdich)
Glossary of Irish Whiskey Terms
Glossary of Bourbon Terms
Rum Glossary
Tequila Glossary
Glossary of liquor terms
Liquors & Other Spirits - A Guide
Glossary of Alcoholic Mixers
Glossary of Cocktails and Drinks
Glossary of Cocktail
The Sake Dictionary
Sake Glossary (Japanese-English)
Sake Vocabulary
Glossary of Soft Drink Terms
The Bar Glossary
That's the spirit! - Glossary
Drinks Glossary
Privy Glossary
Glossário de Bebidas
Glossário de aperitivos
Dicionário Técnico de Bar (Bartenders Dictionary) - EN-FR-PTe
Bartender's Glossary
Bartender's Terminology
Bartending Dictionary
The Waiter's Glossary Of Terms
Bar Glass Terminology

Utensílios de Cozinha e de Mesa • Kitchen and Table Utensils

Glossário de Utensílios de Cozinha (Restaunet)
Kitchen Equipment Terminology
Arabic Traditional Utensils
Glossary of China, Crystal & Cutlery terms
Glossary of Terms Related to Transferware
Silverware Glossary
Silverware Glossary (2)
A Silversmith's Glossary (Oneida)
Society of American Silversmiths - Glossary
Glossary of Kitchen Utensils (and others...)
Cutlery Glossary
Knife Glossary of Terms
Glassware Glossary
Glassware Terminology
Tabletop 101 (Oneida)
Table Setting Guide (Oneida)

Prazeres da Vida • Life's Pleasures

NOTE: Sex, another of life's greatest pleasures, is here!

CAOBISCO Dictionary (FR-EN-DE)
Glossaire Gourmand
Termes et définitions liés au café
Glossário do Café
Cafés de A a Z
Glossário de Terrmos de Café
Vocabulário do Café (CIC)
Glossary of Chocolate and Baking Terminology (Godiva Chocolatier)
Chocolate Terminology (neuhaus)
Chocolate Glossary (Chocolate is a way of life...)
Chocolate Glossary (the Chocolate Information Center)
Chocolate Glossary (the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club)
Chocolate Glossary (
Glossary of Chocolate Terms (Let Them Eat Chocolate...)
Chocolate Glossary (The Language of Chocolate)
Chocolate Glossary and Other Interesting Facts
Glossary of Chocolate Terms
Burdick Chocolate Glossary
Coffee and Espresso Glossary, Dictionary and Terminology
Coffee Glossary (Dunkin' Donuts)
Coffee Glossary (The Roast and Post Coffee Company)
Coffee Glossary (Coffee Review)
Saeco Glossary: Definitions from A to Z
Coffee Glossary
Glossary of Coffee Terminology
Glossary of Coffee Bean Types
Glossary of Coffee Tasting Terms
Coffee Cupping Guide: Glossary of Coffee Tasting Terms
Cuppy's Coffee & Espresso Glossary
Coffee Drinks and Glossary
Espresso Drink Guide
A Glossary of Coffee Bar Beverages
An Illustrated Espresso Glossary
Espresso Terminology
Espresso Glossary and Lingo
An Espresso Glossary
Vocabulario del café (ES)
Espresso Machine Parts Glossary & Nomenclature
Tea Glossary - Tea Council of the UK
Tea Terms
Tea Glossary
Honey Technical Glossary
Glossary of Beekeeping Terms
Glossario italiano-inglese degli apicoltori (Beekeepers Glossary) (EN-IT)
Honey Glossary
Honey Glossary (2)
Glossary of Cigar Terms (Cigar Aficionado)
Cigar Glossary
Smoking Glossary
Glossary of Tobacco Control Abbreviations and Acronyms

Energia • Energy

História da Energia - Produção, Distribuição e Consumo da Energia em Portugal (1890-1973) Excelente.
Glossary of Energy Terms
Electric Power Industry Terms and Defintions (DOE, USA)
Power Industry Glossary
Illustrated Glossary of Power Generation (OSHA)
Energy Glossary
Energy Glossary (Ontario, Canada)
Energy Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Power Industry Terms
Glossary of Diesel & Electric Power Industry Terms
Energy Glossary (International Energy Annual 1998)
Glossary of The Electric Industry (North American Electric Reliability Council)
Glossary of the Energy Industry (Platts Global Energy)
Glossário de Termos Energéticos - EDP (PTe)
Dicionário de Termos Técnicos de Energia (Tecnicontrol) (PTe)
Glossário de Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis (ANP) (PTb)
Glossário de Termos Energéticos (PTb)
Dicionário de Energia (Duke Energy Brazil)
Glossário Gás Energia (Gás Energia)
Glossário de Gás (Gás Brasil)
Glossário de Gás Natural (GasNet)
Glossaire de l'efficacité énergétique
Vocabulaire Hydro-Québec (French Canadian)
I Dizionari ENI dell'Energia (IT)
Glossary of Common Heart and Heating Terms
Fired Heaters, Furnaces and Combustion Glossary
Glossary of Fireplaces and Distributed Heating Systems
Electric Heaters Glossary (PDF)
Glossary For the Manufacturing Sector (US Department of Energy)
Power Generation Glossary (Cummins)
Power Engineering Dictionary
Power Glossary of Terms
Power Exchange Glossary
Power Exchange Glossary (DE)
Stromlexikon (DE)
Technical Standards (US Department of Energy)
Energy-Efficiency, Code and Rating Terminology
Energy Efficiency Report - Glossary

