Session ST-12
Caution: Graphic Images/Explicit Views

      Presented by
Stephanie Delozier Strobel (FR-EN)
      B.S. Mechanical Engineering
João Roque Dias, CT (EN-PT)
      M.S. Mechanical Engineering

53rd Annual Conference of the American Translators Association
October 24-27, 2012 San Diego, California
Session Materials
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Presentation (PDF)

Sections? Scales? Views? Exploded Views? Elevations? Plans? First and third angle projections? Do you know what these terms mean? Let's examine interpreting the hieroglyphics of technical drawings. This session will introduce translators to technical drawings that can provide a Rosetta Stone for a technical translation. We will look at photos of actual equipment and their corresponding representation in drawings. Symbols, views, and terminology within a technical drawing will be explained. Properly reading a technical drawing can boost and improve your translation work.

Manual of Engineering Drawing (Second Edition)
Colin H. Simmons and Dennis E. Maguire

Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught
Joshua Rose (1887)

How to read a drawing
Vincent C. Getty (1912)

NASA Engineering Drawing Standards Manual
Mechanical Engineering Branch
Goddard Space Flight Center

Engineering Drawing
Haramaya University, Ethiopia

Le déssin technique
Centre de développement pédagogique (Canada)

Cours de Dessin Industriel et de Construction Mécanique
Prof. Abdennebi Talbi (Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Morocco)

Design and Communication Graphics Syllabus
An Roinn Oideachais agus Eolaíochta (Ireland)

Technical Drawing
David Anderson (Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, USA)

Engineering Drawing – Sectioning
Dr. A. Tolga Bozdana (University of Gaziantep, Turkey)

Machine Drawing and Piping Systems

Technical Drawing Specifications
VCE Visual Communication and Design
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