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"Do not try to save money in the matter of a translator by taking a bad one instead of a good one.
For the additional wages of the good one will not cost you as much as you will save by not having him."
"Pratica della Mercatura", by Francesco Balducci Pegolotti, Florentine factor in the Bardi's house (1339)




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On December 25, 2015, a spammer from Bangladesh started a smear campaign in an intentional, premeditated effort to undermine my reputation, credibility, and character. One of the emails reads like this (excerpt):

About Joao Roquo Diaz
I am writing this message and keeping my identity hidden for my own protection and for fear of retaliation. I have worked with Joao Roquo Diaz for 3 years as one of his assistants (...).

So far, I have been able to identify the following senders of such emails:

Carmen Espanola /
JR Diaz / (NOT a real email / just an image showing a FAKE email sent from Gmail)
Muhammad Aasif /
Samita Tamang /
Twitter accounts also active in this campaign (names and locations are self-explanatory...):
@bdfloralde / Beverly D Floralde (Philippines) (from her Facebook: "Manager at The Krusty Krab")
@becky_brown52 / Becky Brown (fake account, uses photo from Melissa Guardaro) (1)
@blog_multi / Multi Solution Blog (???)
@CherrineShort3 / Ahmed Shakir (fake account: name & photo from Ahmed Shakir, M.D.) (1)
@cherypie_epay15 / DJP (Philippines) (account gone?)
@danielmohammad3 / @danielmohammad4 / Daniel Mohammad (Bangladesh) (AUTHOR OF THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN)
@daycindy3 / Cindy Day (fake account, photo from US soccer player Julie Johnston) (1)
@devan1311 / s mahadevan (Bangladesh)
@ERolloque / Eric Rolloque (Philippines) (looks like a translator, doesn't it?)
@fyeasmin1919 / Farzana Yeasmin (Bangladesh) (fake account, photo stolen from here)
@haangela20162 / Ha Angela (fake account, photo from NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp) (1)
@HealthCare1432 / 1Health 1Care 1Tips (???)
@hiblveronica1 / Veronica Hibl (fake account, photo from US Rep. Michele Bachmann, R – MN) (1)
@HolmsHolms2016 / Joeyoj Holms (fake account, photo from actress Melissa Benoist) (1)
@hossain_s78 / True Love For Men (???)
@ivethfonseca202 / Iveth Fonseca (1)
@janetvalentin22 / Janet Valentin (fake account, uses this photo) (1)
@jeffersodebbie / Debbie Jefferson (fake account, photo from actress Megan Fox) (1)
@jhem_0317 / Judith Niego (Philippines) ("a registered nurse and a proud lccian!!!!", she says...)
@jony1912 / Haydar Ali (Bangladesh)
@Kathlee77412049 / Kathleen Jackson (fake account, photo from actress Sarah Shahi) (1)
@KaylaGreen2016 / Kayla Green (fake account, photo from here) (1)
@kennyta2016 / Gracia Kennyta (1)
@leakat_md / Md.leakat ali (Bangladesh)
@leakatali3 / World Top Live News (Bangladesh) (???)
@lydiasserwadda2 / Lydia Sserwadda (fake account, photo from here) (1)
@Lovedream143 / Crystalr.Helary (???)
@loveisbroken1 / Love is Broken (???)
@makieyer / Mark Mapute (Philippines)
@millerabby2 / Abby Miller (fake account, photo from US soccer player Julie Johnston) (1)
@Nahida57 / Beauty tips Circle (???)
@ramirezkiara1 / Kiara Ramirez (fake account, photo from US Rep. Michele Bachmann, R – MN) (1)
@rennicks_juliet / Juliet Rennicks (fake account, photo from here) (1)
@RiveraNeca / Neca Rivera (fake account, photo from actress Jessica Alba) (1)
@saddamhira / Sweetheart (???)
@saddamsharmin1 / Love Broken (???)
@SandraJ79715122 / Sandra Jordan (fake account, photo from actress Jennifer Finnigan) (1)
@stephaniewynte9 / Stephanie Wynter (fake account, photo from US soccer player Alex Morgan) (1)
@syedrudro2004 / Syed Rudro (Bangladesh) ("I am an expert various site in internet...") (???)
@TiffanyNorris45 / Tiffany Norris (fake account, photo from actress Ariana Grande) (1)
@vanpanopio21 / vankiefer21 / Vanessa Panopio (Philippines)
@Vicki2016Kim / Kim Vicki (fake account, photo from actress Ariana Grande) (1)
@yasirali345 / Yasir Ali (Pakistan) ("Social Media Expert...!") (???)
(1) Account belongs to same Bangladeshi spammer

All other known identities (true or false) of scumbags circulating this email will be listed here.

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    Africander • Afrikaans

Samuel Murray-Smit (South Africa)
Sandra Nortje (Onrusrivier, South Africa)
Udo Langen (UK)

    Albanês • Albanian • Shqipe

Alban Ademi (Hannover, Germany)
Anila Mayhew (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)
Arben Seva (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Besim Hoxha (Mannheim, Germany)
Eno Damo (Albania)
Lars-Erik Morin (Stockholm, Sweden)
Monika Kadi Coulson (Westminster, Colorado, USA)
Silke Liria Blumbach (Prizren, Kosovo)
Sotiraq Bicolli (Bielefeld, Germany)

    Alemão • German • Deutsch

   View my Summary-Page in German

Abigail Clay (Burlington, Vermont, USA)
Adolpho J. Silva (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Aida Krings (Euskirchen, Germany)
Alex Wilding (Rozelle, Australia)
Alexandra Herter (Hamburg, Germany)
Alison Riddell-Kachur (Bacharach, Germany)
Andrea Deffner (Germany)
Andrea Stoll Alves (Milton, Massachusetts, USA)
Andrea U. Brugman (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Andreas B. Kühner (Sinzing, Germany)
Andreas Busse (Neuss, Germany)
Andreas D. Fischer (Germany)
Andreas Njammasch (Weinböhla, Germany)
Andreas Pompl (Giessen, Germany)
Andrew Read (Manchester, UK)
Andrew Southan (Lingen, Germany)
Angela E. Dunskus-Gulick (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
Angelika Zerfaß (Wachtberg, Germany)
Anita S. Berthold (Austin, Texas, USA)
Anja Green (Woodbridge, Virginia, USA)
Ann C. Sherwin (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
Ann & Tilo (Germany)
Anna Ippensen (Köln, Germany)
Anne Humphreys (Agethorst, Germany)
Annemieke Stössel-Lub (Dulliken, Switzerland)
Annika Neudecker (Cham, Germany)
Antje Rupert-Bousquet (Windham, Vermont, USA)
Aynslie Reimer (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Barbara Böer Alves (Bad Schönborn, Germany)
Barbara Jungwirth (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Barbara Kochhan (Duisburg, Germany)
Barbara Leuthold (Stutensee-Spoeck, Germany)
Barbara Sabel (Arnsberg, Germany) We translate a lot of common things...
Beate Pause (Poole, Dorset, UK)
Bernd Ohm (Berlin, Germany)
Birgit Niggemann (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Birte Giesler (Brühl, Germany)
Brigitta Severin (Landau, Germany)
Brigitte Reinert (Trier, Germany)
Britta Schlagheck (Badajoz, Spain)
Bruno Aeschbacher (Geneva, Switzerland)
Carmen Ruppenthal (Mülheim/Mosel, Germany) What a nice website, Carmen!
Carol Finch (Borrowby, Thirsk, UK)
Carol Oberschmidt (Berlin, Germany)
Carol Stocks & Robin Stocks (Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany)
Carola Berger (Redwood City, California, USA)
Carsten Sinner (Berlin, Germany)
Catriona Lischka (Clapham, London, UK)
Christa Schuenke (Berlin, Germany)
Christian Alkemper (Karlsruhe, Germany) What a great website, Christian!
Christian Erwig-Straughan (Harrington, Québec, Canada) Visit his Translation & Languages
Christian Schneider (Essen, Germany) What a minimalistic website, Christian!
Christiane E. Bohnert (Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)
Christiane Rosa (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Christiane Sprinz (Adendorf, Germany)
Christoph Bouthillier (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Claudia Göstl (Hausleiten, Austria) What a nice website, Claudia!
Claudia Krysztofiak (Sankt Augustin, Germany)
Claudius Heeger (Eppelheim, Germany)
Claus Jochner (Munich, Germany) What a great website, Claus!
Cordula & Sebastian Hallensleben (Burgess Hill, UK)
Dagmar Tile (Hodenhagen, Germany)
Dagmar Verena Jenner
(Vienna, Austria)
Dana Loewy (Fullerton, California, USA)
Danielle Adams-Hausheer (Zürich, Switzerland)
Darlene Waldschmidt-Sematat (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
David & Sigrid Coats (Minneapolis Minnesotta, USA)
David Bennett (UK)
Dee Klein Braig (France)
Denzel L. Dyer (Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA)
Derek Thornton (Pforzheim, Germany)
Devika Seupaul (Berlin, Germany)
Diane Spiedel (Munich, Germany)
Dieter Massanetz (Hersbruck, Germany)
Dieter Waeltermann (Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA)
Dirke Hentschel (Hennef, Germany)
Dominik Kreuzer (Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, UK) Much more than a translator's website!
Doris Molitor (New Richmond, Ohio, United States)
Dorothee Bardos-Feltoronyi (Munich, Germany)
Eliana Maggio Graw (Leipzig, Germany)
Elisabeth John (Schleiden, Germany)
Elisabeth Kissel (North Booval Qld, Australia)
Eliza Flint (Exmouth Devon, UK)
Elke Janßen-Aubele (Leipzig, Germany)
Elke Mählmann (Lecco, Italy)
Ellen Russon (East Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA)
Erelle Jouanem (Köln, Germany)
Erik J. Macki (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Erika Forni García (Surrey, UK)
Ernest Pemmann (Atlin, British Columbia, Canada)
Eva Breust (Berlin, Germany)
Eveline Melching (Henndorf am Wallersee, Austria)
Eveline Meyer-Salzmann (Hannover, Germany)
Evelyne Y. Urban-Reber (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)
Frank Dietz (Austion, Texas, USA)
Frank Dowling (Whitstable, Kent, UK)
Frank Sabitzer (Berlin, Germany)
G. Leonard (Geneva, Illinois)
Gabriele François (Osnabrück, Germany)
Gabriele R. Jabouri (Silicon Valley, California, USA)
Georg Küppers (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
Gertrude Edtstadtler-Pietsch (Steinach, Germany)
Gillian Noameshie (London, UK)
Gordon Hartig (Westford, Massachusetts, USA)
Guy Ferse (Heidelberg, Germany)
Hans-Peter Heubach (Kangaslahti, Finland)
Hartmut Pitschmann (Weinheim, Germany)
Heidi Kerschl (Stockton-on-Tees, UK)
Heike Kurtz (Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany)
Helen McKinnon (Perthshire, UK)
Herbert Eppel (Glenfield, Leicester, UK)
Herbert Hermatschweiler (Lagos, Portugal)
H. Northfleet (Grafrath, Germany)
Ian Winick (Köln, Germany)
Ina Wilms (Dortmund, Germany) Very nice website, Ina!
Inez Meyer (Berlin, Germany)
Ingala Seyfert (Lengefeld, Germany)
Ingeburg von Boehm-Bezing (Klagenfurt, Austria)
Irina Spitznagel (Saarbrücken, Germany)
J. C. Cantrell (Culver City, California, USA)
Jacqueline Gelder (Würselen, Germany)
Jan Peter Lohfert (Hamburg, Germany)
Jana C. Uhlik (San Ignacio, Belize)
Jana Paul (Oberhausen, Germany)
Janice Becker (Chicago, United States)
Jeanette Mohr (Köln, Germany)
Jessica Spengler (Hove, East Sussex, UK) What a great website, Jessica!
Jill R. Sommer (USA)
Jochen Ebert (Hamburg, Germany)
Johanna Timm (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Johanne Ostendorf (Lancashire, UK)
John Hayduska (Berlin, Germany)
John Neilan (Berlin, Germany) Very a nice website, John! And packed-full with useful information!
Jonathan Crawford (Gründau, Germany)
Joseph Butler (Munich, Germany) What a nice website, Joseph!
Joseph Schreiner (Chicago, United States)
Juliane Schmitt (Berlin, Germany) What a great website, Juliane!
Jürgen Peter Krause (Freiburg, Germany)
Kai Zimmermann (Borken, Germany)
Karen Stüdle-Lapp (Butzbach, Germany)
Karin Feldmann (Aachen, Germany)
Karin Isbell (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Karin Jäger (Neckargemünd, Grermany)
Karin Kossel (Wedemark, Germany)
Karin Schwendtner (Linz, Austria)
Karsten Kruschke (Viganella, Italy)
Kathi Stock (Lewisville, Texas, United States) Nice website, Kathi!
Kathy DiCenzo (Colorado, USA)
Katja Arabella Haustein (Berlin, Germany)
Katja Brede (Hamburg, Germany)
Katja Heimann-Kiefer (Hildesheim, Germany)
Katrin Pougin (Dortmund, Germany) What a nice website, Katrin!
Ken Kronenberg (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Kerstin Charfreitag (Germany)
Kerstin Knepper (United Kingdom)
Kerstin Mareile Funke (Neubrandenburg, Germany)
Kevin Fulton (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
Klaus Kurre (Schweinfurt, Germany)
Kristin Sobania (Germany)
Kristina Kopecky (Munich, Germany)
Kristina Moeller (Alpharetta, Georgia, USA)
Linda Billqvist (Stolberg, Germany)
Linda L. Gaus (Vienna, Virginia, USA)
Linda Marianiello (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Lydia Molea & Petra Winter (Bad Kissingen, Germany)
Manfred Winter (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Marc Prior (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany)
Mareen Wehling (Lisbon, Portugal)
Merete Nilssen (Oslo, Norway)
Margaret Marks (Fürth, Germany) Margaret also has an excellent blog (Transblawg)
Margit Sies (Gräfelfing bei Munich, Germany)
Marisa Manzin (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Marita Marcano (Leavenworth, Kansas, USA)
Martin Forrestal (Paderborn, Germany) A fellow German translator & mechanical engineer
Martin Ruhnau (Köln, Germany)
Martin Zimmermann (Heidelberg, Germany)
Martina Bauer (Vienna, Austria)
Martina Bockerman (Köln, Germany)
Mary Peeler (Australia)
Matthew Held (Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA)
Matthias K. Schossig (Penn Valley, California, USA)
Mechtild Testroet (Chulmleigh, Devon, UK) See also her Genealogy Dictionary (EN-DE)
Melissa Field (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA)
Michael Mangelsdorf (Oberwinden, Germany)
Michael Wahlster (Columbia, Missouri, USA)
Michèle L. Johnson (Erfurt, Germany)
Mick Locke (Göttingen, Germany)
Mike McDonald (Newark, Notts, UK)
Mireille Gonin (Hoenefoss, The Netherlands)
Mirko Minucci (Neuburg/Donau, Germany)
Monika Roehl (Seehausen a. Staffelsee, Germany)
Monika Schmidt (Arpino, Italy)
Nada Endres (Vienna, Austria)
Nadine Dönike (Essen, Germany)
Nicholas Hartmann (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States)Former ATA president (2009-2011)
Noelle Knapp-Lucero (USA)
Patricia Büscher (Köln, Germany)
Patrick Cenci (Zürich, Switzerland)
Patrick Joseph Greaney (Berlin, Germany)
Paul F. Wood (Witten, Germany)
Peter Edge (Berlin, Germany)
Peter Sandrini (Innsbruck, Austria)
Petra Dietrich (Berlin, Germany)
Petra Haag (Zoppola, Italy)
Rainer Klett (Philadelphia, Pennsilvanya, USA)
Rebecca Schäfer (Köln, Germany)
Rolf Pankrath (Markkleeberg, Germany)
Roman Impertro (Köln, Germany)
Ronald Gehrmann (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA)
Rose Newell (Hamburg, Germany)
Roswitha Stolpe (Wiesbadn, Germany)
Ruth A. Gentes Krawczyk (Marietta, Ohio, USA)
Sabine & Gregg Rommer (Larue, Texas, USA)
Sabine Gerken (Dortmund, Germany)
Scholem A. Slaughter (New York, NY, USA)
Silke Namuth (Augsburg, Germany)
Silvia Grabler (Altmünster, Austria)
Silvia Sinha (Berlin, Germany)
Simon Chaplin (Berlin, Germany)
Sophie Reunaud (Bonn, Germany)
Sonya Gerisch (Montgomery County, Virginia, USA)
Stefanie Sendelbach (Würzburg, Germany)
Steffi Cook (Kings Langley, UK)
Susan Siewert (Berlin, Germany)
Susanne & Alan Twigg (Zetel-Neuenburg, Germany)
Susanne Birker-Guillen / Arianna Schneider-Stocking / Maren Taylor (California, USA)
Susanne Rindlisbacher (Portugal)
Sven K. Esche (Hoboken. New Jersey, USA) A fellow mechanical enginerer and translator!
Sylvie Malich (Berlin, Germany) What a nice website, Sylvie...
Tanja Barbian (Berlin, Germany)
Ted R. Wozniak (Harlingen, Texas, USA) See also Ted's Payment Practices Mailing List
Terence M. Coe (Easton, Pennsilvanya, USA)
Thomas Galster (Cascais, Portugal)
Thomas Pauly (Madrid, Spain) Very nice website, Thomas...
Tobias Punzmann (Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, Germany)
Tobias Werner (Dresden, Germany)
Ulrich Malsch (Spain) What a nice website, Ulrich...
Ulrike Metz-Leibbrandt (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Ulrike E. Lieder (Tahoe City, California, USA)
Ulrike Schimming (Hamburg, Germany)
Ulrike Walter-Lipow (Berkeley, California, USA)
Ulrike Zeyse (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Ursula Sauer (Schwaig, Germany)
Uta G. Barth (Berlin, Germany)
Vanessa Scott-Sabic (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) Vanessa is also the author of a Logistics Dictionary (EN-DE)
Vera Lengger (Salzburg, Austria)
Verena Reiner (Köln, Germany)
Victor Dewsbery (Germany)
Werner Patels (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Wiebke Herbig (Hamburg, Germany)
William Griffith Hester (Kolbermoor, Germany)
Wolfgang P. Brech (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