Energias Renováveis • Renewable Energy

Alternate Energy Glossary
Alternative Energy Terminology
Renewable Energy Glossary
Renewable Energy Glossary (US Department of Energy)
WIRE - Glossary of Renewable Energy
Solar and Energy Glossary of Terms
Solar Energy Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Solar Radiation Resource Terms
Glossaire de l´Energie Éolienne
Windenergie Glossar (DE-EN-ES-FR-DK)
Wind Power Terms Glossary
Wind Energy Glossary (Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association)
Wind Energy Glossary
Photovoltaic Energy Terminology
Photovoltaic Glossary

Carvão • Coal

Coal Industry Terms (US Department of Energy)
Glossary of Selected Coal Classification Terms (US Department of Energy)
Anthracite Glossary
Coal Resources/Reserve Terminology
Glossary of Coal Terms
Coal Mining Terms
Clean Coal Technology Glossary
Coal Glossary
Glossary of Energy-Related Carbon Emissions (US Department of Energy)

Gás • Gas

Gas Glossary (Mobilgas UK)
Gas Glossary (Peoples Gas, USA)
Gas Glossary (Qatargas)
Glossary of Common Gas Industry Terms
Gas Industry Glossary
Glossary of Natural Gas Terms
Glossary of Natural Gas Terms (AGA - American Gas Association)l
Glossário de Gás Natural
Glossário de Gás - Termos Técnicos e Comerciais
Fuel and Gas Glossary
Propane Handling Glossary
Glossary of propane terminology

Petróleo • Oil

Glossary of Drilling Terms
Drilling 101 (Parker Drilling Company)
Dictionary of Petroleum and Natural Gas Terms (EN-RU-IT-FR)
Terminologia Offshore
Maritime & Offshore Glossary
Shell Energy Glossary of Terms
Shell Chemicals: Glossary and Trademarks
Shell Global Solutions - Base Oils Group - Glossary
Oilfield Glossary (Schlumberger)
Petroleum Glossary (Phillips Petroleum)
Petroleum Glossary (BP)
Petroleum Terminology Glossary (
Petroleum Engineering Dictionary
Glosario Petrolero (ES) (Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo)
Oil Industry Glossary (CITGO)
Oil and Gas Terms and Definitions
Glossary of the oil and gas production industry
Oil Dictionary (Veba Oel -> English -> Service)
Oil Sector: Jargon Buster
Oilfield Encyclopedia Index Glossary
Glossary of Financial, Petrochemicals, Oil and Natural Gas Activities Terms (ENI, Italy)
Platt's Oil Guide to Specifications Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Oil Terminology
Glossary of Oil Terms (Poten & Partners)
Minerals & Petroleum Glossary
Oil Industry Acronyms
Oil Industry Acronyms and Abbreviations
Glossary of Oil Terms
Glossary of Oil & Gas Terms
Mineral Oils - Physical & Chemical Properties
Lubricants Glossary
Petroleum Refining Processes Glossary (OSHA)
Refining Glossary (Foster Wheeler)
Glossary of Refinery Terms
Distillery and Fuel-Ethanol Network - Vocabulario de la Destileria (ES)
Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary (American Petroleum Institute)
Petroleum Glossary (Petroleum Communication Foundation, Canada)
Glossary of the Oil Industry (UK Institute of Petroleum)
Glossary of Petroleum Terminology
Glossário de Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis (ANP) (PTb)
Glossário do Petróleo (PTb)
Glossário do Petróleo (PTb)
Glossário de Transporte de Petróleo (PTb)
Petróleo - Termos e Definições (GALP Energia)
Glossaire du Pétrole (ELF)
Oil Glossary (ELF)
Terminología de Campos Petroleros (ES)
Glossario Petrolifero (IT)
English-Italian and Italian-English Technical Dictionary on Oil and Gas (purchase info)

Controlo de Derrames Petrolíferos • Oil Spill Control

Oil Spill Terminology
Oil Spill Observation Terms
Oil Spill Sighting Terminology (PDF)
Slickbar Products Corporation (a world leader in oil spill control equipment and services)
Oil Spill Response Handbook (Oil Spill Web; excellent information source about this subject)

Energia Nuclear, Radiações Ionizantes e Lasers • Nuclear Energy and Ionizing Radiation and Lasers

