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“Skill is fine, and genius is splendid, but the right contacts are more valuable than either.”
Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), Scottish writer, creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes

I want to...      Quero...

Send you an email message

Enviar-lhe um email

Send you a secure email message

Enviar-lhe um email seguro

Call you by phone

Contactá-lo por telefone

Call you by phone (from the USA)

Contactá-lo por telefone (a partir dos EUA)

Call you by VoIP

Contactá-lo por VoIP

Make a video conference

Fazer uma videoconferência

Connect with you on social media sites

Ligar-me consigo em redes sociais

Call you by phone anonimously

Contactá-lo por telefone (mas sem me identificar)

Call you by phone (but I guess it's late in Lisbon...)

Contactá-lo por telefone (mas acho que já é tarde em Lisboa...)

Send you an SMS / Text message

Enviar-lhe uma mensagem SMS

Send you a fax

Enviar-lhe um fax

Upload / download files by FTP

Enviar / receber ficheiros por FTP

Send you a very large file

Enviar-lhe um ficheiro muito grande

Import all you contact data into my mobile phone

Importar os seus contactos para o meu telemóvel

Visit your website on my iPhone

Visitar o seu sítio Web no meu iPhone

Read your Frequently Asked Questions

Ler as suas Perguntas e Respostas

Give you my feedback about your website

Dar-lhe a minha opinião sobre o seu sítio

Send you a package by regular mail / courier

Enviar-lhe materiais por correio normal / expresso

Discuss my translation project personally

Discutir o meu projecto de tradução pessoalmente

Talk to you about stuff not related to translation

Falar consigo sobre assuntos não relacionados com tradução

Contact Form
Formulário para contacto

My Contact Form

Use my Contact Form if you have any questions, concerns and/or comments on services available through I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Before you contact me, have you tried my Frequently Asked Questions?

O meu Formulário de Contacto

Utilize o meu Formulário de Contacto para quaisquer questões e/ou comentários sobre os serviços disponveis através de Terei todo o gosto em responder a todas as questões. Antes de me contactar, sugiro que visite a minha página de Perguntas e Respostas.

Secure email address
Endereço de correio electrónico seguro
   Secure email | Email seguro   

For secure communications by email, I use a web-based email service. If you wish or need to secure our communications, contact me for more details.

Para comunicações seguras via correio electrónico, utilizo um sistema de correio Web. Se desejar ou necessitar de comunicar comigo de modo seguro, contacte-me para mais informações.

Phone, Cellular Phone & Fax
Telefone, telefone celular e fax

Time in Lisbon, Portugal

+(351) 939 621 976 (Mobile • Optimus, Portugal) (*)

+(1-646) 513 4908 (PERMANENT US Number) (*)

(*) See next section

Anonymous / Blocked Callers
Chamadas / Mensagens anónimas

Don't even try! ALL phone calls or SMS messages from anonymous / blocked callers will be automatically rejected by iBlacklist installed on my iPhone.

VoIP / Internet Voice
VoIP / Telefone Internet
Calls without video will be ignored

(1) Account and camera needed to call me via Skype

NOTE: Skype usually online.

Video Conference Room
Sala de videoconferência

Time in Lisbon, Portugal

Video Conference Room

Click on the link above to enter my Video Conference Room (I use a high definition Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910). You do not have to install any software, but, of course, you need a video camera (webcam) and a headset (or, speakers and microphone) to make video calls. You also need a password to enter my room and my approval to establish a videoconference with me. Contact me to obtain the password.

You may also make videocalls with me by using Skype. Of course, you need a video camera (webcam) and a headset (or, speakers and microphone) to make video calls. Click to see my Skype ID.

My Latest Tweets
Social Media
Redes Sociais
Social media networks

Social media account


Facebook (Joao Roque Dias)


Twitter (roquedias)


Twitter (PORTranslation)




Plaxo (João Roque Dias)


FTP File Transfer
Transferência de ficheiros por FTP

You may send / receive work files through my FTP server. Contact me to obtain your User ID and Password information to access my server.

Para enviar/receber ficheiros através do meu servidor de FTP contacte-me para obter os dados de acesso.

Sending and Receiving Large Files
Envio e recepção de ficheiros muito grandes

If you need to send me a very large file (i.e., more than 10 MB), I recommend using WeTransfer. It's free, and you can send multiple files up to 2 GB. NO registration or account creation needed.