    Árabe • Arabic • العربية

   View my Summary-Page in Arabic

Abdelazim R. Abdelazim (Alexandria, Egypt) Abdelazim translated my Arabic summary page

Ahmed Al-Hamdi (Manchester, UK)
Alaa Zeineldine (Dayton, New Jersey, USA)
Ali Darwish (Australia)
Ashraf H. Michael (Darien, Illinois, USA)
Autoor Tawfiq (Italy)
Aziz N. Ismail (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Fuad M. Yahya (Sugar Land, Texas, USA)
Hazem Azmy (Cairo, Egypt)
Khalid Al-Shehari (Manchester, UK)
Maher Abd Elaziz (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Patrick D’Silva (Centennial, Colorado, USA)
Samar Haidar (Paris, France) A very concise website that says everything...
Samih Khader (Milano, Italy)

    Arménio • Armenian • Հայերեն

Henrik Pipoyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

    Bósnio • Bosnian • Bosanski

Nenija Hasanic (Zavidovici, Bosnia & Herzegovina) What a great website, Nenija...

    Búlgaro • Bulgarian • Бългaрски

   View my Summary-Page in Bulgarian

Ventzislav Alexandrov (Sofia, Bulgaria) Ventzi translated my Bulgarian summary page

Atanaska Ivanova-Massart (Oxford, UK)
Evelyna Radoslavova (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Rachev Hristo (Montana, Bulgaria)
Iliana Tosheva (London, UK)
Ivaylo T. Ivanov (Sofia, Bulgaria) Nice website, Ivaylo...
Nikola Naydenov (London, UK)
Vlaiko Boyadzhiev (Oslo, Norway)
Castelhano (Espanhol) • Spanish (Castilian) • Castellano (Español)
Basco • BasqueCatalão • CatalanGalego • Galician

   View my Summary-Page in Spanish

Xosé Castro Roig (Madrid, Spain) Xosé translated my Spanish summary page

Adriana Inés Baravalle (Laboulaye, Córdoba, Argentina) What a nice website, Adirana...
Al Gallo (Gordonvale (Cairns) Queensland, Australia)
Alan Chuter (Madrid, Spain)
Alain Gelbman (Blodgett, Oregon, USA)
Alcides Rodriguez-Nieto (Berkeley, California, USA)
Alejandra Mantecón (Spain)
Alexandra Stephens (Guadalajara, Spain)
Alejandro Hector Ochoa-Gonzalez (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Alfredo A. Rodríguez Gómez (Madrid, Spain)
Amira C. Scarpero (Dayton, Ohio, USA)
Ana Juliá Cristóbal (Alicante, Spain)
Anamaría Argandoña (Hobe Sound, Florida, USA)
Andrea Lorca (Santiago, Chile)
Andrea Riffo (Chile) Very nice, clean website, Andrea...
Andy Klatt (Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)
Ángel José Riesgo Martínez (Cambridge, UK)
Angélica Portales (Naucalpan, Mexico)
Ángela Blum (Soria, Spain)
Anna Lon Quintana (Vernet-les-Bains, France)
Antoine García Belleville (Alicante, Spain) Very nice website, Antoine...
Antonio de Torre (Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain)
Antonio Palomo (Miami, Florida, USA)
Armoldo Higuero (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Blanca Rodríguez (Vigo, Spain)
Carlos Gonczar (Helsinki, Finland)
Carlos Mayor (Barcelona, Spain)
Carlos R. Miranda (Clinton, Connecticut, USA)
Carmen Barcos Montes (Córdoba, Spain)
Carmen Fernández Gauchi (Alicante, Spain) What a great website, Carmen...
Cecilia Avanceña (Madrid, Spain)
Cecilia Quiroga-Clare (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Celine Cavallo (Spain) Congratulations on your beautiful website, Celine...
César Madeira Mendoza (Cologne, Germany)
Chris Marquardt (Olympia, Washington, USA)
Clara Llamas-Gómez (Paris, France)
Cristina Blankenhorn (Meerbusch, Germany)
Cristina Marquez Arroyo (Newburgh, New York, USA)
Curtis Draves (San Francisco, California, USA)
Dagmar Schuster (Gijon, Spain)
Daniel Josephy Hernández (Montréal, Canada)
Daniel R. Alcaine (Zaragoza, Spain)
David Palomar (Spain) What a great website, David...
Debora Ferrari Haines (Cambridge, UK)
Diana Dall'Occhio (California, USA)
Elisabet Ràfols-Sagués (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Emilio F. Gironda (Lima, Peru)
Esther Martínez de Bustos (Barcelona, Spain)
Eugene Gross (Tamarac, Florida, USA)
Eva Hipólito (Beckingan, Germany)
Fabricio Patrón (Montevideo, Uruguay) What a nice website, Fabricio...
Félix Saiz (Madrid, Spain) What a great website, Félix...
Fernando Campos Leza (Brasília, Brazil) What a nice website, Fernando...
Francisco Pablo Liaci (Salta, Argentina)
Germán José Pareja (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Gertrudis Payàs Puigarnau (Puebla, Mexico)
Grisel Cremonesi (Argentina)
Guillermo "Willy" Martinez (Miami, Florida, USA)
Héctor Quiñones (Madrid, Spain)What a great website, Héctor...
Herminia Herrándiz Espuny (Spain) What a nice website, Hermínia...
Holly Behl (Grand Prairie, Texas, United States)
Iñaki Ogallar (Irun, Spain)
Isabel García López & Stephanie Dufner (Freiburg, Germany)
Ivette Camargo López (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Jan Cambridge (Heswall, Wirral, UK)
Jane Ashford (United Kingdom)
Jaume Ferro (Barcelona, Spain) What a nice website, Jaume...
Jaime Bonet García (Monein, France) What a nice website, Jaime... And Jaime's blog is also worth a visit!
Javier Herrera (London, UK)
Javier Sancho Durán (Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona, Spain)
Jesús Calzado (Ciudad Real, Spain)
Jesús Estévez Arenas (Rome, Italy)
Jon De Jean (Saraland, Alabama, USA)
Jorge Moya (Valencia, Spain)
Jorge Rivera (Seville, Spain) What a nice website, Jorge...
José Bibián (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
José F. Bernal (Durham, North Carolina, USA)
José Luis Villanueva-Senchuk (Buenos Aires - Argentina) Beautiful website, José-Luis...
José M. Izquierdo (Cordoba, Spain)
Julia L. Figueroa (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Karen O. Austin (Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA)
Karmele Rodríguez (Seevetal, Germany)
Laura Bissio (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Leticia B. Molinero (New York, New York, USA)
Leticia Klemetz (Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain)
Lina Bergonzoni (Genova, Italy)
Lisa Carter (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Very nice site, Lisa!
Llorenç Serrahima (Sant Cugat, Spain)
Lorna Thomson (Ayrshire, Scotland, UK)
Lucía Rodríguez Corral (Madrid, Spain) What a nice website, Lucía...
Luis Gavilondo (Madrid, Spain)
Manuel Ignacio Serrano (Cambridge, UK)
Maia Figueroa Evans (Barcelona, Spain)
Maria Teijido (UK)
Marián Amigueti Camerino (Cádiz, Spain)
María Cambeiro (Spain)
María Claudia Lacour (Kent, Ohio, USA)
María Eugenia Hidalgo-Carbonell (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
María Fuentes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
María Gabriela Ortiz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
María Lorenzo (Wicklow, Ireland)
María Gabriela Ortiz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
María Teresa Jones Acebal (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Very nice site, Marís Teresa!
María Teresa Roldán (Kent, Ohio, USA)
Mario de Echevarría Navarro (Madrid, Spain)
Maryse Vásquez (France)
Mark Zola (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Marta Tarrio (Spain)
Martin Fernandez Cufre (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Mary Elizabeth Allcorn (Kent, Ohio, USA)
Michele Minsuk (San Francisco, California, USA)
Michelle Homden (London, United Kingdom)
Mónica Herrero Vilella (Murcia, Spain)
Mónica Martínez Pulgarín (Madrid, Spain)
Narcís Lozano Drago (Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain)
Natalia Zudaire (Mendoza, Argentina) What a nice website, Natalia...
Natalia Verónica Bello (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Nieves Gamonal (Barcelona, Spain)
Noelia Corte Fernández (London, UK)
Óscar A. Gonzales (San Diego, California, USA)
Óscar Canales (Madrid, Spain)
Oscar Arteta (San Francisco, California, USA)
Oscar Mojon Saa (Ourense, Spain) What a nice website, Oscar... Visit also Oscar's blog
Ovidio Cordero (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain)
Pamela Cruz (Santiago, Chile)
Paola Valeria Prodan (Argentina)
Paula Zorrilla (Spain) What a nice website, Paula...
Pilar Ramírez Tello (Cúllar Vega, Granada, Spain)
Pilar T. Bayle (Madrid, Spain) Very nice site, Pilar... And your blog, Maremagnum, is also worth a visit!
Rachel McRoberts (Aachen, Germany)
Ramón López Gordillo (Cáceres, Spain)
Raquel Garcia Brewer (Walnut Creek, California, USA)
Rebeca Collier (Barcelona, Spain) Very nice website, Rebeca...
Ricard Lozano (Barcelona, Spain)
Ricard Sierra (Parets del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain)
Robert A. Forstag (Lakewood, Ohio, USA)
Rocío Chavarriaga (Watertown, Massachusetts)
Rocío M. Valle (Daly City, California, USA)
Rodrigo Ortiz-Monasterio Q. (Laredo, Texas, USA)
Romina Berardi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rualina Manzano (Dominican Republic)
Sandra Nogués Graell (Barcelona, Spain)
Sara G. Koopman (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Sergio Mori (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) Very nice website, Sergio...
Sheila J. Hardie (Barcelona, Spain)
Silvia Morales (Spain)
Silvina Jover-Cirillo (St. George, Utah, United States)
Susana Cabañero Rodríguez (Madrid, Spain)
Susana Galilea (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Susana Gallego Pelegrín (Murcia, Spain)
Susana Passeron (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Susana Soto-Mesa Højsteen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Timothy Barton (Barcelona, Spain)
Tony Beckwith (Austin, Texas, USA)
Valeria Feldman (Argentina)
Vicente Albert Pampló (Valencia, Spain)
Virginia Navarro (Miami Beach, Florida, USA)
Yanitzia Canetti (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) What a nice website, Yanitzia...
Yolanda Fernández (Roma, Italy) Nice website, Yolanda...
Yolanda Sala (Sint Niklaas, Belgium)
Zintia Costas (Barcelona, Spain)

