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Born: Lisbon, Portugal


1973–78 Mechanical Engineering – Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal)
1977 Course on "Metallographic Crystallography" by the National Nuclear Physics Laboratory (Sacavém, Portugal)
1978 "84th Lecture Series" of NATO's AGARD (Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development) in "Theory, Significance and Preventive Maintenance of Corrosion on Aircraft" (Lisbon, Portugal)
1990 2nd National Meeting on Construction Quality – National Laboratory of Civil Engineering / Portuguese Institute for Quality (Lisbon, Portugal)
1990 Course on "Fire Protection Regulations in High Rise Buildings" held by the National Contractors Association (Lisbon, Portugal)
1990 Course on "Thermal Behavior of Buildings" held by the National Contractors Association (Lisbon, Portugal)
1991 Course on "Thermal Behavior of Buildings" held by the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Institute (Porto, Portugal)
1991 European Symposium on "Management, Quality and Economics in Building" by the Instituto Superior Técnico
and the University of Salford, UK (Lisbon, Portugal)
1991 Specialization Course on "Fire Safety Regulations in Housing Buildings" held by the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (Lisbon, Portugal)
1991 Course on "Project Management with Time Line" held by Salto Qualitativo, Lda. (Lisbon, Portugal)
1999 Course on "Quality Auditing" held by Bureau Veritas (Lisbon, Portugal)
2001 US Navy Region Europe – E-Business Conference (Naples, Italy)
2003 USAID Iraq Reconstruction Program Supplier Conference held by Bechtel (London, UK)

Professional Experience and Positions Held

1978–80  Teacher of Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Drawing and Mechanical Technology at Machado de Castro Industrial School and S. João de Brito College (Lisbon, Portugal)
1980–82  "Paving and Earthmoving Quality Control Technician" during the construction of Ramon Air Base (Ramon, Israel)
1982–87  Procurement Engineer at Lusotecna – Consultores Técnicos Industriais, S.A. (Lisbon, Portugal)
1985  Mechanical Engineer (Buyer) with SETH, Lda. (Cresskill, NJ – USA)
1986–87 Material Control Supervisor with KECI – Kaiser Engineers and Contractors, Inc.
1987–90 Mechanical Engineer (Buyer) with Conport, Inc. (The Højgaard & Schultz a/s Group) (Princeton, NJ – USA)
1989  Mechanical Engineer with SETH/Bermuda for the "Avionics Shop" job awarded by the US Navy (Bermuda)
1990  Engineer at Mechanical Department, SETH, Lda. (The Højgaard & Schultz a/s Group) in Lisbon, Portugal
1990 Consulting Engineer for Chemcontrol a/s (Denmark) for the proposal for the Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management Project in Portugal
1992 Contract Superintendent with SETH/Azores for the "Control Tower/RAPCON" job awarded by the US Navy (Lajes Field, Azores)
1994 Procurement Manager with SETH/Azores for the "Wastewater Treatment Plant" job awarded by the US Navy (Lajes Field, Azores)
1995 Quality Control Manager with SETH/Lisbon at the "Ambassador's Residence Renovation" job awarded by the US Department of State
1997 Quality Control Manager with SETH/Lisbon at the "Swatch Pavilion at EXPO '98" job (Lisbon, Portugal)
1999–10 Internal Quality Auditor with SETH
2001–10  Seth's Webmaster (
2002–08 Director, Corporate Communications, SETH
2010... Full-time Independent Translator

Professional Highlights

Air Base Constructors, Inc. / US Army Corps of Engineers – Israel

  • Quality Control Technician in the Earthmoving and Paving Division
  • Member of the Portuguese Commission, acting as a liaison body between the Portuguese Workforce (2,900+) and the Managing Board and Israeli authorities

Lusotecna, SA (Lisbon, Portugal)

Industrial procurement and fabrication and erection inspections of structural steel, mechanical and electrical equipment and painting for the following projects:
  • CIMPOR, SA – Capacity Increase of the Maceira Cement Plant (Portugal)
  • CIMPOR, SA – Conversion of Line V to Dry Process at the Alhandra Cement Plant (Portugal)
  • CIMPOR, SA – Coal-Fuel Conversion at Souselas and Alhandra Cement Plants (Portugal)
  • SECIL, SA – Cement Milling Plant (Outão, Portugal)
  • SOMINCOR, S.A. – General Infrastructures and Main Repair Shop – Neves-Corvo Mine
"Material Control Engineer" with Kaiser Engineers, Inc., General Contractor for the "Surface Works" Project of Somincor, Neves-Corvo Mine. Duties included:
  • Authoring of the of "Material Control Procedures"
  • Implementation of the "Material and Reception Control Procedures"
  • Staff selection
  • Operational management of heavy lifting equipment and rigging operations
  • Supervision of the hauling and storage of over 42 km (26 miles) of asbestos cement piping materials

Conport, Inc. (Princeton, NJ – USA)

Mechanical Engineer (Buyer) for several jobs awarded at Lajes Field (Azores, Portugal) and Bermuda Naval Air Station (Bermuda) by the US Navy, US Army and the US Air Force. Duties discharged included the engineering and procurement for all materials/services concerning:
  • Utility and service networks (water, waste, fire, fuel and compressed air piping)
  • HVAC equipment and installation
  • Bathroom equipment
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Structural steel and painting
  • Fluid pumping and cooling equipment
  • Emergency generators, including full load testing and commissioning
  • Air compressors, dryers and ancillary equipment
  • Special construction systems and associated acceptance tests (harbor and piping cathodic protection, radio shielded enclosures, refrigeration and airfield and navigation lighting)
During the construction of the "Avionics Shop" at the Bermuda Naval Air Station, duties also included acting as "Authorized Reviewer" for the US Navy's Naval Facilities Engineering Command and as "Alternate Quality Control Representative"
For the "POL Pier" job, duties discharged included the procurement, selection and expediting of all related work: structural steel, painting, cathodic protection and associated electrical installation.

