My Office and Equipment

O meu Escritório e o meu Equipamento

"As machines become more and more efficient and perfect,
it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man."
Ernst Fischer (1899–1972), Austrian editor, poet, critic.

My Office

O meu escritório

My working space: with everything I need to provide a quality and timely service to all my clients. Updated equipment, advanced telecommunications equipment and facilities and an extensive reference library (with more than 700 dictionaries). Also, a place where all my friends and colleagues can enjoy a cup of coffee, a soda, a Port or even a genuine Cuban cigar.

Personal support

Uma questão de apoio

Take my word for it: once you've tried an Aeron chair, all other seating devices would seem like primitive implements. In one word, a chair with fully adjustable "everything"! Small wonder its manufacturer, Herman Miller (from the US), calls this chair a "seating machine."

Hardware - CPU

Equipamento - Computadores

Pentium IV and Duo-Core processors on all my computers (desktops and Dell notebook). Dual hard disks on all my desktop computers.

Hardware - Monitors

Equipamento - Monitores

SyncMaster monitors from Samsung and 3dfx and ATI graphics cards. Because I like to see the whole picture. Fast!

Hardware - Data Storage I

Equipamento - Armazenamento de dados I

For CD-ROM, CD-RW drives, and USB flash drives I didn't settle for anything less. Every weekend, my complete Clients directory and other critical data are saved to CD-RW disks or flash drives, for backup purposes.

Hardware - Data Storage II

Equipamento - Armazenamento de dados II

Files seem to grow larger by the day. Hi-capacity internal and external hard drives in all my desktop computers. For backup purposes, I keep one (or one set) or CD-ROM disk(s) for each client and I never leave my office without making a backup copy of any on-going work. I call it common sense!

Hardware - Printers

Equipamento - Impressoras

My workhorse is a high-resolution, color, network-enabled, HP Business Officejet 6700 Premium printer.

iPhone 6

Telecommunications Equipment

Equipamento de telecomunicações

For my telecommunications, I chose a 900 MHz cordless Siemens Gigaset phone system, an Apple iPhone 8, a Thomson Speedtouch ADSL router, a Belkin 802.11g Wi-Fi Access Point, Linksys and Infosmart routers, hubs and switches, a Linksys cordless VoIP phone and a QBest Basic USB phone. I don't regret it!

Internet Connection

Acesso Internet

Since 1994, my Internet connection is powered by Telepac. I was also the first user in Portugal to have broadband Internet (ADSL, 8 Mbps), with my picture published on @NET (Telepac's Internet magazine) and everything. Oh, well... Now, I connect to the world with fiber optic internet.

Internet Browsers

Navegadores de Internet

Firefox: my favorite Web browser. I also use Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. See also how I did my site.

Microsoft Office 2003 Professional
I work with SDL Trados Studio 2015
Solid Converter PDFFLiP 8 Portuguese Spell Checker

System and Application Software

Software de sistema e aplicacional

Windows 2003 Professional and Office 7 Ultimate Professional from Microsoft. FLiP 8 from Priberam. SDL Studio 2015. Adobe Acrobat XI Professional. Solid PDF Tools.

Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

Unidades de alimentação ininterrupta

I lost a few jobs due to power outages, but that was a long time ago, before I bought my first APC's UPS. I have 3 now!

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