    Checo • Czech • Česky

   View my Summary-Page in Czech

Adéla Dez (Saint André-de-Corcy, France)
Alena Zeman (Prague, Czech Republic)
Alexandra Kolašínová (Opava, Czech Republic)
Andrea T. Lukas (San Diego, California, USA)
Bo Kasal (Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, USA)
Cynyhia Placha (Czech Republic)
Dagmar Kotlandová Koenig (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Dana Loewy (Fullerton, California, USA)
David de la Cuesta (?)
David Seycek (Víden, Austria)
Denisa Kasíková (Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic)
Eliška Boková (Prague, Czech Republic)
Frank Fisl (Toronto, Canada)
Jana Štiková (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Jana Zamorová (Prague, Czech Republic)
Jaroslava (Jarka) Rosenová (Prague, Czech Republic)
Jirka Bolech (Liberec, Czech Republic)
Katerina Johnson (Centreville, Virginia, USA)
Lada Weissová (Prague, Czech Republic)
Martin Gregor (Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA)
Martin Illek (Prague, Czech Republic)
Michal Činčiala (Olomouc, Czech Republic)
Miloš Prudek (Breclav, Czech Republic)
Pavel Štorkán (Beroun, Czech Republic)
Pavel Trusina (Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic)
Petr und Martine Masner (Prague, Czech Republic)
Radovan Pletka (Prescott, Arizona, USA)
Renata Korpak-Langdon (Brighton, East Sussex, UK)
Renata S. Megargee (Princeton, New Jersey, USA)
Soňa Felixová (Brno, Czech Republic)
Štepánka Horakova (Oslo, Norway) Nice website, Štepánka...
Vera Subasi (Trebíc, Czech Republic)
Veronika Hanšová (Dobrany, Czech Republic)
Vladimir Lopata (Prague, Czech Republic)
Vladimíra Kočová (Prague, Czech Republic)
Zdeněk Bobek (Brno - Husovice, Czech Republic)
Zlata Heller (Wimbledon, South West London, UK)
Zuzana (Suchá) Strejčková (Prague, Czech Republic)

    Chinês • Chinese • 中文

   View my Summary-Page in Chinese

Rumin Wang (Dalian. China) Rumin translated my Chinese summary page

Albert Yiu (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
Andy Wang (Newport, Oregon, USA)
Bin Li (Tempe, Arizona, USA)
Bin Zhang (Whittier, California, USA)
Chao-Ling Weissenbach (Munich, Germany)
Chris Van Peteghem (Antwerp, Belgium)
Esther Hermann (Germany)
Gabriele D'Errico (Italy)
Gang Li (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Huang Yu Song (Vallensbæk Strand, Denmark)
Matt Gredley (Australia)
Richard W. Peng (Diamond Bar, California, USA)
Rodrigo Lobato Gonçalves Mendonça (Santana, São Paulo, Brazil)
Sabrina Ambrosino (Italy)
Scott Horne (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Sunshine Wang (Irvine, California, USA)
Terry L. Thatcher (New York, New York, USA)
Xiao Mei Tian (San Diego, California, USA)
Yan Yang (Massachusetts, USA)
Yongmei Liu (San Francisco, California, USA)
Zhang Jianjun (Barry) (UK)

    Coreano • Korean • 한국어

Chol W. Kim (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Dahsom M. Hamilton (Austin, Texas, USA)
Gene Oh (Glendowie, Auckland, New Zealand)
Jacki Noh (Albany, California, USA)
Jung Min Kwon (Sungnam, South Korea) What a great website, Jung Min...
Kye-Young Kwon (Chatham, Ontario, Canada)
Myung Hwa Kim (Marietta, Georgia, USA)
Paik Y. Cook (Buena Park, California, USA)
Steven S. Bammel (Irving, Texas, USA)
Yoyo Yong B. Kim (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Yu Mi Choi (Seattle, Washington, USA)

    Croata • Croatian • Hrvatski

Denis Pleic (Varazdin, Croatia)
Ivana Bjelac (Prigorje Brdovecko, Croatia)
John Farebrother (United Kingdom)

    Dinamarquês • Danish • Dansk

   View my Summary-Page in Danish

Ole Bernth (Soeborg, Denmark) Ole translated my Danish summary page

Alice Bjørn-Andersen (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
Alice Frederiksen (Humlebæk, Denmark)
Alice Wolfe (Newton, Massachusetts, USA)
Allan Thorsø (Tastrup, Denmark) What a nice website, Allan...
Anne Mette Carlsen (Valby, Denmark)
Annette Graf (Odense C, Denmark)
Annie L. Getler (Hillerød, Denmark)
Bjarne Poulsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Billy O'Shea (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Birger Happe (Slangerup, Denmark)
Birte Kreilgård (Hillerød, Denmark)
Bitten Stuhlmann-Laeisz (Bonn, Germany)
Bruce Hanworth (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK)
Caroline Oldfield Nielsen (Viby J, Denmark)
Charlotte Riis-Olsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Christian Baader (Haderslev, Denmark)
Dorrit Romanoff (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Dorte H. Scheeler (Cavalier, North Dakota, USA)
Elisabeth G. I. Forssell (Ljungbyhed, Denmark)
Esther Scharff (Greve, Denmark)
Gitte Beck-Holtebo (Aalborg SØ, Denmark)
Gunhild Diness (Lyngby, Denmark)
H. Nilsen (Næstved, Denmark)
Hanne Christiansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Hanne Rask Sønderborg (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Helene Heldager (Hundested, Denmark) What a nice website, Helene...
Hermod T. H. Nilsen (Næstved, Denmark)
Iben S. Hanson (Denmark)
Jacqueline Lykke Larsen (Næstved, Denmark)
Jeanette Brammer (Augustenborg, Denmark)
Jette Højskov Rayment (Singapore)
Jon Jeberg (Vibog, Denmark)
Jørgen Madsen (Svinninge, Denmark )
Karen-Margrethe H. Bruce (Farum, Denmark)
Kristin Andreassen (Hvidovre, Denmark)
Life Jensen (Laytonville, California, USA)
Liz Stephens (Maldon, Essex, UK)
Lone Poulsen (Viborg, Denmark)
Mads Grøftehauge (Århus C, Denmark)
Malene Stein Poulsen (Osnabrück, Germany)
Marianne Ajana (Ringe, Denmark)
Marianne F. Dellinger (Huntington Beach, California, USA)
Marianne Kjærgaard Rasmussen (Brøndby, Denmark)
Marie-Louise Halvorsen (Roselle, Illinois, United States)
Maybritt Hansen (Berlin, Germany
Mette Hecht-Pedersen (Italy)
Mette Olsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Nancy M. Andersen (Slangerup, Denmark)
Niels Kaae Stimpel (Vejle Øst, Denmark)
Olav Christensen (Hammel, Denmark)
Pedro Calvo (Vejen, Denmark)
Peter Lange (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Sally Laird (Ebeltoft, Denmark)
Simone Bagai (Vanløse, Denmark)
Sirpa Sinikka Bode (Ølstykke, Denmark)
Sonja Petersen (Dianalund, Denmark)
Søren Jakobsen (Risskov, Denmark)
Stig Poulsen (Denmark)
Susanne Fleischer (Charlottenlund, Denmark)
Susanne Rosenberg (Jarplund-Weding, Germany)
Susanne Simonsen & Hella Aarøe (Kolding, Denmark)
Thomas Drewsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Tim Davies (London, UNited KIngdom)
Tina Valeur Andersen (Lejre, Denmark)
Tora Gillesberg (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
Troels Madsen (Copenhagen, Denmark) What a nice website, Troels...
Ulla Davidsen-Hopf (München, Germany)
Vibeke Lykke Friis (Ærøskøbing, Denmark)
Winnie Fersmark (Faaborg, Denmark)
Yngve D. Roennike (Beltsville, Maryland)

    Eslovaco • Slovak • Slovenčina

Anna Kyppö (Jyväskylä, Finland)
Eva Brejova (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Gareth C. Norman (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Jana Mocková & Edward McWilliam (Slovakia)
Július Gašparík (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Katarina Kazikova (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Martin Janda (Prague, Czech Republic)
Olga Parkan (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Peter Guštafík (Pezinok, Slovakia)
Slavomir Belis (Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK)
Tomáš Ježek (Prague, Czech Republic)

    Esloveno • Slovenian • Slovenščina

Katja Benevol Gabrijelčič (Slovenia)
Marjan Golobic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Marta Pirnat-Greenberg (Lawrence, Kansas, USA)
Verena Gale (Monterey, California, USA)