The ABCs of Nuclear Science
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms
Nuclear Energy Glossary (US Department of Energy)
Nuclear Electricity Glossary
Nuclear Power Plants Glossary
Glossary of Nuclear Energy
World Nuclear Association (an excellent portal about nuclear energy)
Glossary of The Uranium Industry and Nuclear Fuel Cycle (World Nuclear Association)
Nuclear Fuel Terms Glossary (World Nuclear Association)
Nuclear Energy Glossary
Detailed Glossary of Nuclear Terms and Phrases
Glossaire de l'Energie Nucléaire (Framatome, France)
Glossaire Nucléaire
Glossaire Nucléaire (Institut de Sûreté et de Protection Nucléaire)
Glossaire de Protection contre les Rayonnements Ionisants
Nuclear Safety Dictionary (RU)
Glossary of Laser Terms (OSHA)
Glossary of Laser Terminology (mainly laser shows)
Glossary of Laser Terminology
Laser Glossary
Atomic Glossary
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms
Glossary of Nuclear Energy
Glossary of The Uranium Industry and Nuclear Fuel Cycle (World Nuclear Association)

Engenharia Mecânica • Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Glossary

Glossário de Engenharia Mecânica

English - European Portuguese

113 pages/páginas / PDF — More than 6160 entries

Available at the JRD Store

Metalurgia • Metallurgy

The MATTER Glossary
Dictionary of Metallurgy (
Glossary of Metallurgical Terms (Admiral Metals)
Glossary of Metallurgical Terms (California Steel)
Glossary of Metallurgical Terms (Timken)
Timken Practical Data Handbook for Metallurgists
Glossary of Metallurgical Terms (another one...)
Dictionary of Metal Terminology
Dictionary of Metal Terminology (Summo Steel Manufacturing)
Dictionary of Metal Terminology (MTP, Inc.)
Glossary of Metal Terms
Metals Glossary
Metals Glossary (MMS Online)
Metals Glossary (Maryland Metrics)
Metals Glossary (
Metals Glossary (Technical Materials, Inc.)
Metals Glossary (Fry Steel Company)
Metals Basic Terminology (Lusk Metals)
Glossary of Metal Products and Product Forms, Melt, Re-melt and other Processes
Metal Products Glossary
Metals Abbreviations and Acronyms
Thermoforming Glossary
Iron Castings Glossary
Casting and Molding Processes Terms (Wynn Danzur)
Casting Definitions
Die Casting Glossary
Die Casting Glossary (2)
Glossary of Foundry Terms (SFSA)
Forgings Glossary
Forging Glossary (PDF)
Forging Glossary of Terms
Forging Definitions
Wire-Drawing Multilingual Glossary (IT-EN-FR-DE-ES)
Glossary of Wire Drawing (Mazzoleni) (IT-EN-FR-DE-ES)
Blacksmiths Glossary
Glossary of Blacksmithing and Metalworking Terms
Steel Making Terminology
An Introduction to Blast Furnace Technology
Glossário de Produtos Siderúrgicos (InfoMet)
Steel Dictionary (MESTEEL)
Steel Dictionary (EUROFER) - EN-DE-ES-FR-IT
Steel Terminology
Termes de l'acier
Glossaire technique de l'acier
Glosario de Términos Siderúrgicos (ES-EN) (INFOACERO)
Diccionario Inglés-Español de Siderurgia
Glossario dell'acciaio (Dalmine, Italian)
Steeel Glossary (Dalmine, English)
Stahl Lexikon (DE)
Stahl Lexikon (2)
Stahl-Lexikon der Firma Peter Drösser GmbH
Metal Lexikon (Hoffmann Metallbau) (DE)
Steel Glossary (
Glossary of Steel Industry Terms
Glossary of Terms and Concepts of the Steel Industry
Glossary of Terms and Concepts about Steel
Glossary of Steel Industry Terms
Steel Industry Acronyms
Steel Industry Internal Language
Steel Types Discussed
Glossary of Steel Terms
Glossary of Steel Terms (British English)
Steel Terms
Steel Terms (American Institute for International Steel)
Steel Glossary (Weirton Steel)
Steel Terms Glossary (IPSCO)
Glossary of Steel Production and Products
Glossary of Steel Technical Terms (Steel Ministry, India)
Steel Glossary (Steel Authority of India)
Steel Glossary with Linked References
Glossary of Hot Rolling Mill Terms
Canadian Steel Glossary
Stainless Steel Glossary (2)
Glossary - Stainless Steel World
Glossary of Aluminum Terms (Kaiser)
Glossary of Aluminum Terms (Alcoa)
aluMATTER Glossary of Aluminum Terms (EN-FR-DE)
Glossary of Aluminum Extrusion Terms
Copper Thesaurus
Diccionario del Cobre (ES)
Tin Glossary
Pewter Glossary
Metal Foil Glossary
Glossary of Heat Treatment Terminology
Powder Metallurgy Glossary
A to Z of Terms related to the Thermal Spray Process and Surface Engineering
Surface Engineering Glossary (SurfaceWeb)
Powder Coating Terminology
Glossary of Dipping and Coating Industry Technical Terms
Clad Metal Terms
Corrosion Glossary (Corrosion Doctors)
Glossary of Related Corrosion Terminology
Glossary of Corrosion Related Terms
Glossary of Corrosion
Corrosion Dictionary of Terminology
Glossary of Metal Protection Terms
Glossary of Metal Terms
Glossary of Refractory Terms
Glossary of Materials Engineering (Brush Wellman)
AZoM - The A to Z of Materials
Industrial Engineering Dictionary
Materials Dictionary
Materials Science Dictionary
Glossário de Termos Usados em Materiais de Construção Mecânica

