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First, we thought the PC was a calculator.
Then, we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII — and we thought it was a typewriter.
Then, we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television.
With the World Wide Web, we've realized it's a brochure.
Douglas Adams, novelist (1952-2001)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Seattle, WA
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Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL
Dublin, Ireland
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Prague, Czech Republic
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11 September, 2001

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07 July 2005

New York, NY

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«When I say that terrorism is war against civilization, I may be met by the objection that terrorists are often idealists pursuing worthy ultimate aims -- national or regional independence, and so forth. I do not accept this argument. I cannot agree that a terrorist can ever be an idealist, or that the objects sought can ever justify terrorism. The impact of terrorism, not merely on individual nations, but on humanity as a whole, is intrinsically evil, necessarily evil and wholly evil.»

Benjamin Netanyahu
International Terrorism: Challenge and Respons

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Não ao Acordo Ortográfico

A falácia mais utilizada pelos defensores do Monstro do Acordo Ortográfico diz que "Portugal não é dono exclusivo da língua portuguesa". Pois não! Mas deve ser o dono exclusivo da língua que fala e que escreve há mais de 800 anos! Evidentemente, aos outros países que falam e escrevem português deve aplicar-se o mesmo princípio! Afinal, a tão propalada "língua portuguesa comum", a "Lusofonia", só existe nos dicionários dos acordistas: ninguêm a lê e ninguém a escreve! Porque não existe!

A minha opinião: Acordo Ortográfico? Para quê?

How's My Weather?

So that you know...

Um tradutor como já não existe...

Ou existe?
A deliciosa história de um tradutor descuidado,
de um editor que não existiu e de uma gestão
de projecto que foi uma vergonha...

"Estava então a escrever como [um] negro e a traduzir o Dicionário Filosófico (de Voltaire) para a Presença, mas quem assinava a tradução era o Bruno da Ponte. Eu tinha de o fazer porque era a única fonte de dinheiro, e numa parte ele refere-se a um daqueles malucos profetas da Bíblia que faziam uma espécie de pão com excremento de vaca. Eu estava chateado e o que é que fiz? Escrevi: "Nota do tradutor: é o que chamaríamos hoje deliciosas sandes de merda."(risos) Esqueci-me, e aquilo lá saiu em nota do tradutor, que era o Bruno da Ponte. Ele ficou um bocado magoado." (fonte)

Timothy Berners-Lee

Meet Tim Berners-Lee

He's the guy who invented the World Wide Web

Network designer, the inventor of the World Wide Web, born in London, UK. He studied physics at Oxford (1973–6), then worked for various companies in telecommunications and computing. In 1984 he took up a fellowship at CERN, Geneva, to work on distributed real-time systems for scientific data acquisition and system control. In 1989 he proposed a global hypertext project, initially with the international physics community in mind, which was implemented on the Internet in 1991. He joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1994, becoming the first holder of the 3 Com (Computer Communications Compatability) chair in 1999. He is also director of the World Wide Web Consortium and his book, Weaving the Web, appeared in 1999. He became a fellow of the Royal Society in 2001, and was knighted in 2004.

Ray Tomlinson

Meet Ray Tomlinson

He's the guy who invented Email

In 1971, while working at computer company Bolt, Beranek and Newman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, (USA) he decided to see if two of the machines in his laboratory could exchange messages.

And, why did he do it? Mostly because it seemed like a neat idea. There was no directive to “go forth and invent email”. The ARPANET was a solution looking for a problem. A colleague suggested that I not tell my boss what I had done because email wasn’t in our statement of work. That was really said in jest because we were, after all, investigating ways in which to use the ARPANET.

Douglas Carl Engelbart
holding the first mouse

Meet Douglas Engelbart

He's the guy who invented the mouse

In 1964, the first prototype computer mouse was made to use with a graphical user interface (GUI), 'windows'. Engelbart received a patent for the wooden shell with two metal wheels (computer mouse U.S. Patent # 3,541,541) in 1970, describing it in the patent application as an "X-Y position indicator for a display system." "It was nicknamed the mouse because the tail came out the end," Engelbart revealed about his invention. In 1968, a 90-minute, staged public demonstration of a networked computer system was held at the Augmentation Research Center (Douglas' working laboratory) -- the first public appearance of the mouse, windows (his own version), hypermedia with object linking and addressing, and video teleconferencing.