    Estónio • Estonian • Eesti

   View my Summary-Page in Estonian

Inga Saare (Rapla, Estonia) Inga translated my Estonian summary page

Alar Helstein (Estonia)
Alexander Shchekotin (Tallinn, Estonia)
Andres Lepp (Estonia)
Andres Virro (Estonia)
Ene Toompark (Estonia)
Ivi Lepasson (Estonia)
Jaana Takis (Tallinn, Estonia)
Kairi Fischer (Estonia)
Kairi Kuha (Estonia)
Katrin Raud (Estonia)
Loole Hagberg (Mölnlycke, Estonia)
Meeli Kuura (Pärnu, Estonia)
Nelly Kilter (Estonia)
Sulev Kivastik (Tartu, Estonia)
Viktor Sulg (Estonia)
Vivian Rennel (Estonia)

    Farsi (Persa) • Farsi (Persian) • لمانی<

Al Eslami (North York, Ontario, Canada)
Hussein Mollanazar (Teheran, Iran)
Marvin C. Sterling (California, USA)
Peter Neydavood (Oakland Garden, New York, USA)
Rahi S. Moosavi (Teheran, Iran)

    Finlandês • Finnish • Suomeksi

   View my Summary-Page in Finnish

Aleksei Repin (Helsinki, Finland)
Anna Karin Nyman (Åbo, Sweden)
Anu E. Erringer (Santa Barbara, California, USA)
Bat-Sheva Myllys (Orimattila, Finland)
Bo Ingves (Söderkulla, Finland)
Bo Dahlstrom (Tiburon, California, USA)
Desmond B. O'Rourke (McLean, Virginia, USA)
Doug Robinson (Mississippi, USA)
Edurne Alvarez (Rovaniemi, Finland)
Eero Balk (Helsinki, Finland)
Eeva Elomaa (Espoo, Finland)
Elina Tuominen (Tampere, Finland)
Erja Hirvonen (Helsinki, Finland)
Erkki Tuomo Pekkinen (Naarajärvi, Finland)
Heikki Juutilainen (Janakkala, Finland)
Heikki Nylund (Helsinki, Finland)
Heinrich Pesch (Espoo, Finland)
Jaana Hokkanen (Helsinki, Finaland)
Jari Herrgård & Tiina Kolehmainen (Helsinki, Finland)
Johanna Kallio (Krumpendorf, Austria)
Jussi Rosti (Vantaa, Finland)
Kaija Dahlström (Savonlinna, Finland)
Kaisu Jääskö (Trub i.E., Switzerland)
Kaarina Brooks (Canada)
Katja Ranta-aho Tmi (Tampere, Finland)
Katri Lindblom (Tampere, Finland)
Kirsi Ojala (Saukkola, Finland)
Marju Galitsos (Helsinki, Finland)
Markku Laukkanen (Loppi, Finland)
Matti Borg (Tampere, Finland)
Niko Anttila (Keltakangas, Finland)
Owen Witesman (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) Very nice website, Owen...
Paavo Siltala (Helsinki, Finland)
Päivi Nyström (Kristiinankaupunki, Finland)
Päivi Perasto (Tampere, Finland)
Pekka Ollinsaari (Oslo, Norway)
Pekka Suni (Helsinki, Finland) What a nice looking site, Pekka...
Pilvi Riikka Taipale (Helsinki, Finland)
Sanna Helena Hämäläinen (Tallinn, Estonia)
Sari Kokkola (Berlin, Germany)
Satu Ilva (Thailand)
Sirpa Sinikka Bode (Ølstykke, Denmark)
Steven Crockatt (Espoo, Finland) What a nice looking site, Steven...
Susan Ruusunen (Turku, Finland)
Tarja Simpanen (Finland)
Tarja Sipola (Espoo, Finland) What a nice looking site in Portuguese, Tarja...
Tarja Vesterinen (Helsinki, Finland)
Thomas Rimmler (Kerava, Finland)
Tiina Häkkinen (Tampere, Finland)
Tiinan Kotisivu (Tampere, Finland)
Tiina Huuhtanen (Tampere, Finland)
Timo Pylkkänen (Helsinki, Finland)
Topi K. Junkkari (Helsinki, Finland)What a minimalistic website, Topi...
Tuija Marjut Spangenberg (Landrum, South Carolina, USA)
Tuomas S. Kostiainen (San Rafael, California, USA)
Tuula Alanko (Rauma, Finland)
Ulla Paasonen (Vaajakoski, Finland)
Vesa Komulainen (Oulunsalo, Finland)
Virpi Serita (Espoo, Finland)

    Francês • French • Français

   View my Summary-Page in French

Agathe Legros (Lille, France)
Agnès Naudin (France)
Alain Goldman (Paris, France)
Alexandra Girard (Nantes, France)
Alexandre Coutu (St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada)
Amanda Grey (Lorient, France)
André H. Roussel (New England, USA)
Angelika Beba-Sethian (Allemagne en Provence, France)
Anna Stevenson (Nice, France)
Anne Corn (Onex, Switzerland)
Anne Dobigeon (Montrevault, France)
Annie Robberecht (Canada)
Annie Trio Lepage (Bordeaux, France)
Anthony Dominique Teixeira (Osaka, Japan)
Arnaud Bachelier (Dominican Republic)
Arnaud E. Bergerol (Redwood City, California, USA)
Audrey Lentieul (Luton, UK)
Benedicte Guery-Morand (Lyon, France)
Biloré Christine (Golfe-Juan [Alpes-Maritimes], France)
Brigitte Minault-Reich (Orinda, California, USA)
Bruce D. Popp (Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA)
Bruce Hanworth (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK) What a nice website, Bruce...
Bruno Aeschbacher (Geneva, Switzerland)
Carole Aune (Cherbourg, France)
Carole Harrington (Western Ontario, Canada)
Caroline Comacle (Brest, France)
Catherine C. Minear (Huntington Beach, California, USA)
Catherine Roux (Hillend, Fife, Scotland, UK)
Cécile Joffrin (Lille, France) Interesting website, Céline...
Céline G. Détraz (Palo Alto, California, USA)
Céline Graciet (Brighton, UK)
Chari R. Voss (Washington, District of Columbia, USA)
Charley Meilland (Mérignac, France)
Chloe Pilpel (London, United Kingdom)
Chris Collins (Halesworth, Suffolk, UK)
Christèle Forget (New England, USA)
Christian Degueldre (San Diego, California, USA)
Christian Marro (Haute-Nendaz, Switzerland)
Christophe Leddet (France?)
Christophe Leonhard (La Walck, France)
Corinne McKay (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
Cynthia L. Hazelton (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Daniel Embregts (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Debbie Elliott (Leeds, United Kingdom)
Debbi Steele (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Denis Hay (La Rochelle, France)
Delphine Dreves (Plouzane, France)
Diane Goullard Parlante (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Siozic Didelot Scipion (Vivonne, France)
Djamal Boukadoum (Longueuil, Québec, Canada)
Dominique Blachon (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Dominique Robidoux (Canada)
Dorothée Liikanen (Helsinki, Finland)
Elizabeth M. Lyons (Valencia, California, USA)
Elizabeth Turner-Guill (Paris, France)
Elsa Wack (Vessy, Genève, Switzerland)
Emmanuelle Hautbois (Rennes, France)
Emmanuelle Rivière (United Kingdom)
Eric Dusart (Brussels, Belgium)
Éric Filion (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Fabien Georgieff (UK)
François Beaulieu (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
François Lavallée (Quebec City, Québec, Canada)
Françoise Bonnet (Tudela de Segre, Spain)
Françoise Degenne (Rouziers de Touraine, France)
Françoise Loulergue (Paris, France)
Françoise L’Hévéder (Brest, France) What a nice website, Françoise...
Frédéric Bégon (Paris, France)
Frédéric de Solliers (Paris, France)
Frédéric Rémy (Saint-Remy-Chaussée, France)
Gabrielle Allemand-Mostefaï (France?)
Gabrielle Parnes Garcia (Washington, DC, USA)
Gaëlle Jacolin (Voiron, France)
Galibert Sylvain (Ampur Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Gérard Fesselet (Skanör, Sweden)
Gilbert Liotard (San Rafael, California, USA)
Gilles Chertier (Chaumont-sur-Tharonne, France)
Gisele Jaffre Grabowsky (Newport Beach, California, USA)
Gudrun A. Brunot (Twisp, Washington, USA)
Harvetta Asamoah (Maryland, USA)
Henri Aste (Firenze, Italy)
Hélène Mogensen de Monléon (Aalborg, Denmark)
Hélène Piantone (France)
Ingrid Pigueron (Paris, France)
Irene McClure (Monts du Lyonnais, France)
Jacqueline McKay (France)
Jamie Lucero (USA)
Jan Liebelt (Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France)
Janet Heard Carnot (Plougonvelin, France) What a nice website, Janet...
Jean-Luc Hofmann (France)
Jean-Marie Le Ray (Rome, Italy)
Jean-Michel Gillion (France)
Jean Xavier Ginel (France)
Jeffrey J. Dixon (?)
Jenet Peers (Llanbedrgoch, Anglesey, UK) What a nice website, Jenet...
Jeremy Smith (Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK)
Jérôme Faytre (Hoerdt, Strasbourg, France) A fellow engineer and translator
Joël Mortensen (Paris, France)
Joelle J. Lake (West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Johanne Benoit-Gallagher (Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada)
John Lejderman (St-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Québec, Canada) What a nice website, John...
John & Margaret Hutchings (Molières-Cavaillac, France)
Jonathan Hine (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)
Josée Champagne & Jocelyn Paquet (Longueuil, Québec, Canada)
Josée Desbiens (Laval, Québec, Canada)
Josh Wallace (Montréal · Québec, Canada)
Joshua L. Sigal (Paris, France)
J. V. Guy-Bray (Santa Barbara, California, United States)
Judith Caroline Charles (Canada)
Judith S. Lyons (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Julie Beaulieu (Canada)
Julie Dutfoy (Geneva, Switzerland)
Julie Tabler (Bozeman, Montana, USA)
Julien Tuetey (Chanas, France)
Juliette Scott (London, UK)
Kevin L. Erwin (France)
Karen M. Tkaczyk (Gardnerville, North Carolina, USA)
Karen Netto (London, United KIngdom)
Karine Constantin (Les Ponts-de-Cé, France)
Laure Collet (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Laurence Landais (Pisa, Italy)
Laurent Chiacchierini (Paris, France)
Leila Davis (St. Peters, Missouri, USA)
Linda Brunet-Hervias (Gentilly, France) What a nice website, Linda...
Lionel Kempf (Saint Louis, France)
Linda Brunet-Hervias (Gentilly, France)
Lucie Bellemare (Trois Rivières, Canada)
Lydia Hawkins (Bordeaux, France)What a nice website, Lydia...
Lydia  Morlier (Bergamo, Italy)
Manon Bergeron (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Marie-Claude Falardeau (Leiden, The Netherlands) What a nice website, Marie-Claude...
Marie-France Arnou (Saint-André-de-la-Marche, France)
Marie-Hélène Lafitte (Dübendorf, Switzerland)
Marie-Laure Vernier (France)
Marie Lauzon (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Marie Lucchetta (Cambridge, UK)
Marianne Reiner (San Diego, California)
Martin G. Hoffman (San Francisco, California, USA)
Mary C. Maloof (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Mayda Beylerian (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Michael Bastin (France)
Michael Carpenter (Cesson-Sévigné, France)
Michel Mullejans (Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA)
Michèle Thin (Carini, Italy)
Muriel Delestre (Chavannes-près-Renens - Lausanne, Switzerland)
Nancy M. Gilmour (Sierra Madre, California, USA)
Nanette Michèle Cooper-McGuinness (California, USA)
Natalia M. Eklund (Paris, France) Spicy website, Natalia...
Nathalie Bouyssès (Toulouse, France)
Nathalie Girard (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Nelia Fahloun (Romille, France)
Nicholas Hanna (Kent, Ohio, USA)
Nicole Dargère (British Columbia, Canada)
Nicole Geslin (Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Nina Khmielnitzky (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Olivier den Hartigh (La Roquebrussane, France)
Olivier Ramillon (Villeneuve la Garenne, France) View also Olivier's Technical Platform
Pascale Pluton (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
Patrice Van Hyle (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
Patricia Arquillère (Aimargues, France)
Patrick & Martina Lehner (Vandoeuvres, Switzerland)
Patrick Panifous (La Rochelle, France)
Patrick & Janine Schlumberger (Gage, France)
Paul Berthelot (Fossano (CN), Italy)
Paul Machin (United Kingdom)
Peter George Field (Whitstable, Kent, UK)
Peter H. Cruiming (La Garnache, France)
Pierre Fuentes (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Randal L. Shepard (USA)
Rebecca Clayton (Plouzané, France)
Robert Bononno (New York, New York, USA)
Rodger E. Giannico (Marseille, France)
Roger Billerey-Mosier (Long Beach, California, USA)
Rosemary Kneipp (Paris, France)
Ruby Veerapen (Guilligomarc'h, France)
Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto (Paris, France)
Sandrine Pouchain (Garidech, France)
Sara Freitas-Maltaverne (Grenoble, France)
Sébastien Poirier (Canada)
Silvia Guzzi (Rome, Italy)
Sophie Dzhygir (Ternand, France)
Sophie Medina (Réunion)
Sophie Voillot (Montréal, Québec, Canada) Very nice website, Sophie...
Sprig of Heather (Cardiff, UK) Very nice website, Sprig...
Stéphane Fonlladosa (France) A fellow French translator & engineer
Suzanne Maraval (Mazamet, France)
Suzanne Verret (Québec, Canada) A unique website, Suzanne...
Sylvie-Anne Tremblay (Canada)
Tiphaine Robert (Binic, Framce)
Thierry Lalande (Dublin, Ireland)
Treyna Smyth (United States)
Valerie Palmer (United Kingdom)
Véronique Nowak-Solinska (Sete, France)
Victor Val Dere (Paris, France)
Vincent Buck (Brussels, Belgium) Vincent also has an excellent Glossblog.
Virginia K. Fox (Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA)
Xavier Pitel (Eguilles, France)
Yassine Oulamine (Rabat, Morocco)
Yves A. Champollion (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France) Yves is the author of WordFast and, yes, he is related to Jean-François Champollion, the translator of the Rosetta Stone (1822).