SETH, SA (Lisbon, Portugal)

As member of the Mechanical/Special Construction Department, has focused his activity on:
  • Design and installation coordination: DWV, HVAC, water distribution, fire protection and security systems, elevators and escalators
  • Coordination of elevatoring analysis and thermal behavior of buildings
  • Quality Auditing
Team Leader and Engineer-in-Charge of the following Special Proposals:
  • US Navy – Naval Air Station Bermuda: MPA Hangar / Parallel Taxiway
  • US Navy – Naval Air Station Bermuda: Transmitter Building
  • Portuguese Navy and Port Authorities: Supply of Oil Spill Response Booms
  • Cires, SA – Unloading Facilities for Vinyl Chloride Gas at the Aveiro Port (Portugal)
  • NESTE OY (Petrochemical Plant at Sines, Portugal): Gas Storage Cavern Project (with Kraftbyggarna Entrepenad AB – Sweden)
  • Ford/Volkswagen Plant – Roll On-Roll Off Terminal at the Setúbal Harbor (Portugal)
  • EDP, EP (Portuguese Electrical Company) – Carregado Power Plant (Portugal): Fuel Unloading Facility Extension
  • US Air Force – Lajes Field, Azores (Portugal): Renovation of the Water Distribution Feed Loop
  • US Air Navy – Lajes Field, Azores (Portugal): Control Tower / RAPCON
  • US Navy – Lajes Field, Azores (Portugal): Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • GATTEL (Gabinete da Travessia do Tejo em Lisboa) – Prequalification Bid for the Construction of the Vasco da Gama Bridge
  • CP – Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses, EP (Portuguese Railways): Floating Pontoons for Ferryboat Lines
  • US Department of State – Office of Foreign Building Operations: US Ambassador's Residence Renovation, Lisbon
  • Swatch AG – Swatch Pavilion at EXPO '98 Lisbon
  • US Navy – Moron Air Base, Spain: Aircraft Refueling System – Phase II
  • NamWater (Namibia): Water Desalination Plant (Windoek)
  • US Navy – Lajes Field, Azores (Portugal): Water Treatment Plant
  • US Navy – Lajes Field, Azores (Portugal): Housing Construction, Phases I and II
  • US Navy – Lajes Field, Azores (Portugal): Aircraft Refueling System
  • DANIDA (Danish Agency for Development Assistance): Prequalification bids for numerous international jobs
  • ADM (Aeroportos de Moçambique): Improvement of Beira, Quelimane and Tete Airports (Plant and Equipment)

Independent Activity

1990 – Consulting Engineer for Pormétodo, SA (Lisbon) in the fields of Project Scheduling and Industrial Procurement
1990 – 1992 – Technical Translator / Project Manager at a leading Portuguese translation firm and as freelance professional
Translation assignments included:
  • Construction and Equipment Specifications for major industrial projects: National Natural Gas Project, Lisbon Subway Network Extension,National Steel Mill Renovation, Heavy Industry, Earthmoving Equipment, Food Industry, Printing and Pre-Press Systems, etc.
  • Industrial and Equipment O&M Manuals
  • Catalogs, brochures and other technical literature
1993 – Terminology Collaborator to the "ATA Chronicle" (American Translators Association Newsletter) and the "Sci-Tech Journal" published by ATA's Science and Technology Division
1998 – EXPO '98 World Exhibition (Lisbon, Portugal): Translation Provider to the Official Participants (Public Bid Selection)
1988... Independent Technical Translator
2006 – contrapor2006 – 1st Portuguese Translation Conference– Vice-chair, Organizing Committee
2007 – TRADULÍNGUAS Translation Conference – Co-organizer
2008 – TRADULÍNGUAS International Translation Conference on Health Sciences – Co-organizer
2010 – TRADULÍNGUAS International Technical Translation Conference – Co-organizer

Conferences, Workshops and Presentations

Translation Working Languages

From English (first preference), French and Spanish into European Portuguese

Translation Software

SDL TRADOS Studio 2017



Certified Translator (English into Portuguese) by the American Translators Association

Professional and Scientific Memberships

  • American Translators Association (ATA)
    Corresponding Member
    Member of the Portuguese Language Division
    Grader of the ATA Accreditation Program Exams (English – Portuguese), 1993-2003
  • IAPTI – International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (Head of the IAPTI Portugal Chapter)
  • ASTM International
    Participating Member
    Member of the following Technical Committees:
    E02 (Terminology), E07 (Nondestructive Testing) and F16 (Fasteners)
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