Elementos de Ligação (Parafusaria) • Fasteners (Nuts and Bolts)

Glossary of Fasteners

Glossário de Elementos de Ligação

English - European Portuguese

88 pages/páginas (PDF) — More than 5160 entries

Available at the JRD Store

  Fachwörterbuch Verbindungselemente (Dictionary of Fasteners - German, English, Spanish) (purchase information)
Fasteners Legal Information (US Code, Title 15, Chapter 80)
Threading Terminology
JIS Fasteners Library Catalog
Fasteners Intro
American Standard Glossary of Terms for Mechanical Fasteners
Basic Fastener Terminology (Textron Fastening Systems)
Fastener Information (Bolt Depot)
Common Fastener Related Terminology
Common Fastener Related Abbreviations
Glossary of Fastener & Tooling Terminology (Avdel Textron)
Glossary on Terminology related to Nuts & Bolts (Bolt Science)
Fasteners Glossary (presented in an unconvencional way...)
Fasteners Illustrated Catalog
Mechanical Fasteners and Hardware
Fasteners - Technical documentation
H & S Fastener Glossary Of Terms
Bolt and Fastening Glossary
Bolt and Screw Heads Glossary
Encyclopedia of Screwheads (Lara Specialty Tools)
Screw Points Glossary
Definitions of Screw and Thread Terms
Information and Terminology on Screw Threads
Glossary of Screw Threads Gaging Terms
Fasteners Glossary
Glossary of Fasteners
Glossary of Fasteners Terms
Fastener Terminology
Fastener Jargon
Security Fasteners Glossary
Glossary of Concrete Anchors and Fastener Terminology
Glossary of Fasteners for Plastics (PDF - 70K)
Nails and Screws for Wood Construction
Heavy Conectors for Wood Construction
Glossary of Non-Threaded Fasteners
Glossary of Self-Clinching Fasteners
Nuts Glossary
Glossary of Rivet Nut Terms
Peças Roscadas (Roscas, Generalidades e Definições) (texto informativo, em PTe)
Peças Roscadas (texto informativo, em PTe)
Anilhas e Freios (texto informativo, em PTe)
Rebites (texto informativo, em PTe)
Cavilhas (texto informativo, em PTe)
Chavetas (texto informativo, em PTe)
PECOL - Fábrica de Parafusos (Catálogo de Produtos)
Elementos de Fixação

Soldadura • Welding

Terminologia da Soldadura em Português Europeu (PDF version)
My own Welding Glossary (EN-PTe) published in Confluências, no. 2

Soldadura (texto informativo, em PTe)
Terminologia da Soldagem
Welding - General Information
Welding Information
Welding Dictionary (
Welding Dictionary (Toll Gas & Welding Supplies)
Welding Dictionary (Hobart Welders)
Welding Dictionary (Miller Welds)
Welding Glossary (British English)
Welding Glossary (GRB College of Welding)
Glossario della Saldatura (Fimer) (IT)
Welding terminology and Glossary (Welder's Corner)
Welding Terms
Glossary of Welding (US Army)
Welding and Soldering Glossary
Glossary of Welding Terminology (
Glossary of MIG, TIG welding and plasma cutting terms
Welding Glossary
Welding Glossary (2)
Welding Terminology and Definitions
Glossary of Tank Welding and Codes
Welding Symbols Library
Welding Symbols (Welder's Corner)
Soldering Dictionary
Lötlexikon (DE)
Inertia Welding (a.k.a. friction welding) - Descriptive material
Glossary of Ultrasonic Welding Terminology
Glossary of Ultrasonic Welding Terminology (2)
Ultrasonics Processing Glossary
Soldering and Fume Extraction Definitions
Soldering and Fume Extraction Definitions (2)
Master Chart of Welding and Allied Processes
Glossary of Fuel Gas Cutting and Joining (EN-DE-IT-FR)
Glossary of Gas Pressure Regulators

Órgãos de Máquinas • Machine Elements

Mechanical Engineering Dictionary
Mechanical Devices Dictionary
Glossary of Electro-Mechanical Terms
Gear Terminology
Gear Glossary of Terms (Linn Gear Co)
Parallel-Axis Gear Terminology
Gear Glossary of spur gears, helical gears, splines, worm gears and gear boxes
Gears Nomenclature
The Handbook of Gears (outstanding...)
Gear Terms
Gearboxes Dictionary
Tribology Glossary

Bear with me! Apoios, Chumaceiras e Rolamentos (PDF version)
(algumas notas para eliminar as confusões)
My own Bearings Glossary (EN-PTe) published in Confluências, no. 3