Se precisar de me enviar um ficheiro muito grande (i.e., superior a 10 MB), recomendo a utilização do WeTransfer. É grátis, e pode enviar diversos ficheiros até 2 GB. SEM necessidade de registo ou criação de contas.

QR (Quick Response) Codes
Códigos QR
Scan me / Leia-me

Scan them with a QR-Code reader-ready smartphone.

Click for all my QR Codes

Need a good QR reader for the iPhone: Qrafter Pro
Perguntas e Respostas

View My FAQ

Maybe you find the answers to your questions.

Veja as minhas Perguntas e Respostas

Talvez encontre as respostas para as suas perguntas.

My vCard
O meu cartão de visita electrónico

Download my vCard

All my contacts with one click only.

Website Feedback Form
Formulário para opinião sobre o sítio
   How am I doing?   

Website Feedback Form

Formulário para opinião sobre o sítio

Handling of Attachments & File Transfer
Anexos e transferência de ficheiros

16 GB at my primary mailbox.

15 GB capacity available at my Gmail Mailbox.

Calling out of hours
Contactos fora de horas

Time in Lisbon, Portugal

Call my mobile phone – 939 62 19 76 (or +351 939 62 19 76, if you're outside Portugal) first – even if it's out of hours. I might surprise you and answer during the evenings or weekends. My mobile phone number is on the voicemail for the office phone if I don't answer.

Please try not to call me in the middle of my night unless it's a real emergency, or during a football (i.e., soccer) game with the Portuguese national team at all. I don't follow the F1 Championship, so you've no concerns there.

Backup Telecommunications Systems
Sistemas de telecomunicações alternativos
   Backup Telecommunication Systems   

For long-span projects, where communications are critical, in case of disruption of any of the above communication services, alternate phone, fax and email facilities are also available.

Contact me for details, BEFORE the project starts.

Business, Postal  & Visiting Address
Endereço do escritório

Rua de Ponta Delgada, 56 – 1 Esq.

1000-243 LISBOA


Location Map

Courier Address
Endereço para correio expresso

João Roque Dias

Rua de Ponta Delgada, 56 – 1 Esq.

1000-243 LISBOA


Track & Trace Your Package

Online Payments
Pagamentos de serviços online

Comprehensive payment instructions are sent

to each client together with my first invoice.

Online Payments Page

Mobile website (for the iPhone)
Sítio Web móvel (para o iPhone)l
Mobile WebsiteMobile Website

1. Open my mobile website with your iPhone:
2. Add my website to your iPhone Home Screen.

Click to send yourself an email message
with the URL of my mobile website.
Open this message with your iPhone.

1. Abrir o meu sítio Web móvel no seu iPhone:
2. Adicione o meu sítio Web ao Home Screen do seu iPhone.

Clique para enviar uma mensagem a si mesmo
com o endereço do meu sítio Web móvel.
Abra depois a mensagem com o seu iPhone.

ProZ / Translators Café Profiles
Perfis no ProZ / Translators Café profile
Translators Café profile

Telecommunications Privacy Policy
Política de privacidade de comunicações

I strongly support the anti-spam rules set forth by the following European Union Directives:

Directive 2002/58/EC

Concerning the Processing of Personal Data and the Protection of Privacy in the Electronic Communications Sector

Directive 2000/31/EC

on Certain Legal Aspects of Information Society Services, in Particular Electronic Commerce, in the Internal Market

My [fictional] personal assistants
As minhas secretárias pessoais [imaginárias]
   Meet my assistants: Aerica, Chabica, Domynica, Aphrica, and Erica   

My assistants, posing pretty
at a Technical Translation conference.

For all matters NOT related to translation services, like telemarketing, alarming virus messages, hot dating and investment proposals, etc., you may contact Aerica, Chabica, Domynica, Aphrica, and Erica, my personal assistants extraordinary, at

Despite the fact that there are no assistants in my office, their email addresses attract hundreds of pieces of correspondence every day. Most of their mail deals with huge investment opportunities (specially from Africa), exciting holiday gifts, and various solicitations of a personal nature, namely the anatomic enhancement of their male partners. Additionally, owing to an unexpected surplus of telephone extensions in my Lisbon office, I've assigned my assistants' their own direct phone lines, to which unwanted telephone solicitations are promptly forwarded with great prejudice.




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