Colophon, noun [Latin, from Greek κολοφων, meaning summit, finishing touch, perhaps akin to Latin culmen top]
An inscription placed at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts relative to its production  (from Webster's 11th ed.)

Ficha Técnica

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire,
you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will"
George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

The Translation Journal 8:4 (October, 2004) listed my website as one of "Translators' Best websites".
I am proud of your praise, Gabe!

Ownership, Copyright and Design

Propriedade, Copyright, Desenvolvimento
e Conteúdos

João Roque Dias

Lisboa – Portugal

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This website is updated as needed, published and edited by João Roque Dias, owner and webmaster.

The Inner Works of My Website

O meu sítio visto por dentro

As of March, 2012, my site contains:

•  5,140 files

•  115 html files

•  17 browser control files

•  4227 image files

•  25,830 hyperlinks (internal and external)

•  12,135 external hyperlinks

•  some broken hyperlinks (all external)

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My iPhone Website

O meu sítio para o iPhone

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HTML editors and FTP file upload

Editores HTML e carregamento de ficheiros por FTP

In the beginning, I used Composer, included with Netscape to create all pages of my site. It has all the basic functions to create HTML pages easily and without a painful learning curve. And, it was all free! Currently, I use the excellent IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder for Windows and Microsoft's Front Page. To upload the files to my site server, I use WS_FTP Limited Edition by Ipswitch. To download it, click here.

Custom Code

Programação personalizada

When I decided to improve the loading of my Translation Links pages (the heaviest of my website) I turned to Jesse Skinner, a Canadian graduate in Mathematics in Computer Science from University of Waterloo, and a Certified Java Programmer, Certified Flash MX Developer, and Advanced Certified ColdFusion MX Developer and author of The Future of the Web. Jesse took care of my requests in a swift and professional manner. So, if you ned to improve your site, give Jesse a call. It will be worth it!

Web Standards

Normalização Web

I support the Web Standards Project (WaSP). For more information, click on the link above or on the logo on the left.

Spam Harvester Protection Network
provided by Unspam

Project Honey Pot

Projecto Honey Pot

I am a proud member of the Project Honey Pot, and my site is now a true minefield for spammers and mailbots...

Webmasters who want to help fight spam can download Project Honeypot's software, which is designed to turn their website into a magnet for harvesters. If the site detects that a crawler is visiting it the software generates a fake e-mail address for the crawler to grab, and records the address of the crawler and the time and date. The fake address then vanishes from the site, but remains valid as a mailbox. Because it is a fake, no one will send it legitimate mail. If any mail arrives it can only have come from the spammer who grabbed it off the Honeypot site, and this fingers the computer that crawled the site as belonging to the spammer. Detectives can then begin building their evidence".
Celeste Biever, New Scientist

Internal and External Links Validation

Controlo de hiperligações

Please, note that I can only ensure the correctness of the internal links of my page. Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, links on my page pointing to external URLs can become broken, either because their webmasters changed their location within their site or because they just evaporated in thin air (i.e., the link was just deleted or the page, and its URL ceased to exist). This is specially true in my Translation Links, where I keep more than 7000 links. In an effort to keep such links updated, I use two excellent free programs: XENU's Link Sleuth® and OppoSite Remote Link Checker. So, even with all this, will my Links pages ever be free from dead links? I wish...

Image Processing

Processamento de imagens

Most images posted on my site were processed with Corel Photo Paint 12. This processing includes resampling (i.e., resizing), converting (to JPEG or GIF), sharpening (to generate sharper images for web viewing) and compressing (for faster loading). Also, some lettering was first created with Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12 and, then, post processed with Corel Photo Paint. For information about Corel's software click here.

Color Processing and Screen Resolution

Processamento de cores e resolução de ecrã

I tried to include colors as much browser friendly as I could. For that, I use Colorist® from Pantone and Color Picker II, an excellent color tool from You may also visit the excellent Web Color. For an accurate rendering of the colors used in my site, set your screen for 1024x768 pixels and TrueColor (32 bit).

A Matter of Style...

Uma questão de estilo...

Cary Grant, that most stylish of British gentlemen, warned: “It takes five hundred small details to make one favorable impression.” And so, all pages of my site have been set with Arial®, and, in some instances, with Microsoft's Verdana. You should already have these fonts installed in your computer; if not, you may download them from my Downloads Library. I've also tried to follow the good old rules of good typography.

Browser Compatibility

Compatibilidade de browsers

Internet Explorer, you're fired! As a die-hard Netscape user (and now a Firefox user more and more...), I have to make sure that the 86% of visitors of my site who use Internet Explorer can view my site as well as I view it with Firefox or Netscape. So, every page of my site is tested in IE to ensure its full compatibility. You may download the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer. For the same reason, I also use Opera, and Firefox.

Javatm Applets and Animated Images

Applets Javatm e imagens animadas

All Java applets and animated gifs included on my page are either made by me with IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder for Windows, public domain or the property of their respective owners (which I indicate, as far as I could identify them).

Site Statistics and Site Search Engines

Estatísticas e motores de busca internos

I use Google Analytics and StatCounter to keep track of the number of visitors to my site. I do not get any personal information about individual visitors, but only general demographic info, as explained in my Privacy Statement and Legal Notice. And, to allow my visitors to perform an easy search within my site, I use Google Custom Search (for site and glossaries search).

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Google Rankings of My Site

Posicionamento do meu sítio no Google

As of December, 2010, my position in Google for the following keywords was as follows:

technical translation industrial


technical translation transportation

1st and 2nd

tradução técnica português

1st and 2nd

technical translation european portuguese

1st, 2nd, and 3rd

tradução técnica português europeu

1st, 2nd, and 3rd

translation european portuguese

2nd, and 3rd

tradução técnica mecânica

3nd, and 4th

european portuguese translation


Downloads Counter

Contador de importações de ficheiros

I use Download Tracker from to keep track of the number of downloads from my Downloads Page. I do not get any personal information about any individual visitors, and only a numerical, anonymous count is available to me.

Domain Registration

Registo do Domínio

My domain ( registrar is Domain Information Centre, a ICANN Internet Registrar based in Sweden. is one of the domain name registrars certified by ICANN for registering global top level domain names (gTLDs). If you want to register your own domain, you may find some useful information (like locations and prices) here. Also, view some useful FAQs about domain registration.

Site Hosting

Alojamento do Sítio

My first website was hosted for free for about a year by Netscape. I have no complaints! When I needed more disk space and a faster loading speed, and after a lot of shopping around, my site got hosted by Hostgator in a data center located in Texas, USA.

Internet Connection Speed Test

Teste de velocidade da ligação à Internet

Click on the image at left to run a highly accurate speed test of your Internet connection. Another great site to measure your connection.

Website and Web Server Monitoring

Monitorização do sítio e do servidor

SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that watches my website (or yours) 24/7/365 and notifies me (or you) if it becomes unavailable.

So, you want your own website, too!

Então, também quer ter um sítio Web?

First, and before anything else, think about what you want to say to the future visitors of your site.

Write your thoughts down and test them mentally (or with your friends...) before you start posting pages on the Web.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum. The Web, too!
If a page isn't ready to be published, don't put it on your website with an "Under Construction" sign.

Useful reading for wannabe webmasters

A List Apart for people who makes websites

Web Style Guide, 2nd edition

What Makes a Great website?

Writing for the Web

My page about HTML Tips for Your website

and just about everything you can find about websites,
including those you like to visit the most!

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