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"When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news."
John B. Bogart (1848 - 1921)
City Editor of the New York Sun (about 1880)




25NOV2014Google Custom Search is now my new internal search engineSite Search Machine
04FEB2013My site is now protected by SiteLockBadge shown on selected pages
18NOV2012Page headers redesigned (again!)Whole site
20MAR2012Page headers redesignedWhole site
03JAN2012At 17:52:54 (UTC, WET), my site welcomed its 400,000th visitor400,000th Visitor
NOV2011Thief of images from my website sentenced to one month in jailLegal Notice and Copyright
26JUL2011the nuts & bolts REPORT newsletter debutsthe nuts & bolts REPORT
11MAY2011joaoroquedias.tel domain name registeredjoaoroquedias.tel
02MAY2011My standalone website (EN-PT) for the iPhone debutsiphone.jrdias.com
23APR2011Introduction of Microsoft Tags to my websiteMy QR Codes / Microsoft Tags
20APR2011My Social Media Landing Page (SMLP) openedSocial Media Landing Page
08APR2011My site is now running from a new US-based servern/a
02APR2011My Video Conference Room openedVideo Conference Room
06DEC2010dstats.net is my new download tracker serviceAll file download links
21OCT2010My Library about the (Un)Ortographic Agreement openedBiblioteca do (Des)Acordo Ortográfico
16MAY2009Introduction of QR Codes to my websiteMy QR Codes / Microsoft Tags
23MAR2009At 22:22:08 (UTC, WET), my site welcomed its 300,000th visitor300,000th Visitor
15DEC2008Introduction of Live Help (powered by Volusion) on my websiteService cancelled
20FEB2008My anti-spam email account opened with boxbe.comDISCONTINUED
19FEB2008I am against the Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese LanguageNÃO ao Acordo Ortográfico
28DEC2007Subscription to my Translation Links News set on a separate pageNewsletter cancelled
01DEC2007Removal of all my email addresses (contact by Contact Form only)Contact Form
03OCT2007My Store set on a separate page of my websiteMy Store
10SEP2007My Availability Information set on an separate page of my websiteAvailability Schedule
30APR2007At 19:25:42 (UTC, WET), my site welcomed its 200,000th visitor200,000th Visitor
30APR2007New page added to my website: You, the ClientYou, the Client
06APR2007Further explicitation on the use of third-party logos on my websiteEnd Users (e.g.)
11FEB2007Introduction of watermarks in most images of my siteWhole site
30JAN2007Introduction of animated favicon in my websiteIndex page
14JAN2007Introduction of CAPTCHAs in my Contacts and Feedback formsSite Feedback Form
14DEC2006New questions added to my Mechnical QuizMechanizal Quiz
12DEC2006Mailing list for my newsletters powered by YMLP.comService cancelled
06DEC2006BBC Headlines syndicated on my websiteService cancelled
03DEC2006My Gmail Email account has been activated todayContacts
23NOV2006PicoSearch is my new internal search engineSite Search Machine
15OCT2006Hiring of my personal assistant extraordinairesContacts
12OCT2006Google Analytics is my new visitor/hit counter and analysis toolWhole site
15SEP2006VoipBuster Call Me Now button addedContacts
08SEP2006Site Feedback Form addedSite Feedback
18AUG2006Page headers redesignedWhole site
07AUG2006File attachments (5 MB, max.) accepted in my Contact FormContact Form
22APR2006Arabic language is the 21st language in my Other Languages pageOther Languages
24JAN2006At 2:57:36 pm (UTC, WET), my site welcomed its 100,000th visitor100,000th Visitor
17JAN2006Revision of my Business Terms (Portugal, EU & ROW)Business Terms
06JAN2006"The Word of the Day" (Dictionary.com) syndicated on my websiteMy Reference Library
03JAN2006My Glossary of Bearings (EN-PT) is published at "Confluências"Downloads Library
15DEC2005Introduction of my Skype online status indicatorContacts
26NOV2005Acceptance of online payments via moneybookersInvoice Payment
23OCT2005CGISpy.com is my new download tracker serviceAll file download links
06OCT2005Introduction of access keys in my siteAccessibility
28JUL2005New entries to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ
07JUN2005Glossary of Welding (EN-PT) published at "Confluências"Downloads Library
26SEP2001Acceptance of online payments via PayPalInvoice Payment
02AUG2001jrdias.com debuts with its own servern/a
31MAY2000jrdias.com domain name registered at domaininfo.com (Sweden)n/a
31MAY1999First version of my website (hosted by Netscape) opened to the Worldn/a
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