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Telling you about me is easy, but it may be more helpful if I tell you what I'm about. I believe in excellence in technical translation. I know the Web can be a marketing tool, a customer service rep, an educational source, a communications enhancement, a storefront or all of them at once, as I tried to do with my site. I know that translation and client service is only slightly less important than food and water. I prefer you call me "partner" instead of "contractor", or "vendor." I know that success and fun are not mutually exclusive – for you or me. I know the right questions are always more important than the right answers. Most of all, I know how important my translation is to you and your business.

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Pressed for time? No time to see everything?
Download my Business Card from my DOWNLOADS LIBRARY.

The WELCOME PAGE of my website serves its purpose: It's my window to the world, the home for my domain, welcomes you, the visitor, and tells everybody who I am and what am I doing in cyberspace.
Then, MY HOMEPAGE is the gateway to ALL pages of my website. And, after you had a look at my picture (now you can match my name with my face...), you may want to view my latest news, the current weather in Lisbon at the INFOGRAM page. You may also view my SITE MAP or SEARCH my entire site with PicoSearch (by subjects or keywords).
In my CONTACTS page you may see all the ways to get in touch with me. Including a CONTACT FORM, which you can use, when you don't have easy access to your Email account.
All my ABSENCES, HOLIDAYS and other UNAVAILABILITIES, as well as active warnings about, e.g., equipment breakdowns or problems with my Internet connection) are published on my Availability Schedule. On this page you may also know the exact time in several time zones in the US, Europe and in Lisbon, Portugal.
Please contact one of my assistantsfor everything related, but not limited to: terrible viruses, transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars, saving the North Pole penguins, miraculous drugs that will enhance some parts of my body, newsletters in russian, chinese or tagalog or anything else of this sort...
In my FAQ (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) you may find the answers to some questions you may have in mind about myself and my work. Recommended reading!
You may also have a look to my SPECIALIZATION FIELDS AND REFERENCES. Or meet the END USERS OF MY TRANSLATIONS, ALL of them related to my education and work as mechanical engineer.
View and print my CURRICULUM VITÆ, which includes extensive information about my activity as an engineer and a technical translator. For future reference, you may also view and print my BUSINESS CARD (me and my work in one page only).
View the Flowchart showing the PROCEDURES AND QUALITY ASSURANCE I use in my work.
SUBSCRIBE to receive the nuts & bolts REPORT.
To know a little more about my tools, take a look at my REFERENCE LIBRARY, where you can view the main categories of my collection of specialist dictionaries, glossaries, etc. More than 600 volumes, some of them irreplaceable. They make up the largest share of my office's insurance premium.
I also have some specialized glossaries and other publications that you can buy. Visit MY STORE.
Or browse through my STATE-OF-THE-ART TOOLS AND RESOURCES (fast computers and fast telecommunications, because the INDUSTRIES SERVED BY MY TRANSLATIONS seem to be always on the run themselves...).
Speaking of the industries served by my translations, see also WHO IS USING MY TRANSLATIONS.
In my BUSINESS TERMS (with versions applicable to clients based in Portugal, the European Union and the Rest of the World) you may find the basis on which I execute translation and related work, for a good working relationship between my Clients and myself as their Translator.
My SCHEDULES OF FEES (in euros, UK pounds or US dollars) are available to select contacts and serious prospective clients. If you're interested in receiving these documents, kindly send me an Email message. Mail sent from generic ISPs or from free accounts (e.g., yahoo, hotmail, etc.) will be disregarded. NOTE: My Client List will not be provided. Do you need, accurate, updated Currency Conversions?
And, if you wish to PAY MY INVOICES BY CREDIT CARD (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover), specially those with smaller amounts, you may do so with PayPal or moneybookers.
Sometimes, even the fastest fax or Internet connection cannot replace that old and friendly touch of paper. So, if you need to send me something by COURIER OR EXPRESS MAIL, make sure you use this address. Regular mail, non-rush items or just your company's newsletter should be sent to my regular business address. On this page, you can also print a PDF pre-prepared mailing label or track your package with some of the world's leading courier companies.
For the sending of confidential documents and other hush-hush stuff you may encrypt them with F2F.
I know you've already downloaded my CV and Business Card, but don't leave my site with your hands empty. View and find CONVERSION FACTORS FOR UNITS OF WEIGHT AND MEASUREMENT or download and print the handout of my seminar about Units of Weight and Measurement at the 40th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association (St. Louis, Missouri, 1999). This is a subject that I have extensively addressed in my CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS. Or my presentation about Translating Technical Manuals given at the 42nd ATA Annual Conference (Los Angeles, California, 2001).
Still have a little time to spare? TEST YOUR MECHANICAL KNOWLEDGE with my quiz. After you try it, look up the answers in my references page. No cheating, please!
My clients, fellow translators and friends are all WELCOME TO MY OFFICE. For a personal call, just follow these directions. You may browse through my Library, have a Port or enjoy a genuine Cuban cigar. You can even plug your equipment to 110-volt outlets (a little treat to my American, Canadian and Brazilian friends) or go online with my Wi-Fi Hotspot.
If you're a translator (especially, if you work with European or Brazilian Portuguese) you may find useful information in my TRANSLATION LINKS FOR TRANSLATORS, INTERPRETERS AND RESTLESS MINDS. More than 7000 links at your disposal!
And, what if you need translations in areas other than the ones I may be of help? Get to know the EUROPEAN PORTUGUESE TRANSLATORS NETWORK, an informal group of Portuguese translators, who will do their very best to be your one-stop shop for your translation needs into European Portuguese!
EUROPEAN PORTUGUESE VS. BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE: some useful information about this subject.
NO to the Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language – My Opinion
And, if you're looking for Freelance Translators, visit my TRANSLATOR COLLEAGUES page: many excellent websites from independent translators from all over the world. The list is always open to more additions...
Your PRIVACY is important to me and my lawyer also insisted on telling a few things to the visitors of my site.
Some of MY FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES have been kind enough to offer their comments and corrections to the contents of my site.
UNDE VENIS? QUO VADIS? Some information about the visitors of my site. On the VOX POPULI section, find out what people are saying about it.
In the COLOPHON / TECHNICAL NOTE page, you can find useful information about the tools used to make my site and keep it up and running. And, also, some suggestions for wannabe website owners.
At WHAT'S NEW @ jrdias.com you may see the new additions/updates to my site.
How am I and/or my website doing? You're invited to tell me what you think in the FEEDBACK FORM.
Multilingual Information: SUMMARY-PAGES of my site in FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ITALIAN, DUTCH, SWEDISH, FINNISH, DANISH, NORWEGIAN, ESTONIAN, POLISH, CZECH, HUNGARIAN, ROMANIAN, BULGARIAN, RUSSIAN, GREEK, TURKISH, CHINESE, JAPANESE and ARABIC, to help my international visitors to get, at least, some basic information about myself and my work.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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