    Galês • Welsh • Cymraeg

Ken Owen (Wales, UK) What a nice website, Ken...

    Grego • Greek • Ελληνικά

   View my Summary-Page in Greek

Max Moldenhauer (Draviskos, Greece) Max translated my Greek Summary page

Al Sims (Athens, Greece)
Alex E. Seidanis (Athens, Greece)
Andreas Theodorou (Paris, France)
Basil Kezios (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Calliope Sofianopoulos (Victoria, Australia)
Katie Hill (London, UK)
Chrissi Nerantzi (UK)
Elene Zissi (Paris, France)
Emile Goossens (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Fotini Megaloudi (Athens, Greece)
Fotini Vallianatou (Heraklion, Crete, Greece)
Gabriel Tsaligopoulos (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Gianna Pantazides-Gravezas (Athens, Greece)
Giorgos Paschalidis (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Irene Blatza Corrales (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Julian Vulliamy (Edmonton, London, UK)
Konstantinos Stardelis (Athens, Greece)
Lefteris Kritikakis (Niles, Illinois, USA)
Maria Haldeaki (Oslo, Norway)
Maria Karra (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Niki Kladoura (Berlin, Germany)
Paraskevi Brunson (Winnetka, California, USA)
Pawlos Chelidonis (Athens, Greece)
Spiros Doikas (Greece) Owner & webmaster of, the Greek Translation Vortal
Theocharis Logarakis (Athens, Greece)
Theophilos Vamvakos (Athens, Greece)
Victoria Papaprodromou (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    Hebraico • Hebrew • עברית

Alex P. Korn (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Batya S. Reichman (Bellaire, Texas, USA)
Bety Ziman (New Orleans, Luisianna, USA)
Dorith Daliot Rubinovitz (Caesarea, Israel)
Efrat L. Schwartz (Austin, Texas, USA)
Ilana Lebowicz (Israel)
Jessica Cohen (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Julian Vulliamy (Edmonton, London, UK)
Merav Rozenblum (San Francisco, California, USA)
Meshulam Gotlieb (Israel)
Michal Circolone (Arizona, USA)
Mike Levin (Washington, District of Columbia, USA)
Miriam Erez (Israel)
Rina Ne'eman (East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
Ruth Kohn (Flushing, New York, USA)Yael (Israel)
Yechiel Popper (Berlin, Germany) What a great website, Yechiel...

    Hindi • Bengali • Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi • हिन्दी

Dharm Jain & Hansa Deep (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Narasimhan Raghavan (Nanganallur, Chennai, India)
S. K. Ray (New Delhi, India)
Subhamay Ray (Calcutta, India)

    Húngaro • Hungarian • Magyar

   View my Summary-Page in Hungarian

Andrea I. Nemeth-Newhauser (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
Andrea Wesselényi (Budapest, Hungary)
Attila Piróth (Bordeaux, France)
Elisabeth Schumann (Korschenbroch, Germany)
Eva Couppé-Deák (Pluguffan, France)
Faragó Gábor (Hungary)
Hans Fisher (Maryland, USA)
István Bally (Nyíregyháza, Hungary)
István Konoc (Budapest, Hungary)
József Iszály (Budapest, Hungary)
Karin & Pal Toth (Budapest, Hungary)
Judit Budavári (Budapest, Hungary)
László Gábris (Budapest, Hungary)
László Prising (Canada)
Méry Ildikó (Hungary)
Mária Földeáki & Lucia Bartos (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Monica Cristorean (San Pedro, California, USA)
Rácz Zsuzsa (Pepper Pike, Ohio, USA)
Thomas J. Sulyok (San Pedro, California, USA)
Tibor Környei (Budapest, Hungary) Tibor is the author of WordFisher
Ulman András (Budapest, Hungary)
Zita Szilagyi (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Zsanett Rozendaal-Pandu (Lavik, Norway) Very nice website, Zsanett...

    Indonésio • Indonesian • Bahasa Indonesia

Atmosumarto Sutanto (UK)
Esther Hermann (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany)
Irene Kwik (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Johannes Tan (Aloha, Oregon, USA)
Mark Oliver (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Robin Susanto (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Teguh Irawan (Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia)

    Islandês • Icelandic • Íslenska

István J. Schütz (Hungary)
Lars H. Andersen (Akranes, Iceland)
Paul Richardson (Reykjavík, Iceland)
Stefán Briem (Reykjavík, Iceland)
Sverrir Konradsson (Gardabaer, Iceland)
Thor Kristinsson & Hugrún Sigurðardóttir (Iceland)
Vilhelm Steinsen (Reykjavík, Iceland)

    Italiano • Italian • Italiano

   View my Summary-Page in Italian

Maria Carmela Pacchione (Bologna, Italy) Carmela translated my Italian summary page

Adriana Ferrigno (Sydney, Australia)
Agnese Morettini (Recanati, Italy)
Alessandra Di Pofi (Rome, Italy)
Alessandra Gaito (Barberino di Mugello, Florence, Italy)
Alessandra Gheri-Pusch (Genova, Italy)
Alessandro Marchesello (Venaria, Italy)
Alessandra Martelli (Torino, Italy)
Alessandra Muzzi (Rome, Italy)
Alessandro Rubinacci (West Palm Beach, California, USA)
Alice Pandolfi (Rome, Italy)
Amanda B. Calleri (Milano, Italy) What a nice website, Amanda...
Amy Williams (Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK)
Andrea Balzer (München, Germany) What a nice website, Andrea...
Andrew Read (Manchester, UK)
Anna Blackaby (Birmingham, UK)
Anna Maria Salmeri Pherson (West Harford, Connecticut, USA)
Anna Palmisano (Kildeer, Illinois, USA)
Anna Paola Farinacci (Trieste, Italy)
Anne Milano Appel (Alamo, California, USA)
Antonella Andreella (Potenza Picena MC, Italy)
Antonella Cappelli Mobarhan (Wilmette, Illinois, USA)
Antonella Fontana (Blevio, Italy)
Antonella Piazza (San Gallo, Switzerland)
Antonio Marinelli (Civitanova Marche, Italy)
Arrigo Frisano-Paulon (San Daniele del Friuli, Italy)
Barbara Alberti (Chiavari, Italy)
Bianca Keyse (Giovinazzo, Italy)
Carlotta Cuppi (Genova, Italy)
Carlo Mario Chierotti (Acqui Terme, Italy)
Carlo Steinfl (Roma, Italy)
Carlo Zuccarini (Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, USA)
Caterina Starace (Vitulazio, Italia)
Cecilia di Pierro (Florence, Italy)
Chiara Borello (Canelli, Italy)
Chiara Francese-Marinolli (Montagnola, Switzerland)
Chiara Manfrinato (Palermo, Italia)
Chris Turner (Bulleen, Victoria, Australia)
Cinza Pieri (San Giovanni Valdarno, Toscana, Italy)
Claudia di Loreto (Rieti, Italy)
Corey Roy (Arabi, New Orleans, Luisianna, USA)
Cristina Corgnati (Cigliano, Italy)
Cristina Dei (Battipaglia, Italia)
Cristina Paveri (Pavia, Italy)
Daniela Boito (Milano, Italy)
Daniela Di Falco (Roma, Italy)
Daniela Zambrini (Rome, Italy)
Dario Galante (Yehud, Israel)
Deborah Albiero Guldborg (Håsum, Denmark)
Donata Gumiero (Italy)
Dora Rossetti (Roma, Italy)
Elleen C. Williams (UK?)
Elena Ghetti (San Romualdo (RA), Italy)
Emilia Restivo (Palermo, Italy)
Fiorenza Zanenga (Italy)
Flavia Moraro (Denmark)
Francesca Baroni (Rankweil, Austria) What a nice website, Francesca...
Francesca Siotto (Naples, Italia)
Francesco Montanari (Milan, Italy)
Gabriella Dell'Agata (Florence, Italy)
Gabriella Anna Loisi (Termoli, Italy) Very nice website, Gabriella. For all things medical.
Gaetano Silvestri Campagnano (Aversa, Italy)
Gerardina Senese (Imola, Italy)
Giancarlo Avellino (Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy)
Giampiero Romani (Milan, Italy) A fellow Italian translator & mechanical engineer
Gilberto Lacchia (Ivrea, Italy)
Giles Watson (Udine, Italy) Giles is the publisher of the fantastic Watson's Wine Glossary
Giulia Gallina (Milano, Italy)
Giuliano Boscaino (Naples, Italy)
Giulio Pianese (Milan, Italy)
Giuseppe Nuzzolese (San Donato Milanese, Italy)
Giuseppina Dilillo (Greece)
Grey A. Drane (Valdagno, Italy)
Hilary Bruce Joan (Gorla Maggiore, Italy)
Ileana Bellantoni (Italy)
Irene Acler (Bieno, Italy)
Isabelle Oros (Evanston, Illionois)
Isabella Massardo (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Jean Marie Le Ray (Rome, Italy)
Jonathan T. Hine Jr. (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)
Laura Berera (Vallauris, France)
Laura Bergamini (Arlington, Massachusetts, USA)
Laura Fenati (Italy)
Laura Vivona (Neuburg/Donau, Germany)
Laura Zoff (Gorizia, Italy) Nice website, Laura...
Linda Bertolino (Occhieppo inferiore (BI), Italy)
Lorenzo Martinelli (Holme Lacy, Hereford, UK)
Luca Canuto (Milano, Italy)
Luca Tutino (Bracciano, Italia)
Lucia De Rocco & Manuela Ceresoli (Brescia, Italy)
Lucia M. Mentani (Tampa, Florida, USA)
Luciano Furia (Naples, Italy)
Luigi D’Aurizio (Casalbordino, Italy)
Luisa Fabbrucci Koehl (Germany)
Lydia Morlier (Bergamo, Italy)
Marcello Napolitano (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA)
Marco Cevoli (Barcelona, Spain)
Marco Gremignai (Pisa, Italy)
Marco Massignan (Novara, Italy)
Maria Antonietta Ricagno (Ibiza, Spain)
Maria Cristina Temperini (Perugia, Italy)
Maria Erminia Vesconi (Cremona, Italy) Nice website, Maria Erminia...
Maria Rosaria Contestabile (Rome, Italy)
Marica Selvi (Lavagno, Italy)
Marina Rullo (Italy?) A great site about Literary Translation, Marina! In Italian.
Marinella Fioretto (Scanzorosciate (BG), Italy)
Marra Antonio Claudio (Milan, Italy)
Massimo Vangelista (Italy)
Matilde Marziano (Italy)
Maurizio Cattarossi (Florence, Italy)
Maurizio Valente (Cassano delle Murge (BA), Italia) I like his point: He sells a service, not a commodity. Well put!
Mike Farrell (Milan, Italy)
Miriam Hurley (Astoria, Oregon, USA)
Michael Benis (Brighton, UK)
Michela Minelli (Minerbio, Italy)
Monica Casalegno (Chieri, Italy)
Monica Paolillo (San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples, Italy)
Moreno Giovannoni (Ormond, Australia) Beautiful website, Moreno...
N. D. Maggio (Italy)
Nicola Cafiero (Rome, Italy)
Nicoletta Ebig (USA)
Helen O’Gorman & Nina Burkard (Ancona, Italy)
Pamela Brizzola (Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italy)
Paola Carbonetto (Arese, Italy)
Paolo Cappelli (Rome, Italy)
Paolo Roat (Trento, Italy) Check also Paolo's World Translators
Patrizia Minervini (Pedrengo, BG, Italy) What a great website, Patrizia...
Patrizia Santonocito (Palermo, Italy)
Petino Werner (Berlin, Germany) What a nice website, Petino...
Raffaelo Tesi (Oulu, Finland)
Regazzoni & Sierakowski (Brussels, Belgium)
Richard Hall (Milan, Italy)
Roberta Fischer (Varese, Italy)
Roberto Arcangeli (Östersund, Sweden)
Roberto Crivello (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
Rosanna Motta (Potenza, Italy)
Rossela Pruneti (Italy)
Rosy Alfinito (Grosseto, Italy) What a great website, Rosy...
Russell Jones (UK)
Sara Radaelli (Bollate, Italy)
Sergio Mangiarotti (Genova, Italy) What a nice, Sergio...
Silvia Cipriani (Pratovecchio, Arezzo, Italy)
Silvia Vacca (Terruggia, Italy) What a great website, Silvia...
Silvina Dell’Isola (Genova, Italia)
Stefano Papaleo (Trieste, Italia)
Simon Turner (Lucca, Italy) Visit also Simon's Tariffometro...
Simona Sgrò (Italy)
Tanya Harvey Ciampi (Ticino, Switzerland)
Timothy Barbieri (Bettlach, Switzerland)
Valeria Fazio (Cassinasco, Italy)
Vincenzo di Mazo (Lisbon, Portugal)