The earliest known publication of the term "mouse" as a computer pointing device is in Bill English's 1965 publication "Computer-Aided Display Control".

Woody Mann

Meet Woody Mann

A guitar virtuoso from New York City

"Every now and then, you hear a guitarist whose sound is completely his own and whose music flirts with several styles, never resting for very long with just one. Woody Mann is an artist who seems to have internalized many different genres and combined them in a way that is more than the sum of its parts. What is remarkable is how he can draw from several styles and techniques within a single song and have them blend without the feeling of inconsistency. Woody Mann's performance is inspired from start to finish". — Musician Magazine

"This is one of those names that should be uttered only in hushed tones. Not only was he taught by the peerless guitar picker the Rev Gary Davis, but Mann has played with Son House, Bukka White and John Fahey... In between giving lessons to Paul Simon and accompanying Dori Previn, he has also managed to cut some dazzling music...Don’t miss a chance to see him; you are unlikely to hear anything- or anyone – better in the fields that Mann has chosen to master." — The London Times

Woody Mann's website

Accoustics Sessions (Woody's other website)

Meet Woody's MC-18 Woody Mann Guitar by C. F. Martin & Co.

Meet my staff: Abiela, Chantela, Fidela, Meeskaela, and Yzabela

My assistants, looking pretty at
a Technical Translation Conference

Meet My Staff

My [fictional] personal assistants extraordinaires (windows, lights and A/C operator) (mail girl and printer paper loader) (shredder operator) (plant manager, i.e., waters the plants) (coffee, tea and cocktails girl)

Despite the fact that there are no assistants in my office, their email addresses attract hundreds of pieces of correspondence every day. Most of their mail deals with huge investment opportunities and financial offers (specially from Africa), exciting holiday gifts, and various solicitations of a personal nature, namely the anatomic enhancement of their male partners. Additionally, owing to an unexpected surplus of telephone extensions in my Lisbon office, I've assigned my assistants their own direct phone lines, to which unwanted telephone solicitations are promptly forwarded with great prejudice.

Slander is the revenge of a coward,
and dissimulation of his defense.

Samuel Johnson
English writer (1709 - 1784)

Fake "assistants"

On December 25, 2015, someone related to a scamming "writer's" site started a smear campaign in an intentional, premeditated effort to undermine my reputation, credibility, and character. One of the emails reads like this (excerpt):

About Joao Roquo Diaz
I am writing this message and keeping my identity hidden for my own protection and for fear of retaliation. I have worked with Joao Roquo Diaz for 3 years as one of his assistants (...).

So far, I have been able to identify the following senders of such emails:

Carmen Espanola /
JR Diaz / (NOT a real email / just an image showing a FAKE email sent from Gmail)
Muhammad Aasif /
Samita Tamang /
Twitter accounts also active in this campaign (names and locations are self-explanatory...):
@bdfloralde / Beverly D Floralde (Philippines) (from her Facebook: "Manager at The Krusty Krab")
@becky_brown52 / Becky Brown (fake account, uses photo from Melissa Guardaro) (1)
@blog_multi / Multi Solution Blog (???)
@CherrineShort3 / Ahmed Shakir (fake account: name & photo from Ahmed Shakir, M.D.) (1)
@cherypie_epay15 / DJP (Philippines) (account gone?)
@danielmohammad3 / @danielmohammad4 / Daniel Mohammad (Bangladesh) (AUTHOR OF THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN)
@daycindy3 / Cindy Day (fake account, photo from US soccer player Julie Johnston) (1)
@devan1311 / s mahadevan (Bangladesh)
@ERolloque / Eric Rolloque (Philippines) (looks like a translator, doesn't it?)
@fyeasmin1919 / Farzana Yeasmin (Bangladesh) (fake account, photo stolen from here)
@haangela20162 / Ha Angela (fake account, photo from NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp) (1)
@HealthCare1432 / 1Health 1Care 1Tips (???)
@hiblveronica1 / Veronica Hibl (fake account, photo from US Rep. Michele Bachmann, R – MN) (1)
@HolmsHolms2016 / Joeyoj Holms (fake account, photo from actress Melissa Benoist) (1)
@hossain_s78 / True Love For Men (???)
@ivethfonseca202 / Iveth Fonseca (1)
@janetvalentin22 / Janet Valentin (fake account, uses this photo) (1)
@jeffersodebbie / Debbie Jefferson (fake account, photo from actress Megan Fox) (1)
@jhem_0317 / Judith Niego (Philippines) ("a registered nurse and a proud lccian!!!!", she says...)
@jony1912 / Haydar Ali (Bangladesh)
@Kathlee77412049 / Kathleen Jackson (fake account, photo from actress Sarah Shahi) (1)
@KaylaGreen2016 / Kayla Green (fake account, photo from here) (1)
@kennyta2016 / Gracia Kennyta (1)
@leakat_md / Md.leakat ali (Bangladesh)
@leakatali3 / World Top Live News (Bangladesh) (???)
@lydiasserwadda2 / Lydia Sserwadda (fake account, photo from here) (1)
@Lovedream143 / Crystalr.Helary (???)
@loveisbroken1 / Love is Broken (???)
@makieyer / Mark Mapute (Philippines)
@millerabby2 / Abby Miller (fake account, photo from US soccer player Julie Johnston) (1)
@Nahida57 / Beauty tips Circle (???)
@ramirezkiara1 / Kiara Ramirez (fake account, photo from US Rep. Michele Bachmann, R – MN) (1)
@rennicks_juliet / Juliet Rennicks (fake account, photo from here) (1)
@RiveraNeca / Neca Rivera (fake account, photo from actress Jessica Alba) (1)
@saddamhira / Sweetheart (???)
@saddamsharmin1 / Love Broken (???)
@SandraJ79715122 / Sandra Jordan (fake account, photo from actress Jennifer Finnigan) (1)
@stephaniewynte9 / Stephanie Wynter (fake account, photo from US soccer player Alex Morgan) (1)
@syedrudro2004 / Syed Rudro (Bangladesh) ("I am an expert various site in internet...") (???)
@TiffanyNorris45 / Tiffany Norris (fake account, photo from actress Ariana Grande) (1)
@vanpanopio21 / vankiefer21 / Vanessa Panopio (Philippines)
@Vicki2016Kim / Kim Vicki (fake account, photo from actress Ariana Grande) (1)
@yasirali345 / Yasir Ali (Pakistan) ("Social Media Expert...!") (???)
(1) Account belongs to same Bangladeshi spammer

All other known identities (true or false) of scumbags circulating this email will be listed here.

Portuguese flag

Coat of arms

The Portuguese Flag

The Portuguese national flag is a 2:3 rectangle divided vertically into green at the hoist (2/5 of the flag’s length) and red at the fly (3/5). Centered in this partition there is a coat of arms consisting on an armillary sphere charged with the Portuguese shield. This flag and its coat of arms were adopted in June, 30, 1911.

Get a correct Portuguese Flag for your site

Discoveries Memorial
Lisbon, Portugal

Visit Portugal

Exactly what the heading says

aicep ortugal Global

Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency

The Lisbon City Hall

From this balcony, on October 5, 1910, the Republic was proclaimed in Portugal, thus ending eight centuries of monarchy.

Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal

Your local time

TSF Rádio Jornal

The leading Portuguese news radio station

News blocks at the top and bottom of every hour.

Listen to TSF's Live Broadcast (in Portuguese).

Windows Media Player needed to listen to the broadcast.

Help Fight Unsolicited Email (SPAM)
Ajude na luta contra o email não solicitado

For the record,

I hate spam.

I and my friends and business associates waste a significant amount of time deleting spam.

I feel that those who make their living sending spam damage the whole community for the sake of greed.

The lie "you are only getting this because you have
been signed up for it" makes me sick.

I would support legislation which made it illegal to
falsify or omit the full identification of those
responsible for any commercial mail.

I believe that the falsification of email headers for one's own gain and other's loss is fraudulent.

Learn about SPAM! Visit

Have a website? Join the fight against Spam!

SPAM Glossary

Make your website a spamtrap!

Help Fight The Nigeria Scam

A Dr. Okorie Ikell (?) from a "Nigeria Central Deposit Bank" (?) sends you an email offering to share with you 45 million US dollars, in exchange for your assistance in a most secret deal. Sounds familiar? That's the Nigeria Scam!


2nd: REPORT THE SCAM TO abuse@sender's mail provider.

3rd: FORWARD THE MAIL TO Task Force Main in DC.

For more info, visit the Nigeria - The 419 Coalition website.




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