The eBearing Glossary of Bearing Industry Terms
Bearings Information and Glossary
Dictionary of Bearings (SKF)
Dicionário de Rolamentos (SKF) Com alguns disparates graves...
Dizionario SKF (IT)
Glossaire Roulements (SNR)
Bearing Lexicon (FAG INA)
Bearing Glossary of Terms (AHR)
Glossary of Bearing Terms
Types of Bearings
Ball Bearing Terms
Linear Ball Bearing Terms
Rod End and Special Bearing Terminology (Astro Engineering)
Linear Technology Terms
Rotating Plant Bearings Terminology
Bearing Diagnostics Glossary
Glossary of Terms in the Air Bearing Industry
Glossary of Hose Terminology
Glossary of Metal Hose Terms
O-ring Terms Glossary
Glossary of Bellows Terminology
Glossary of Bellows Terms
Glossary of Belting Terms
Shaft Coupling Glossary
Glossary of Terms for Elastomeric Couplings
Speed Sensor Terminology
Spring & Stamping Glossary
Glossary of Spring Terminology
Spring Terminology Glossary
Spring Terminology
Spring Terms
Glossary of Springs
Springs Glossary
Molas (texto informativo, em PTe)
Rope Glossary
Glossary of Wire Rope Terminology
Decimal Equivalents and Wire Gauges
Wireforming Terminology
Glossary of Wire Mesh Terms
Wire Cloth and Wire Mesh Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Wire Cloth and Wire Weaving Terms
Wire Cloth, Weaving and Industrial Screening Glossary of Terms
Glossário de Discos de Ruptura
Glossary of Mosquito Traps

Maquinaria • Machinery

Basic Machines
Glossaire de la locomotive à vapeur
Glossary of Machine Terms (PDF)
Screw Jack Glossary and Terms
Rotating Machinery Glossary
Dictionnaire FREELANG: Machines tournantes (EN-FR)
Turbo Machinery Glossary
Glossary of Terms of Turbomachinery (IT-EN-FR-DE-SE) (PDF)
Turbine Engineers' Dictionary (Sulis Communication)
Centrifuge Terminology
Boiler Glossary
Boiler Water Terms Glossary
Glossary of Boiler Terms and Definitions
Glossary of Water Conditioning and Treatment Terms
Engine Room Glossary
Stationary Engine Dictionary/Glossary
Glossary of Engine Turning Terms
Glossary of Motors, Pumps and Drives
Terminology Often Used with Worm Gear Winches
Glossary of Elevator Terms
Elevator Glossary (quite short...)
Glossary of Elevator Terms (Otis, USA)
Glossário de Elevadores (Otis, Portugal)
Glossário de Elevadores (Otis, Brasil)
Glossaire des Ascenseurs (Otis, Luxembourg)
Alimak Elevator Company (good source for terminology)
Crane Terminology (Whiting Corp.)
Crane Glossary (Dearborne Crane)
Crane Glossary (ACECO)
Job Crane Definitions (Contrx Cranes)
Lawnmower's Glossary
Riding Mowers & Tractors Glossary & Definitions (Toro)
Glossary for Scales and Weighing Equipment
Caster Terminology
Glossary of Casters and Wheels
The ABC Conveyor Book (Hytrol)
Terminology of Conveyor Sistems (DE-ES) (WEBTERM-Fördertechnik)
Glossary of Conveyor Roller Terms
Glossary of Conveyor Equipment
Glossary of Conveyor Terms
Glossary of Conveyor Terms (2)
Glossary of Conveyor Terms (3)
Glossário de Correias Transportadoras
Vibrating Conveyor Terminology
Vibrating Equipment Terminology
Conveyor Screw Terminology
An Illustrated Conveyor Guide
Conveyor Terminology Glossary
Conveyors Glossary
Belt Conveyors Nomenclature
Conveyor, Belts and Belting Glossary of Terms
Belting Glossary
Belts Glossary
Belts Technical Terms
Klebeband Glossar (DE)
Glossary of Friction Materials (FEMFM) (EN-DE-FR-IT-ES)
Screening Machinery Glossary
Feeder Terminology
Glossary of Packaging Equipment & Machinery Option Terms
Glossary of Food Packaging Terms
Glossary of Mill Terms
Glossary of Water Wheel Terms
Mechanical Glossary
Coaster Glossary
Roller Coasting Glossary
Coastereese Dictionary

