Hardware, Software and Telecommunications

Equipamento, Software e Telecomunicações

"We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire...
Give us the tools and we will finish the job."
Winston Churchill, BBC radio broadcast, Feb 9, 1941
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Computer Hardware

Equipamento Informático

•   Intel Core2 Duo • 8 GB RAM • 24" LCD wide screen

•   Pentium 4 • 4 GB RAM • 21" screen

•   Dell Precision M90 Notebook • 17" wide screen

•   Operating System: Windows® 7

•   CD-ROM, CD-DVD RW drives

•   External USB Hard Drives: 1 / 2 TB

•   USB Flash Drives

•   Hewlett Packard® Business Inkjet 1200dtn printer

Telecommunications and Networking Equipment

Telecomunicações e Equipamento de Rede

•   Fiber Optic Internet

•   Technicolor Router

•   Linksys® Wireless-G Travel Router (Wi-Fi HotSpot)

•   iPhone 8

•   iPad

•   Browsers: Firefox • Internet Explorer • Opera

•   Firewalls

•   Acrobat® • Cryptomathic® Cryptographic suites

•   WS FTP® Client Software

FTP Server

Servidor FTP

You may send / receive work files through my FTP server. Contact me to obtain your User ID and Password information to access my server.

Para enviar/receber ficheiros através do meu servidor de contacte-me para obter os dados de acesso.

Word Processing Facilities and TM Tool

Processamento de Texto e Software MT

•   Microsoft® Office 2003 Professional

•   SDL TRADOS® Studio 2015

•   FLiP® 8 (Portuguese spell checker)

•   PowerPoint 2003

•   Adobe® Acrobat® XI Pro

•   Solid PDF Tools

Presentation Facilities

Equipamento para Apresentações

•   Sony Vaio Notebook • 17" wide screen

•   Apple iPad

•   Microsoft® PowerPoint 2003 (Windows)

•   CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12

•   Logitech® Professional Presenter R800

Ancillary Software

Software Auxiliar

•   Updated antivirus software

•   WinZIP® / WinRAR

•   DivX® Player

•   IBM WebSphere® Studio Homepage Builder 6.0

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