    Japonês • Japanese • 日本語

   View my Summary-Page in Japanese

A. Polizzi (Pisa, Italy)
Adam Rice (Austin, Texas, USA)
Amy C. Franks (Arlington, Virginia, USA)
Anna Exter (Powell River, British Columbia, Canada)
Charles Aschmann (Fort Valley, Virginia, USA)
Clyde Mandelin (Arizona, USA)
Christopher Field (Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA) What a nice website, Christopher...
David Magnusson (Nagoya, Japan)
David Newby (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
David S. Roberts (La Mesa, California, USA)
Eduardo Lopez Herrero (Tokyo, Japan)
Eric Alsruhe (Chemaudin, France)
Esko Aho (Helsinki, Finland)
Frederick S. Harriman (Grass Valley, California, USA)
Graham Chave (Fukushima, Japan)
Harumi Kondo Rudolph (Okayama, Japan)
Hiroko Mori Albrecht (Bloomington, Indiana, USA)
Hiromi Motojima (San Francisco, California, USA)
Hiroshi Mitsumoto (Portland, Oregon, USA)
James Wilson (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
Jason Franzman (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Jenny Harry (Bondi, Australia) What a nice website, Jenny...
John F. Bukacek (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Katrin Hollberg (Wiesloch, Germany)
Konstantin Kvitko (Moscow, Russia)
Lyrica Yuko Bradshaw (British Columbia, Canada)
Madelon Mottet (Sitka, Alaska, USA)
Marta Brambilla (Switzerland)
Matthew F. Schlecht (Newark, Delaware, United States)
Mika Shimizu Jarmusz (Salem, Oregon, USA)
Naoko (Niki) Hirose (Toronto, Canada)
Nick Bennett (Dun Laoghaire, Ireland)
Nora Stevens Heath (Clinton Township, Michigan, USA)
Noriko Nevins (Dublin, Ohio, USA)
Philip Ronan (Exeter, UK)
Rick Davis (Ashigawa, Japan)
Roger Bennett Chriss (Monterey, California, USA)
Seiichi & Yuko Inoue (Kyoto, Japan)
Seth A. Reames (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Shannon L. Morales (Garland, Texas, USA)
Steven C. Silver (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Sumiko Arai (Hilden, Germany)
Todd Adkisson (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Tomoko Kawaguchi (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
William Anthony Lise (Tokyo, Japan)
Yashiyoshi Cho (Tokyo, Japan)
Yoko Emori (Torrance, California, USA)
Yoshifumi Urade (Tokyo, Japan)
Yuki Ikezi (Santa Clara, California, USA)
Yukie "Snow" Hirose (London, Kentucky, USA)
Yuko Ohnaka (West New York, New Jersey, USA) What a great website, Yuko...
Yumi Nagano (New York, New York, USA)
Yuri Chujo Davis (Dunwoody, Georgia, USA)

    Latim • Latin • Lingua Latina

John R. T. Holland (UK)
Mark Garland (Miscapony, Florida, USA) Great source for Latin scientific translations

    Letão • Latvian • Latviešu

Andrejs Visockis (Malmö, Sweden)
Helena Lasi (Riga, Latvia)
Jánis Véveris (Salaspils, Latvia)
Karina Livmane (Riga, Latvia) Nice looking website, Karina...
Kaspars Melkis (Riga, Latvia)
Valters Feists (Latvia)
Zigurds G. Kronbergs (Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK)

    Lituano • Lithuanian • Lietuviškai

Genovaite Kirlene-Purkey (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)
Renata Lüning (Bremen, Germany)
Živile Müller (Hoisdorf, Hamburg, Germany) Very nice website, Živile...

    Luxemburguês • Luxembourgish • Lëtzebuergesch

Christine Schmit (Gonderange, Luxembourg)

    Macedónio • Macedonian • Македонски

Diana Golubova (Skopje, Macedonia)
Ljupka Dimova (Negotino, Macedonia)

    Malaio • Malay • Bahasa Malaysia

Atikah Mohd Tahir (Malaysia)
Fara Al-Qabli (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Muhammad Razin Ong Abdullah (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Nasima Sarwar (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Ramona Ali (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Ranika Devin Achariyar Christensen (Jaegerspris, Denmark)
Sophia Jusoff (Malaysia)

    Maltês • Maltese • Malti

Janet Mallia (Malta)
Karmenu Attard (Dickson, Australia)

    Neerlandês (Holandês) • Dutch • Nederlands

   View my Summary-Page in Dutch

Anjo Sterringa (Ceceda, Spain)
Annie Buster Themme (Tilburg, The Netherlands)
Ashley Cowles (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Astrid Hanssens (The Netherlands) Very nice website, Astrid...
Bartho Kriek (The Netherlands) See also Bartho's Online Subtitling Course (also in EN-PT)
Chantal Wilford (Aliso Viejo, California, USA)
Christine Schlingloff (Hague, The Netherlands) What a delightful website to visit, Christine...
Carla Zwanenberg (The Netherlands)
Cora Bastiaansen (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Dena Bugel-Shunra (Port Townsend, Washington, USA)
Donna Devine (Delft, The Netherlands) What a pleasant website to visit, Donna...
Elisabeth Ghysels (Nukerke, Belgium)
Emmy Lanjouw (Sittard, The Netherlands)
Gerard Kingma (Thesinge, The Hetherlands)
Greet Damhoff (Groningen, The Netherlands)
H. Hoogenboezem (Ridderkerk, The Netherlands)
Hanneke Kreijtz (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Hans Hereijgers (Essen, Belgium)
Heijo Willem Alting (The Netherlands)
Henk Peelen (Stroobos, The Netherlands)
Henriet Koornberg-Spronk (Zwolle, The Netherlands)
Henry Jansen (Almere Buiten, The Netherlands) Very nice website, Henry...
Henri Louis Van Kooten (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Horst Daar (Erlangen, Germany)
Ineke Cats (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Ivana Drößler-Winterman (Wittstock, Germany)
Jacqueline H. Hofman-van der Spek (Wassenaar, The Netherlands)
Jo Lefebure (Tongeren, Belgium)
John Dixson (Gilbert, Arizona, USA)
John R. Van Son (Vancouver, Washington, USA)
Jos Meijer (Tennessee, USA)
Joy Vriens (Marseille, France)
Karin Schrijvers (Singapore)
Karolien van Eck (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
Katie Bebbington (UK)
Laura S. Blijleven (San Francisco, California, USA)
Louis  & Heidi Vorstermans (Melbourne, Australia)
Luc Ockers (Mariakerke, Gent, Belgium)
Margot Collins (Teaneck, New Jersey, USA)
Maria Danielson (Massachusetts, USA)
Maria (Ria) Vanderauwera (Austin, Texas, USA)
Marian Pyritz (Möhnesee, Germany) What a great, clean website, Marian...
Marianne S. E. Winter (Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles)
Marijke Overdorp (Uithoorn, The Netherlands)
Marji Mc Fadden (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Marjolijn de Jager (Stamford, New York, USA)
Marjolein Turner-Prins (Birmingham, UK)
Marjon van den Bosch (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)
Martin & Rita Purdy (Upper Hutt, New Zealand)
Michael Eulenhaupt (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) What a great, clean website, Michael...
Michelle de Raaij (The Netherlands)
Mireille-Angelique Hennevanger-Both (Lelystad, The Netherlands)
Mirjam Rodink (Barcelona, Spain)
Mirjam Spekking (Bedburg-Hau, Germany)
M. A. Evenhuis (Groningen, The Netherlands)
M. C. de Geus (Delft, The Netherlands)
Niels M. Achterhuis (Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK)
Patrick Godding (Sittard, The Netherlands)
Peter Motte (Geraardsbergen, Belgium)
Petra H. Kleinpenning (Malden, The Netherlands)
Philip Coucke (Kortrijk-Marke, Belgium)
Rene Paes (The Netherlands)
Robin Glendenning (Alkmaar, The Netherlands)
Roel Haveman (Enschede, The Netherlands)
Rudi F. Vanvaerenbergh (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
Sarah Vandendriessche (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Sofie Verliefde (Zeebruges, Belgium)
Toon Gevaert (Oosterzele, Belgium)
Vicky Vandaele (Ronse, Belgium) What a great website, Vicky...
W. Jetten (Langezwaag, The Netherlands)

    Norueguês • Norwegian • Norsk

   View my Summary-Page in Norwegian

Alina Krasny (Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA)
Andreas Haffner (Nordre Frogn, Norway)
André Møkkelgjerd (Oslo, Norway)
Anita Karlson Henssler (Moehlin, Switzerland)
Annette Klingenberg Eriksen (Gristad, Norway)
Bente Eilertsen (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Brit K. Lewendal (West Linn, Oregon, USA)
Camilla Larsen (Trondheim, Norway)
Carole Hognestad (Stathelle, Norway)
Cathrine Solheim (Halden, Norway)
David H. Lovett (Blommenholm, Norway)
Egil Presttun (Naustdal, Norway)
Eli-Marie Danbolt Drange (Kristiansand, Norway)
Espen Steenberg (Salem, Oregon, USA)
Eva Larssen (Kolnes, Norway)
Frank Ekeberg Henriksen (Tempe, Arizona, USA)
Heinz Herold (Sandefjord, Norway)
Henryk E. Malinowski (Oslo, Norway)
Ingvild Østensen (Oslo, Norway)
Ivan Eikås Skjøstad (Melhus, Norway)
Ivar Evjenth (Kokstad, Norway)
Jill Franklin (Oslo, Norway)
Johan Eide (Gjettum, Norway)
K. A. Klausen (Denmark)
Kyle D. Vraa (Circle Pines, Minnesotta, USA)
Linda Bogen Ødegaard (Guildford, Surrey, UK) What a nice website, Linda...
Lisa Katarina Larsen (Risskov, Denmark)
Liss Myrås (Västerås, Sweden)
Mahala Bartle Mathiassen (Åseral, Norway)
Maria Haldeaki (Oslo, Norway)
Marit Sættem (Norway)
May Trine Hauan (Livorno, Italy)
Morten Nærbøe (Oslo, Norway)
Morten Røstad (Frekhaug, Norway)
Morten Skaug (Oslo, Norway)
Osa K. Bondhus (Longmont, Colorado, USA)
Per M. Bergvall (Oslo, Norway)
John Richard Stokbak Sciaba (Norway)
Ruth Johnson (Norway)
Siv Annette Westedt (Hamburg, Germany)
Solveig Hansen (Sandvika, Norway)
Solveig Kjøk (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Sonja Hansen & Knut Engedal (La Nuncia, Alicante, Spain)
Tara F. Chace (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Thilo Reinhard (Nesoddtangen, Norway)
Thomas Kleivenes (Oslo, Norway)
Thomas Reite (Norway) A translator of Portuguese in Norway...