Mecânica de Fluidos, AVAC e Hidráulica • Fluid Mechanics, HVAC and Hydraulics

Fluid Mechanics Glossary
2-phase flow glossary
Industrial Gasses Glossary of Terms
Industrial Gasses Acronyms and Abbreviations
Aerodynamics Terms
Airflow Terms Glossary
Flowmeter Dictionary and Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms for Positive Displacement Blowers
Fluid Engineering Dictionary of Terms (Bell & Gossett)
Fluids Glossary
Fluid Control Systems Glossary
Fluid Control Systems Glossary (DE)
Spray Nozzle Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Pump Terms (Pump Manufacturers)
Pump and Pump System Glossary
Pumps Glossary (Lorentz)
Liquid Pump Terminology (Cole-Parmer)
Pumps and Compressors Glossary
Glossary of Fluid Sampling
Ventilation Glossary (OSHA)
Ventilation Glossary of Terms
Glossaire ventilation
Indoor Air Quality Glossary
Glossary of Heat Transfer Terms
Glossaire des expressions de chauffage et d'eau chaude
Glossaire du Chauffage Urbain
Heiztechnik-ABC (DE)
Heating Words Definition
Glossary of Common Drying Terms
Glossaire chauffage
Glossaire du chauffage electrique
Heating, Sensing and Controlling Terms Glossary
Glossary of Heating and Cooling Terms
Glossary of Air and Gas Handling Equipment
Ventilation Glossary
Residential Air Conditioning Terms
Heating Glossary - A Detailed Glossary of Heating & HVAC Terms and Definitions
Heating and Cooling Glossary of Terms (Westinghouse)
A Glossary of HVAC Terms (ACCA)
HVAC Dictionary (Efftec)
HVAC Glossary of Terms (Lennox)
HVAC Glossary (HVAC Mechanic)
HVAC Terminology
HVAC - Description of Useful Terms (PDF)
Commonly Used HVAC Terms
Glossary of HVAC Terms
Glossary of HVAC Terms (2)
Online HVAC Glossary
Glossário de Ventilação e Climatização
Air Conditioning Glossary
Air Conditioning Glossary (2)
Air Conditioning Glossary (American Standard)
Precision Air Conditioning Glossary (Liebert)
Air Conditioning and Heating Industry Terminology
Glossaire de la climatisation
Terminologie usuelle utilisée en chauffage et climatisation géothermique
Glossario Condizionamento dell'aria (IT)
Glossário de Termos de Conforto Técnico
A Glossary of Air Filter Terms and Definitions
Glossary of Geothermal Heat Pumps
Heat Exchanger Glossary (ITT)
Heat Exchanger Terminology
Literature for Refrigeration and A/C Controls (Danfoss)
Insulation Lexicon (EN-FR-DE-ES) (Eurima)
eCompressedair's Library
Compressed Air - Glossary of Terms
Compressed Air - Another (good) glossary
Compressed Air Glossary
Compressed Air Dictionary
Compressors Glossary
Compressors Glossary (Kaeser Compressors)
Compressor Dictionary (Bauer Kompressoren)
Glossary of Compressed Air Terms
Glossary of Pressure Vessels
Glossary of Vessels
Dust Collectors Glossary
Festo Didactic Dictionary (Pneumatic Systems) (AR-EN-FR-DE-IT-PTe-ES-SE)
Hydraulics Glossary
Glossary of Hydraulic Terms
Glossary of Hydraulic Terms (ACS)
Glossary of Hydraulic Terms (Precision Fluid Power)
Glossary of Hydraulic Repair Terms
Glossario dei Termini Idraulici (IT)
Quick Couplers Glossary
Glossary of Cooling Towers
The Internet Glossary of Pumps
Animated Glossary of Pumps (so you can see how they work...)
Glossary of Pump Systems
Metering Pump Glossary
Glossary of Pump and Seal Terms
Glossary of Expansion Joints, Gaskets and Seals
Glossary of Seals, Bearings, Bushings, Backup Rings and Wear Rings
Glossary for Seals and O-rings
Glossary of Gaskets
Glossary of O-rings, Seals and Gaskets
Glossary of Seals, O-rings, Gaskets and Rubber Parts
Glossary of Sealing Terms
Glossary of Sealing Terms (Green Tweed)
Glossary of Sealing Terms - Flanges and Gaskets (purchase information)
Dictionary/Glossary of Pool Terms
Pool Terminology
Filtration Glossary (Como)
Filtration Glossary (Menardi)
Glossary of Filtration Terms (Allied Group)
Glossary of Filters (CleanStream)
Filter & Filtration Glossary
Glossary for Filter Users
Dictionnaire Filtration (SEFAR) (EN-FR-DE-ES)
A Glossary of Water Filter Terms and Definitions
Steam Glossary

