Thank You - My Friends and Colleagues

Muito obrigado - Os meus amigos e colegas

My warmest thanks to the following colleagues and friends, who have made numerous and helpful comments to my website and provided their invaluable expertise in editing and proofreading its contents. Any errors, typos and mistakes are, of course, entirely my own.

Sinceros agradecimentos aos seguintes colegas e amigo(a)s, pelos seus úteis e numerosos comentários sobre o meu sítio e pela sua valiosa colaboração na edição e revisão do seu conteúdo. Quaisquer erros, gralhas ou incorrecções, são, como é evidente, da minha responsabilidade.

Peter Frith Ingham

Peter Frith Ingham

Peter is a native of England, lives in Oeiras, Portugal and translates beautifully into British English. He can be reached at .

Isabel Coutinho Monteiro

Isabel Coutinho Monteiro, CT

Isabel was born in Beira, Mozambique. Isabel is a translation graduate from ISLA (Lisbon, Portugal) and an ATA Certified member (English-Portuguese). She lives in Estoril, Portugal, translates into European Portuguese and teaches Portuguese for foreigners. She can be reached at . Her website is at

Clotilde Mesquita

Clotilde Mesquita, CT

Clotilde was born in the Azores, Portugal, and she is a translation graduate from ISLA (Lisbon, Portugal) and an ATA Certified member (English-Portuguese). A former director of a translation bureau in Lisbon, Portugal, she worked at the Permanent Mission of Portugal to the United Nations in New York for 12 years. Clotilde now lives in Lisbon, where she can be reached at .

Paulo A. Leiras

Paulo A. Leiras

Paulo is from Lisbon, Portugal and a resident in the US since 1985. He is a Translation graduate from ISLA (Lisbon, Portugal), an Associate Member of ATA and a member of the Portuguese Association of Interpreters. Paulo lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA, translates into European Portuguese, and he can be reached at . His website is at

José H. Neto

José H. Neto

José is a man of many resources: He is a first-class translator into European Portuguese, an actor and theater director (Advanced Professional Acting Course by The Drama Studio, London, 1983) and a voice talent extraordinaire for numerous educational and corporate clients. He was born in Luanda, Angola, and lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where he can be reached at .

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