    Polaco • Polish • Polski

   View my Summary-Page in Polish

Romuald Pawlikowski (Poznań, Poland) Romuald translated my Polish summary page

Adam Podstawczynski (Lodz, Poland) What a great website, Adam...
Agnieszka Chmiel (Poznan, Poland)
Aleksandra Kuhn (Weiden, Germany)
Andrzej M. Salski (Berkeley, California, USA)
Agata Marta Stoch (Giulianello, Italy)
Anna Malwina Galon (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
Arkadiusz B. Kulaszewski (Hamburg, Germany)
Beata Drezek (Cambridge, UK) Very nice website, Beata...
Bogumila Ciesielska (Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland)
Dorota Crates (London, UK)
Dorota Halewska (Berlin, Germany)
Ela Pedersen (Warsaw, Poland)
Gordana Podvezanec (Poland)
Grazyna Oszczygiel (El Cajon, California, USA)
Grzegorz Kolcan (Wrocław, Poland)
Henry Krzywien & Son (Summit, Illinois, USA)
Ivona M. C. (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Jan Pacholski (Wiesbaden-Auringen, Germany) What a great website, Jan...
Jerzy Czopik (Dortmund, Germany)
Joanna Klebicka (Kraków, Poland)
Joanna Krahelska (Warsaw, Poland)
Joanna Jensen (Olsztyn, Poland)
Katarzyna (Kasha) Litynska (Redmond, Washington, USA)
Krzysztof Bogucki (Morlupo, Italy)
Krzysztof Pasierbiewicz (Kraków, Poland)
Magda Dziadosz & Krzysztof Stasiak (Warsaw, Poland)
Maja Zrobecka (London, UK)
Malgorzata Grabarczyk (Sopot, Poland)
Margaret Nevits (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Mikolaj J. Korzistka (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Monika Sojka (London, UK)
Paul Pieczynski (Warsaw, Poland)
Pawel Tomczyk (Münster, Germany) What a great website, Pawel...
Piotr Graff (Guilford, Vermont, USA)
Ryszard Kasprzyk (Wroclaw, Poland)
Robert Pranagal (Lublin, Poland)
Stan Drozdowski (Tampa, Florida, USA)
Teresa Goscinska (Australia)
Tom Popielaz (Orlando, Florida, USA)
Tomasz Sadlik (Cracow, Poland)
Tony Ulan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Urszula Gasienica-Timmer (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany)
Ursula Klingenberg (Saint Paul, Minnesotta, USA)
Waldemar Labusga (Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina)
Wojtek Jasiewicz (Ashford, Kent, UK)
Zbigniew Ostrega (Silver Springs, Maryland, USA)

Unidades de Medida

Um Manual para Tradutores, em português (PDF)

74 páginas. Índice Remissivo com cerca de 390 entradas

Disponível na Loja JRD

    Português Brasileiro • Brazilian Portuguese

Adriana A. Oliveira (Atlanta, Georgia)
Aída Carla (Florianópolis, Brazil)
Amy Hildreth Duncan (Brazil)
Ana Cândida de Carvalho Carneiro (MIlan, Italy)
Ana Julia Perrotti-Garcia (São Paulo, Brazil)
Ana Luiza Iaria (Crawley, West Sussex, UK)
André Henrique de Paula (Stuttgart, Germany)
Anja Deharde (Munich, Germany)
António Mormul (Curitiba, Brazil)
Arlene M. Kelly (Milton, Massachusetts, USA)
Arlete Moraes (São Paulo, Brazil)
Augusto Rosário (Berlin, Germany)
Ayrton Farias (Recife, Brazil)
Carl Youngblood (Covington, Washington, USA)
Carla Ball (Hackensack, New Jersey, USA)
Carla Sherman (Ojai, California, USA)
Carlos L. Lück (Gorham, Maine, USA)
Carlos Spilak (Paris, France)
Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Caroline Corso (Munich, Germany)
Cida Facchini (Florence, Italy)
Clarissa Surek-Clark (Pendleton, Oregon, USA)What a delightful website, Clarissa...
Claudia da Matta (California, USA)
Claus Stefan Becker & Cristian Weingärtner (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Cristiano Astolphi Mazzei (Amherst, Massachussetts, USA)
Chynthia Berriel (São Paulo, Brazil)
Danilo Nogueira (São Paulo, Brazil) All things financial into Brazilian Portuguese: that's Danilo!
Débora Hradec (São Paulo, Brazil)
Deborah Maristela Biermann (Bern, Switzerland)
Elena Langdon (Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA)Very nice website, Elena...
Elisa Gusmão (Watford, Hertfordshire, UK)
Erika Liotard (San Rafael, California, USA)
Fábio M. Said (Rheinbach, Alemanha) Fábio's website within his excellent blog about translation
Fernanda Mendes Navarro (São Paulo, Brazil)
Flávia Morris-Fazenda (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Frank Boer (São Paulo, Brazil)
Fritz Meier (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Gabriela Rangel (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Gilberto Guedes (São Paulo, Brazil)
Giovanna L. Lester (Miami, Florida, USA)
Gisele Brierley (Stockport, UK)
Gladis B. Angel (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
Glaucia Thommen de Carvalho (Nürensdorf, Switzerland)
Guacira-Newman Rugai (Italy)
Helena Grahn (UK)
Hélio Magri Filho (Brazil)
Itmar Ideker (Nürnberg, Germany)
Ivan N. Costa Pinto (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Jaqueline Gomes (Spain)
Jeanette Fröhlich (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) Nice website, Jeanette...
J. Henry Phillips (Austin, Texas, USA) See also Jack's interpreting website
Jeanette Fröhlich (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
João Lucas Fraga (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
José Alfredo Américo Leite (Paraíba, Brazil)
José Carlos G. Ribeiro (São Paulo, Brazil)
José Henrique Lamensdorf (São Paulo, Brazil)
Klasiena Petter Slaney (London, UK)
Laurent Duchez (Saint-Étienne, France)
Leandro Montello (Paris, France) Leandro also has a translation blog: Les Mots Justes
Lincoln B. Carvalho (São José dos Campos, Brazil)
Lorena Leandro (São Paulo, Brazil)
Luciana Janson (São Paulo, Brazil) Nice website, Luciana...
Luciane Sella (Malo, Italy)
Luciano Espírito Santo (Santos, São Paulo, Brazil)
Luciano José da Silva (São Paulo, Brazil)
Luciano Monteiro (Canoas, RS, Brazil)
Lúcia M. Singer (São Paulo, Brazil)
Luís Henrique Kubota (São Paulo, Brazil)
Maria Auxiliadora Henning Saud (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Maria de Lourdes Giannini (São Paulo, Brazil)
Márcia C. A. Gascon (Brazil)
Márcia de Mello Kuusisto (Arlington, Virginia, USA)
Marco Juliano (São Paulo, Brazil)
Margareta Berg (Sweden)
Maria Eugênia Farré (São Paulo, Brazil)
Mariana Campos (Brighton, United Kingdom
Mariana Rego (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Mauro Tojo (São Paulo, Brazil)
Mônica Sant'Anna (São Paulo, Brazil)
Nádia Lamas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Nelson & Isabella Laterman (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
Patrizia Minervini (Pedrengo, Italy) What a great website, Patrizia...
Paul R. Kozelka (Petrópolis, Brazil)
Paulo César Mendes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Petê Rissatti (São Paulo, Brazil)
Raphael Zemann (Santa Catarina, Brazil)
Renata Ruas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) What a nice website, Renata...
Reneé Eve Levie (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Rosana Cocink (Brazil)
Rosilene Victoria Alves (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Sandra M. Saraiva (Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Sarita Kraus (Israel)
Sormane Gomes (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Susana S. M. Albano (Apex, North Carolina, USA)
Tania Penido Sampaio (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Tatiana de Baptista Raineri (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
Thelma L. Sabim (Austin, Texas, USA)
Tomás Rosa Bueno (Pirenópolis, Brazil)
Val Ivonica (São Paulo, Brazil)
Veronica Ovadia (Shoham, Israel)

Mechanical Engineering Glossary

English — European Portuguese

Gears, Welding, Piping, Materials, Instruments, Foundry, etc.

Glossário de Engenharia Mecânica

Inglês — Português Europeu

Engrenagens, Soldadura, Tubagem, Materiais,

Instrumentos, Fundição, etc.

124 pages/páginas / PDF — More than 6970 entries

Available at the JRD Store

    Português Europeu • European Portuguese

Adília Cardoso (Primrose, South Africa)
Alda Durães (Porto, Portugal)
Alexandra Gouveia (Casal de Cambra, Portugal)
Alexandre Rodrigues (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal)
Ana Aguiar (Valongo, Portugal) What a nice website, Ana...
Ana Clara Paixão (Portugal?)
Ana Cláudia Jorge (Coimbra, Portugal)
Ana Frankenberg-Garcia (Lisboa, Portugal)
Ana Pereira (Portugal)
Ana Rita Santos (Portugal)
Ana Vicente Ferreira (Torres Vedras, Portugal)
Angelina Azinheira (Costa da Caparica, Portugal)
Arlette Pardal (France)
Augusto Rosário (Berlin, Germany)
Bruno Teixeira (Porto, Portugal)
Carla Santos Sousa (Porto, Portugal)
Carlos Fiuza (Portugal)
Catarina Gouveia (Portugal)
Cristina Falcão (Lisboa, Portugal) What a nice website, Cristina...
Cristina Pereira (Alcochete, Portugal)
Cristina Sousa (Portugal)
Daniel Freire (Werribee, Victoria, Australia)
Deborah do Carmo (São Brás de Alportel, Portugal) What a nice website, Deborah...
Diana Tarré (Lisbon, Portugal) What a nice website, Diana...
Elisabete Coutinho (Spain)
Fábio Poeiras (Leiria, Portugal)
Florbela Nogueira (Linda-a-Velha, Portugal)
Francisco José Ludovice-Moreira (Nürnberg, Germany)
Gabriela Matias (Maceira, Portugal)
Gastão Moncada (Coimbra, Portugal)
Helena El Masri (Shoreham by Sea, UK)
Isabel Monteiro (Estoril, Portugal)Member European Portuguese Translators Network
Isabel Orgaz Henkel (München, Germany) What a nice website, Isabel!
João Brogueira (Oeiras, Portugal) Excelente compilação de recursos para tradutores!
João Monteiro (Portimão, Portugal)
João Roque Dias (Lisboa, Portugal)Yes, that's me!
Jorge Dias (Lisboa, Portugal)
Jorge Santos (Portugal?)
José Cláudio Lima Costa (Portugal)
Lídia Carney (Manchester, UK)
Luiz de Lacerda (Portugal)
Lurdes Hope (Surrey, UK)
Mafalda Abreu (Amadora, Portugal) What a nice website, Mafalda!
Manuel Leite (Porto, Portugal)
Márcio Clemente (Silves, Portugal)
Marco Santos (Paris, France)
Maria Filomena Soares (Germany) What a minimalistic website, Maria Filomena...
Mário Seita (Dublin, Ireland)
Mónica Neves (Portugal)
Nadia Esteves (Reino Unido) What a nice website, Nadia!
Nazaré Sanches (Portugal)
Nuno Oliveira (Guarda, Portugal)
Olga Mernissi (UK)
Paula Vaz Carreiro (Leeds, UK)
Paulo A. Leiras (Chicago, Illinois, USA) Member European Portuguese Translators Network
Paulo Gago Martins (Bonn, Germany)
Pedro Coral Costa (Lisboa, Portugal) What a nice, clean website, Pedro...
Pedro Marques (Leiria, Portugal)
Rita Coelho-Brandes (Dresden, Germany)
Rosa Rodrigues (Vilar do Paraíso, Portugal)
Sandra Tamele (Maputo, Mozambique)
Sílvia Lima (Köln, Germany)
Sónia Heidemann (Germany)
Teresa Bento (Portugal)
Teresa Velhinho (Portugal)
Todd & Mónica Field (Montrose, Colorado, USA)
Valérie Oliveira (Braga, Portugal)

Glossary of Fasteners


English — European Portuguese

Threads, Bolts, Nuts, Keys, Materials and Tools

Glossário de Elementos de Ligação


Inglês — Português Europeu

Roscas, Parafusos, Porcas, Chavetas, Materiais,


100 pages/páginas (PDF) — More than 5480 entries

Available at the JRD Store

    Romeno • Romanian • Română

   View my Summary-Page in Romanian

Alin Dosoftei (Vaslui, Romania) Alin translated my Romanian summary page

Astrid Costea (Bucharest, Romania)
Ben & Chris Hoble (Downey, California, USA)
Camelia Geary (UK)
Carmen Copilau (Milan, Italy)
Claudia Serban (Bucharest, Romania)
Cornelia Serban (Timisoara, Romania)
Cristina Coblis (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Dan Marasescu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Daniela Gherguta (Tremelo, Belgium)
Diana Coada (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Dina Manuela-Ioana (Timisoara, Romania)
Dorina Chisalita (Bucharest, Romania)
George D. Blum (Ploiesti, Romania)
Iancu Verdes (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Iliana Nereuta (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Irina Toma (Romania)
Julia Bogdan Rollo (California, USA)
Mihaela Maricescu (Bucharest, Romania) What a nice website, Mihaela...
Mihaela Meci (Woodstock, New York, USA)
Mihaela Petrican (Italy)
Mihaela Tutunaru & Florin Ciobanu (Bucharest, Romania)
Murg-Perlmutter Bogdan (Sibiu, Romania) What a nice website, Murg...
Nicolae N. Sfetcu (Severin, Romania)
Nona M. Stanciu (Milan, Italy) What a nice website, Nona...
Paraschiva Bloju (Timisoara, Romania)
Runa Petringenaru (Los Angeles, USA)
Sebastian Dorin & Nicoleta Irina Bercea (Lasi, Romania)
Val Dragu (Romania)
Veronica Durbaca (Pitesti, Arges, Romania)
Zsuzsanna & Christian Popescu (Bobenheim-Roxheim, Germany) What a nice website, guys...