Engenharia de Produção • Manufacturing Engineering

Glossario Tecnico Multilingue (IT-EN-FR-DE-ES)
Manufacturing Process List
Glossary of Manufacturing (outstanding...)
Fundamentals on Manufacturing Engineering (excellent...)
Contract Manufacturing Glossary of Terms
Manufacturing, Machine Shop Definitions
Glossary of Steel and Machine Shop Terms
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Definitions
Material Definitions and Terms
Glossary of Manufacturing Terms
Standards Related Acronyms
Glossary of Engineering Terms used within the process industries
Glossary of Process Control Terms
Laminating and Mounting Terms
Lean Manufacturing Glossary
CAD Terms Glossary
CAD/CAM Glossary
CAD\CAM\CNC Dictionary
CNC Machine Net Glossary for the Manufacturing Industry
OpenCNC Glossary
Machining Glossary (Rollomatic)
Micromechanical Machining Glossary
Glossary of Laser Cutting Terms (Tesko)
Laser Machining Glossary of Terms
Metalworking Glossary
Glossary of Terms Related to Metals and Metalworking
Cutting and Tool Terminology
Lathes, Millers and Shapers Absolutely everything about these great tools
Lathe Terminology
Glossary - Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine
Abbreviations - Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine
Cutting and Grinding Fluid Terminology
Glossary of Machining Terms
Glossary of Machining Jargon
Tap Nomenclature
Die Nomenclature
Tool & Die Glossary (Carling Technologies)
Machining and Machine Tool Terminology
Milling Terminology
End Mill Nomenclature
Reamer Nomenclature
Todo sobre las fresas (ES)
Drill Nomenclature
Drilling Terminology
Drill Bits Terminology
Todo sobre las brocas (ES)
Hand and Electric Drills Terminology
Sawing Terminology
Glossary of Bandsawing Terms
General Saw Terminology
Glossary of Crosscut Saw
Saw Blade Lingo (DeWalt)
Glossary of Saw Blade Terms (General Saw Corp.)
Glossary of Saw Blade Terms (The Wood Shop)
Handheld, Power Circular Saws Terminology
Heat Guns Terminology
Glossary of Broaching Terms
Glossary of Routing Terms
Sheet Metal Forming and Stamping Glossary
Glossary of Stamping Terms
Stamping Press Terminology
Press Terms (Heim Group)
Glossary of Metalforming Terms
Metal Forming Glossary
Metal Forming Glossary (Advantage Fabricated Metals)
Perforated Metal Glossary
Glossary of Metal Terms (Roll Forming)
Roll Forming Glossary
Roll Technology Glossary
Glossary of Other Metal Removal Methods
Plain English Guide To Flamecutting Machines
Illustrated Glossary of Waterjet Cutting Terms
Glossary of Metal Finishing Terms
Glossary of Engraving Terms
Engraving Glossary (Product Identification Industry)
Liquid Finishing Systems Glossary
Glossary of Reliability & Failure Analysis of Equipment 
Industrial Quality Glossary
Quality Control Glossary
Quality Related Terms
Glossary of 200 Common Quality Management Words, Acronyms and Terms
Glossário da Qualidade Total
Glossário da Qualidade
Glossaire Qualité
Glossaire Qualité (France Qualité)
Glossaire général non exhaustif du vocabulaire qualité
Petit Glossaire de la Gestion de la Qualité
Das QM-Lexikon (DE)
Maintenance Terminology
Glossaire de la Maintenance
Rework and Repair Terminology
Technical Management Glossary
Nondestructive Testing Encyclopedia
Glossary of Materials Testing Terms
Inspection Penetrant Glossary
Leak Testing Glossary
Engineering Assistance Glossary
Vibration Terminology
Glossary of Vibration and Shock Terms
Glossary of Acoustics and Vibration
Acoustics Glossary
Noise Control Glossary
Sonar Glossary
ISA Comprehensive Dictionary of Measurement & Control
Instruments Glossary Of Terms (Exergen)
Terms Common to Instrumentation
Glossary of Robotics and Robotic Systems (OSHA)
Glossary of BEAM Robotics
Standard Terminology Relating to Wear and Erosion (ASTM Designation G 40 - 95)
Glossário de Prototipagem
Glossário de Automação Industrial
Glossário Eletromecânico
Glossário de Sistemas de Controle
Glossary - Temperature Sensors
Pressure Sensing and Switching Terminology
Pressure Instruments Glossary of Terminology (Mensor)
Sensors - Terms and Technical Definitions
Sensing Systems Glossary (Oceana Sensor)
Sensor Systems Glossary
Glossary of Terms for Sensors & Data Systems
Sensors Glossary of Terms
Switch Definitions and Terminology
Glossary of Transducer Terms
Torque, Pressure, Load & Force Terminology
Strain Gage Terminology
Test and Evaluation Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions (DOD - TECNET the mother of glossary lists, 997K!)
Glossary of Instrumentation Terms
Glossary of Acronyms and Terms of Instrumentation
Industrial Tools Glossary (Irwin)
Tool Glossary
Machine Shop Tools and When They Are Used
Tools Technical Dictionary
Glossary of Diamond Tools Terms
Mechanic's Tools
Illustrated Tool Dictionary
ASTRA - Tools Glossary
Power Tools Glossary (Excellent!)
Black & Decker - Tools Glossary
Encyclopedia of technical terms (A-Z) (Bosch)
Glossaire sur les outils (Sears Canada)
Diccionario de las herramientas (ES)
Amateur Woodworker Tools Glossary
Scissors and Shears
Glossário Técnico de Terminologia Cuteleira
A Knife Glossary of Terms
Blade Glossary
File Glossary
Grinding Technology Glossary
Grinding Glossary
Grinding Terminology
Abrasive Glossary
Glossary of Abrasives and Sandpaper Terms
Sandpapers and glasspapers terminology
Glossary of Abrasive Materials
Glossary of Polishing Terms
Abrasive Blasting Terminology
Glossary of Woodturning Terms
Glossary of Woodturning Jargon
Glossary of Material Handling Terms
Material Handling Glossary
Glossary of Material Handling Equipment
Microfabrication Glossary
Nanotechnology Glossary
Moulding Terminology
Injection Molding Glossary
Glossary of Lost Foam Terms
Glossary of Materials & Terms Used in Furnace Glassblowing
Glossary of Tools & Equipment for Glassblowing
Glossary of Other Words in Glassblowing
Glossary of Blown Glass Objects
Glossary of Sources of Tools, Materials, etc.
Fire and Emergency Glossary (FETI)