    Russo • Russian • Pусский

   View my Summary-Page in Russian

Andrei Gerasimov (Moscow, Russia) Andrei translated my Russian summary page

Alan Campbell (Sanem, Luxembourg)
Alex Sorokin (Minsk, Belarus)
Alexander Mamayew (Moscow, Russia)
Alexander Saksonov (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) What a nice website, Alexander...
Alexander Sosnovsky (Moscow, Russia)
Alexander & Maria Feht (Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA)
Aleksandr Okunev (Bobruisk, Belarus)
Alexey Voronin (Moscow, Russian)
Alexis Lane (Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA)
Alison High (Porrentruy, Switzerland)
Anastassia Wasem (Bellevue, Washington, USA)
Andrey & Svitlana Bondarenko (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Anna A. Mikheeva (Vienna, Virginia, USA)
Anna Rioland (London, UK)
Anna Tsaturyan (Lincoln, UK)
David Sheridan (Reading, UK)
Ekaterina Nicholas (Prague, Czech Republic)
Elena Carlé (France)
Elliott B. Urdang (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
Eugenia Tumanova (USA)
Galina Syrbeva (Cranleigh, Surrey, UK)
Helena Chugay (Portugal)
Hélène Huet (Bains-les-Bains, France)
Iana Denisova (Torino, Italy)
Igor Batyrev (Puyallup, Washington, USA)
Igor Kalinin (Odessa, Ukrain)
Inna D. Oslon (Richardson, Texas, USA)
Irina Belaits (Italy)
Iryna Lychak (Kiev, Ukraine)
James F. Shipp (Appomattox, Virginia, USA)
Julia Barbalace (Portland, Maine, USA)
Julia Darrort (Agen, France)
Julia Kellermann (Bochum, Germany)
Jutta Moschke (Dortmund, Germany)
Leonid A. Gornik (Eagle Point, Oregon, USA)
Ljubov Mittag (Hassmersheim, Germany)
Luk'Yanchuk Olena (Padova, Italy)
Margarita Belousova (Newton, Massachusetts, USA)
Maria Zarlengo (Lakewood, Colorado, USA)
Marina Lerbs (Lindau, Germany)
Marina Tikhvinskaya (France)
Maryna Orlovska (Milano, Italy)
Marja-Leena Pengermä & Riitta Tanttu (Espoo, Finland)
Martha Laridant Agababova (France)
Mary Maksimova (Moscow, Russia)
Maxim Manzhosin (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Michael A. Kislov (Moscow, Russia)
Michael Kazakov (Holon, Israel)
Michael V. Jelnov (Moscow, Russia)
Mike Levin (Washington, DC, USA)
Natália Cláudia (Lisboa, Portugal)
Natalya Zelikova (Kharkov, Ukraine) What a great website, Natalia...
Natacha Collet (Domene, France)
Nickolay Anatolievich Mozak (Belgorod, Russia)
Oleg Sollogub & Alexandra Rusakevich (Samara, Russia)
Oleksandra V. Johnson (San Diego, California, USA)
Pavel Protopopov (Volvograd, Russia)
Polina Bukina (France)
R. Michael Conner (Austin, Texas)
Radian Yazynin (Tula, Russia)
Robert E. Shillenn (Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)
Sergei Sorocka (Kiev, Ukraine)
Sergey Grishin (Kiev, Ukraine)
Sonia Melnikova-Raich (San Francisco, California, USA)
Svetlana Ponomarenko (Kiev, Ukraine)
Tanya (Mons, Belgium)
Tanya Gesse (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Tanya V. Culp (Boynton Beach, Florida, USA)
Tatiana Jørgensen (Sisimiut, Greenland)
Vadim N. Zima (Lynnwood, Washington, USA)
Valentina Baslyk (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
Valeria Piffari (Sommariva Perno, Italy)
Valery Legotin (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Vera N. Velichko (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
Vladimir A. Filipenko (Moscow, Russia)
Vladimir V. Iakovlev (Kaliningrad, Russia)
Yulia Coe (Palm Harbor, Florida, USA)
Yuri Belov (Ville de Québec, Canada)
Yuri B. Kolesnik (Moscow, Russia)

    Sérvio • Serbian • Srpski • Српски

Adalbert Kowal (Traunstein, Germany)
Aleksandar Veljić (Zrenjanin, Serbia)
Aleksander Vasiljevic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Amra Djapo (Tusla, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Dragomir Perovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Mrdjan Nakic (Belgrade, Serbia) Nice website, Mrdjan...
Nataša Cubrilović (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Rastko Radivojev (Pancevo, Serbia)
Sanja Mihailovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

    Sueco • Swedish • Svenska

   View my Summary-Page in Swedish

Katrin Jarvis (Bradenton, Florida, USA) Katrin translated my Swedish summary page

Agneta Wirberg & Camilla Johnsson (Stockholm, Sweden)
Andrew Bell (Albany, WA, Australia)
Anna Hermerén (Limhamn, Sweden)
Anna Kilander (Stockholm, Sweden)
Annelie Hansson (Bournemouth, United Kingdom)
Anette Herbert (UK)
Ann-Christine Müller (Sweden)
Antje Harder (Lund, Sweden)
Bengt Carlsson (Sweden)
Bo Ingves (Söderkulla, Finland)
Brett Jocelyn Epstein and Daniel Elander (Sweden)
Carina Andersson (Bodio Lomnago (Va), Italy)
Carina Fredlund (Sesto Calende)
Cecilia Falk (Malmö, Sweden)
Christer Aronsson (Tomares (Seville), Spain)
Christine & Dag Forssell (Hayward, California, USA)
Clare Barnes (Järpen, Sweden)
David Szybek (Lund, Sweden)
Doris Lindberg (Sweden)
Elin Hellmark Kristoffersson (Stockholm, Sweden)
Elisabet Flodin (Stockholm, Sweden)
Elisabeth G. I. Forssell (Ljungbyhed, Sweden)
Elisabeth Wennerholm (Stockholm, Sweden)
Eric Hörnquist (Stockholm, Sweden)
Eva Billqvist (Grums, Sweden)
Eva Gustavsson (Barhäll, Linköping, Sweden)
Eva Palm (Teckomatorp, Sweden)
Evy Paulsson (Lund, Sweden)
Fredrik Stenshamn (Sollentuna, Sweden)
Fredrika Edstrom Klay (Newport, Oregon, USA)
Gary Glencross (Scotland, UK)
Gunilla Bergström (Petalax, Finland)
Gunvor Norrgrann (Kristinestad, Finland)
Hans Lindholm (Lund, Sweden)
Hans-Göran Ankarcrona (Sweden)
Helena Dahlstrand (Sundborn, Sweden)
Helena Fallkvist (Örebro, Sweden)
Helena & Paul Garratt (UK)
Helén Jansson (Ekeby, Sweden)
Holger Gremminger (Germany)
Ingmar Wennerberg (Göteborg, Sweden)
Ingrid Henrikson (Snårestad, Sweden)
Jan Ivarsson (Sweden) A great page about subtitling, Jan...
Janis Aleksandrs Vikmanis (Västerås, Sweden)
Jeff Ganellen (Stockholm, Sweden)
Jennifer Evans (Uppsala, Sweden)
Karin Eriksson (Uppsala, Sweden)
Karin Hellbom (Ascoli Piceno, Italy)
Karin Oldenstam (Allerum, Sweden) Very nice website, Karin...
Katherine Stuart (Stockholm, Sweden)
Katrin Sundius Nordin (Nynäshamn, Sweden)
Ken Schubert (Ekerö, Sweden)
Lena Björkqvist (Kvevlax, Sweden)
Lena Johansson (Stockholm, Sweden)
Leo Medioni (Boden, Sweden)
Lidija Lindoff (Elsingborg, Sweden)
Linda Billqvist (Aachen, Germany) Nice website, Linda...
Liss Myrås (Västerås, Sweden) Very nice website, Liss...
Lutz Läsker (Linköping,Sweden)
Margareta Ugander (Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA)
Marianne Kristoffersson (Nacka, Sweden)
Marita Palm (Dalby, Sweden)
Mats Wiman (Skog, Sweden)
Matti Borg (Tampere, Finland)
Mattias Bergström (Ödakra, Sweden) What a great website, Mattias... Great Portuguese version, too!
Michael Frank (Vasa, Finland)
Mireille Key (USA)
Monica Berntsson (Göteborg, Sweden)
Nina Eriksson (Rydsgård, Sweden)
Olaf Brodacki (Rüdersdorf, Germany)
Paul Svensson (Yardville, New Jersey, USA)
Peter Beck (Staffanstorp, Sweden)
Rainer Santi (Geneva, Switzerland) Well-humored website, Rainer...
Ronnye Wikström (Alvsjo, Sweden)
Sofie Jonsson (Evanton, Ross-Shire, Scotland, UK)
Susan K. Larsson (La Conner, Washington, USA)
Susanne Andersson (Sweden)
Terese M. Whitty (Park City, Utah, USA)
Tom Ellet (Perth, Scotland, UK)
Tomas Nilsson (Perth, Perthshire, UK)

    Tagalog • Filipino • Pilipino

Cecilia Avanceña (Madrid, Spain)
Girlie OngPau (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Jess Carranza (Quezon City, Philippines)
Maria-Fe Parco Ortner (Salzburg, Austria)

    Tailandês • Thai • คนไทย

Aphinya Grimm (Germany)
Ariya Promtuang (Thailand)
Niran Hakrasung (Ranstadt, Germany)
Sirikarn T. Peters (Round Rock, Texas, USA)
Somnuk Puangpronpitag (Mahasarakham, Thailand)
Srinapa T. Hummel (West Sacramento, California, USA)

    Turco • Turkish • Türkçe

   View my Summary-Page in Turkish

Louis Mitler (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA) Louis translated my Turkish summary page

Hasan Yuksel (Istanbul, Turkey)
Inci Orhun-Alpay & Faruk Alpay (Germany)
Mucahit Arslan (Ankara, Turkey)
Murat Tukel (Sagamore Hills, Ohio, USA)
Nazim Gümüs (Ankara, Turkey)
Omer Esener (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)
Özden Arikan (Germany)
Sait Kont (Germersheim, Germany)
Senay Idali (Istambul, Turkey)
Tim Drayton (Lemesos, Cyprus)

    Ucraniano • Ukrainian • Українська

Natalya Zelikova (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Oxana Gerasymets (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

    Vietnamita • Vietnamese • Tiếng Việt

Hang Nguyen-Padfield (Orlando, Florida, USA)
Lam Ngo (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Outras Línguas • Other Languages

Boniface Kyalo (Nairobi, Kenya) - Swahili
Aw El-Houssein (Berlin, Germany) - African Languages
Maryam Abdi (San Diego, California, United States) - Somali

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