Tubagens e Válvulas • Piping and Valves

Glossary of Steel Tubing Terms
Piping Commonly Used Abbreviations
Most Common Abbreviations of Piping Terms
Common Piping Terminology (Flex-Hose)
Pipe and Tube Glossary
Glossary of Tubing Terms
Glossary of Quick Coupling Terms (Parker)
Glossary, Terms and Dictionary for Pipeline Industry (T. D. Williamson, Inc)
Piping Design Central: Glossaries
Glossary of Piping Terms (CG Metals)
Glossary of Piping Terms (TenarisDelamine)
Glossary of Piping Terms (TenarisDelamine) (IT)
(Another) Glossary of Piping Terms
Pipe Glossary
Pipe Glossary (2)
Rohrlexikon (DE)
Piping Terminology (ITT Standard)
Piping Abbreviations and Acronyms
Pipeline Dictionary of Terminology
Pipeline Terminology Glossary
Spanish Piping Translations (PDF, Energy Pipe&Supply)
Dictionnaire FREELANG: Pose de pipelines (onshore et offshore) (EN - French)
Glossaire Canalisation
Pigging and Inspection Glossary
Pigging and Inspection Glossary (2)
Glossary of PVC & CPVC Plastic Pipe Fittings (LASCO Fittings)
Glossary of Plastic Piping Terminology
Glossary of Plastic Tube Terminology
Waste Pipe Glossary
Plumbing Glossary (Standard Plumbing Supply)
A to Z Glossary of Plumbing Terminology
Plumbing Terms / Plumbing Glossary (faucetline)
Plumbing Glossary
Plumbing Supply Terms
Plumbing Installation Glossary
Glossary of Plumbing Related Terms
Pipefitting Glossary of Terms
The Copper Tube Handbook (excellent)
Expansion Joint Glossary
Glossary of Hot Tub and Spa Terms
Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing Product Lingo...
Common Types of Valves
Common US Valve Abbreviations
Glossary of Valve Materials
Glossary of Valve Parts and Terms
Valves Glossary: ANSI, API, & ASTM related standards
Valves, fittings, regulators and gas related terms (Rotarex)
Common Valve definitions and terms (Valve Directory)
Glossary of Valve and related Terms (DeZurik) (PDF)
Glossary of Proportional Valve Terms (Teknocraft)
Glossary of Solenoid and Pneumatically-Operated Valves (Acro)
Glossary of Velve Terms (Zy-Tech)
Valve Magazine Glossary
Glossary of Pipe, Fittings and Valves
Glossary of Valves
Glossary of Valves (The Valve Shop)
The What, How, Where and Why of Solenoid Valves (Plast-O-Matic)
Glossary of Solenoid Valves (Valcor)
Glossary of Solenoid Valve Terms
Glossary of Miniature Solenoid Valve Terms
Glossary of Plastic Valve Terms & Acronyms
Valve Glossary (Valve World)
Glossary of Valve Terms (BVAMA - British Valve and Actuator Manufacturers' Association)
Glossary/Nomenclature of Valves
Control Valves Terminology
Control Valve Terminology (Mitech)
Regulators Glossary (Fisher Regulators)
Safety Valve Terminology
Spanners and Wrenches Terminology - See also my own Glossary of Fasteners (EN-PTe)
Spanners and Wrenches - Information Text (UK terminology)

Relojoaria e Relógios Mecânicos • Horology and Mechanical Clocks and Watches

Illustrated Glossary of Watch Parts
Glossary of Watch Parts
Lexicon - Mechanical Watches from A to Z
Horological Terms
Watch Glossary (Federation of The Swiss Watch Industry)
Glossary of Terms for Fine Watches
Switzerland's Watches.Com - Glossary
Watches Lexic - Technology
Watch Glossary
Watch Glossary (2)
Watch Glossary (Pen & Watch)
Watch Glossary (Omega)
Watch Glossary (Casio)
Clock and Watch Glossary
Glossary of Watch Terms
Glossary of Watch Terminology
Glossary of Watch Parts Terminology
Watch Terminology
Dictionnaire des termes et notions du domaine horloger (Baume et Mercier)
Wristwatch Dictionary - Armbanduhren Wörterbuch (DE-EN)
Glossary of Watch Terms (Waldan International)
Brief Guide to the Technical Terminology of Watchmaking
Watchmaker Lexicon
Uhrmacher Lexikon
Uhren und Schmuck Lexikon
Uhren, Werkzeuge und Materialien Wörterbuch (DE-EN)
Abbreviations for Watch Collectors




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